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Promote an NFT Collection

How to Promote an NFT Collection for Free | Paid Alternatives Included in the Article

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Dec 28, 2023
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We all know the NFT industry can be a lucrative venture, and statistics advise that by 2028, the NFT market revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 14.92%, with a skyrocketing revenue of $3,369.0 million.

Even though, year by year, the NFT market seems flooded with many projects, learning how to promote an NFT collection effectively may open up new NFT earning opportunities, setting you apart from the ordinary.

You must read further if you are a marketeer, a digital artist, or an NFT art creator. You will discover effective marketing strategies and how to promote NFT collections in a way that piques the curiosity of many enthusiasts and reaches your target audience.

Let’s embark on this journey together and discover free and paid advertising options to promote your NFT collection in 2024 and beyond!

Why Promote an NFT Collection?

In the dynamic world of NFTs, building a tribe is more than creating a community; it is about nurturing a shared passion and providing meaningful communication.

You can tackle this through your own research or contact an experienced NFT marketing agency, but each option has benefits and downsides. Let this informative guidebook serve you as your compass as you navigate this exciting journey and decide how to proceed.

Gain Recognition Within NFT Communities

Within the ever-growing area of NFTs, reaching brand recognition is considered one of the most essential steps an NFT artist, digital creator, and marketer could take.

By effectively promoting your Non-Fungible Token business and collection using a killer marketing strategy, whether through NFT marketplaces, influencer marketing, or NFT giveaways, you could gain recognition among potential buyers and NFT collectors.

As such, learning how to build brand awareness and recognition to reach your target audiences is essential to encourage and ensure successful NFT sales in the long term. This marketing strategy can be done using social media channels such as Twitter Spaces, Medium, and an easy-to-use website.

NFT Community Core Concepts:

  • Tell a compelling story. As a digital artist, you should have a story that resonates with your audience and makes your NFT project stand out.
  • Be about more than just your products. Your Non-Fungible Token promotion should focus on the benefits of joining a thriving community rather than simply selling your digital art.
  • Socialize and utilize social media platforms to reach a wider audience and generate more interest in your NFT collection.

Bring Utility Through Your NFT Project

The NFT space is competitive, so consider how your NFT project could bring some utility before considering revenue. This will tie up your newly formed community and strengthen your position within the Non-Fungible Token landscape.

Take Bored Ape, for example, a pioneer within the NFT niche. They offer memorable experiences for all its users, from physical merchandise to ApeCoin drops and token-gated concerts.

Reach Your NFT Project Targeted Audience

Now that you’ve captivated the attention of potential buyers, it’s time to reach out and connect with your tribe.

Reaching your target audience is a critical step that directly influences your marketing strategy and how your NFT collection positions itself within the most popular and growing NFT communities.

How to Discover Your NFT Target Audience

As one in four Americans doesn’t know what a Non-Fungible Token is, you must answer simple but effective questions to unveil your tribe and not shoot blind bullets in vain.

  • What are the pain points of my target audience?
  • What is the unique selling proposition of my NFT project?
  • Where is my audience most active?
  • What form of content could speak best to my audience and answer their queries?

Once you have a solid ground base, your NFT business could create buzz to break into other media outlets to reach an even wider audience.

Build a Growing NFT Community

As your NFT business reaches the desired audience and gains the recognition that it deserves, it is time to gather and nurture its own NFT community. Joining other like-minded NFT creators and artists could help you understand the NFT space better and learn more about Non-Fungible Token promotions.

You could promote your NFT project in such a way that piques interest and fosters community members to share and embrace your digital art, thus boosting NFT sales.

By writing compelling articles and posts that generate interest in your NFT art and adhering to a growing NFT marketplace, you support your existing customers and reach out to potential crypto art enthusiasts.

It is essential to remember that your storytelling abilities persuade your target audience, your communication style helps and gathers like-minded people, and your offerings, marketing plans, and the use of different platforms actively contribute to the success of your NFT collection.

How to Promote an NFT Collection for Free?

How to Promote an NFT Collection for Free?

Most NFT projects think that only by having an interesting NFT digital artwork could you sweep the hearts of many enthusiasts, buyers, and collectors, yet this is far from true.

Comprehensive NFT marketing strategies that reach the right online communities and generate interest among NFT marketplaces could be the way to go. Additionally, as Web3 and Blockchain technology progresses, the usability of these digital collectibles also expands.

As a result, some NFT projects break the norms beyond NFT art and digital collectibles. From in-game items to virtual real estate, ticket passes, supply-chain management, fractional ownership, staking, and yield farming, the NFT space keeps developing beyond the simple artwork feel.

Please stay put, as in the following chapters, we’ll find three ways to promote your NFT collection successfully.

1. Work on Your Website and Branding

We all know that in these digitalized times we all live in, your website is your NFT business’s digital storefront. As such, it is wise to invest time and resources in developing a killer UX design with a clean yet engaging feel and its unique branding mission and vision.

Studies suggest that 88% of online users are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience, and the longer the wait time, the more a user is willing to leave the site.

Website UX statistics Statista
Source: Statista

Furthermore, when discussing NFT websites, the usability and functionalities should surpass a simple landing page. Thus, developing your NFT platform that allows its users to purchase and exchange these digital assets within the blockchain technology, ensuring authenticity is a must-have for the years to come.

Web and SEO Content Strategy

Additionally, having NFT educational content and resources and a good FAQ section that offers informative answers to users’ concerns helps your NFT brand build user loyalty and trust.

Not to mention that you could invest in simple SEO strategies and marketing tools to rank higher on search engines, thus boosting the visibility of your NFT collection.

You could create how-to guides and tutorials, listicles with tips and tricks, educational video content, interviews with industry-leading experts, and NFT teasers for the upcoming NFT collections.

2. Build up a Community Through Social Media and Messaging Apps

5.3 billion internet users worldwide, or 65.7% of the global population, use the internet daily. Out of the world’s population, 4.95 billion are social media users.

internet and social media users statista
Source: Statista

Given these striking stats, why not promote your NFT collection on various social media platforms, boost customer engagement, and help your tribe make informed investment decisions?

Web3, Social Media, and NFT Platforms

Remember that having a solid brand presence for your NFT project is mandatory for being relevant in 2024 and beyond within the NFT market.

Many NFT artists adopt this strategy and create accounts on various social media platforms, like Reddit, Instagram, Discord, and TikTok. Yet, the most popular ones remain Twitter and Twitter Spaces.

By implementing inbound marketing strategies and writing NFT content related to your NFT collection, you could attract, engage, and delight your potential buyers within the NFT space.

Draw inspiration from popular accounts such as NFT MagazinePranksy, and Pak.

nft magazine social media channels

You could also use some of the top Web3 social media platforms, like SteemIt, Diamond App, and Minds. Web3 social media channels bring a new, secure, and private way of interacting within the NFT community.

For example, you could begin your NFT promotion marketing plan on Twitter, and once you have a large enough fan base, you could tease them up to using Discord as an exclusive community.

Telegram lets you create different group chats to promote your NFT project through honest discussions and networking and boost your organic traffic toward your website by sharing your NFT content.

User-Generated Content Strategy

You could also use the user-generated content strategy to create a branded hashtag for posting or re-sharing your awesome news related to your NFT promotions.

Encourage people to create content related to your NFT collection on social media platforms, forums, threads, or any other online discussion. The more UGC related to your NFT project you manage to arouse, the easier it is for people to find your content.

On the other side of the coin, you could regularly collect and centralize the UGC, which is exciting and appealing for your NFT collection. You could re-share them with a thank you note to show them appreciation and that you’re active within the Non-Fungible Token communities.

NFT Marketplaces to Get Started

Another great benefit of joining some of the most popular NFT marketplaces is the opportunity to reach a global audience, getting closer to your potential buyers and NFT collectors.

Based on DappRadar, these are the most used NFT marketplaces you can join to strengthen your NFT promotion strategy.

Be sure to enter these NFT marketplaces to effectively promote your NFT collection, boost your NFT sales, and reach new grounds.

Best NFT Marketplace
Source: DappRadar

3. Make Use of Airdrops and Giveaways

Here’s a fun and attractive way to spark interest, keep NFT users engaged, and effectively start your NFT promotion as a digital artist – NFT airdrops and giveaways.

Start implementing an NFT giveaway or airdrop. NFT artists can reach a wider audience and fanbase with minimum conditions for community members to participate in. As a result, you can be creative with the puzzles and contests and ask for social media sharing or endorsement within your NFT community.

You can keep the NFT collectors and potential buyers engaged by creating different rarity tiers, offering exclusivity, and incentivizing the users.

Another marketing strategy is social media sharing of your NFT drops through Twitter Spaces and Instagram, as seen with other artists and NFT creators. You can look at some of the big players within the NFT market and be inspired by how they promote their NFT collections.

For example, Nifty Gateway regularly posts an NFT calendar on its Twitter account. So, you can steal this marketing strategy and implement it to promote your NFT collection to create buzz, along with a snowball effect that will boost your organic traffic and grow your social media platform’s audience.

Nifty Gateway regularly posts an NFT calendar

4. Collaborate With Other NFT Creators

Another way to promote your NFT collection is by collaborating with other influential NFT artists to provide social proof, grow your credibility, and position yourself as a new and leading NFT digital art creator.

As such, an NFT project collaboration is formed through mutual interest and shared values, binding together to achieve success in the NFT space.

Here are three ways in which you could partner up and start promoting NFT projects:

Create Joint NFT Projects

What a new and exciting way to promote your NFT collection, if not by collaborating with other artists to reach new audiences while expanding your network.

An excellent example of such a marketing strategy is Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). This leading NFT project collaborated with multiple artists from Beeple and powerhouse fashion brands like Gucci and Adidas.

Cross-promote the NFT Collections

As you’ve started going towards this exciting road, sharing and promoting each other’s NFT collections on your social media channels and websites is equally important. As a result, you could drive qualitative traffic to both NFT projects, create buzz around the concept, and boost your NFT sales.

Host Joint NFT Podcasts and Events

From here on, you could partner up and create joint giveaways, co-hosted events like Ask Me Anything sessions, a co-creation challenge where users depict their envisioned NFT design and others vote for it, and in the end, you could partner up with the winner.

This NFT marketing approach brings excitement and skillful artistry to the surface in a creative combo that could attract new collectors.

By co-creating podcasts, you can host engaging NFT discussions with other NFT creators, gain insights into the NFT industry, and push your NFT project even further. Moreover, the NFT podcast strategy could transform your career path from a new NFT creator to a thought leader and an expert within the industry.

As such, you could promote your NFT project through co-hosted interviews, offer exclusive NFT rewards and insightful discussions, and showcase your NFT collection’s unique value to the audience.

5. Participate in Crypto Events 

If you wish for your new NFT project and your NFT collection to gain traction, you must be seen as a prosperous NFT artist. Attending some of the most well-known crypto events, such as Meta Ventures and the European Blockchain Convention, could increase your brand awareness among potential buyers and NFT collectors.

Moreover, crypto and NFT events are:

  • Excellent places for networking;
  • Exchanging ideas;
  • Building thriving relationships;
  • Generating interest for your NFT promotion plan;

Since crypto events often have booths and presentations, this could be a great way to showcase your NFT collection and use NFT platforms to promote the event and generate buzz.

Last but not least, by participating in different crypto and NFT events, you attract media exposure, which in the long run translates into a wider audience, social media engagement, and additional interest in your NFT project.

What Are the Paid Alternatives to Promoting an NFT Collection?

What Are the Paid Alternatives to Promoting an NFT Collection?

When using paid advertising to promote your NFT, things move at a different pace. However, at this point, you could use an NFT marketing agency to help you with your business and marketing endeavors, or you could go solo, research, and see how your NFT marketing strategies unfold.

In the following chapters, we discuss some of the most well-known paid NFT marketing strategies to get you started on the right track, making your NFT project listed on top results search engines and boosting your NFT art sales.

However, if you decide to start from the beginning with paid campaigns, there are still a couple of vital aspects that you need to decide for yourself in order to promote your NFT collection.

You still need to create a social media calendar, list your NFT collection within the NFT marketplaces, and create an NFT calendar for drops and giveaways.

You Can Use Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid campaigns are known for generating relatively quick results, which could be a promising approach for those who wish to quickly promote their NFT collection, for example, before the Christmas holiday.

You must allocate a budget for running paid campaigns, as this type of advertising uses pay-per-click mechanics to create, deliver, and showcase your NFT advertising.

By using paid campaigns, you can reach your desired audience in a more structured and controlled manner, as you can filter down based on demographics, geographic locations, interests, and more.

Comparing paid and free advertising to promote your NFT collection, we can say that paid ads could drive higher engagement and website traffic, boosting your NFT business within search engines and SERP features.

Furthermore, an effective crypto ad network, like Coinzilla, could help boost your NFT brand position among competitors through high-quality advertising placements, beautifully crafted designs, and engaging ad copy.

Why bother doing everything yourself when you can use an industry leader to easily reach your audience, drive traffic, and boost your NFT sales? Make your displays visible on some of the largest websites in the crypto industry, and feel the benefits for yourself.

Get in touch with some of the most dominant social media accounts within the NFT landscape to post, share, and advocate for your newly created NFT collection. However, approach this marketing strategy a few weeks in advance, as you need time to create marketing collaterals or video teasers.

For this marketing strategy, it is best to research and see what NFT and crypto leaders you resemble regarding mission and vision, as you will link your brand’s image with the said account. You can start by looking for the most popular social media accounts on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, and others.

Statista advises us that these are some of the most used social media platforms in 2023, best on the number of monthly active users. Even though, as you can see, Facebook is a key leading social media platform, this doesn’t mean that running social media campaigns will do you good.

You should consider the geographic location, the niche, which in your case is crypto and NFT, some of the most influential accounts, and so on.

statista social media platforms active users 2023

Furthermore, you should look for the number of followers of the said social media accounts, how they engage with their followers, their posting time frames, and other queues that could tell a bit more about their marketing strategy.

As nothing is nailed down, discuss how you would like to promote your NFT collection, what requirements you have, and how to ensure your NFT collection will be visible and reach the audience best.

Publish Paid Articles About Your NFT Collection

Paying a crypto and NFT marketing agency or a skilled freelancer to write your press releases, sponsored articles, and other written materials is one of the best NFT marketing strategies you could adopt for future years.

Promoting your NFT art through paid articles ensures your NFT collection quickly reaches the right audience since these publications appear on some of the most well-known crypto and NFT website publications.

Usually, these specialized websites already have their audience, and by posting your paid articles, you could reach a wider audience, thus promoting your NFT collection more efficiently and targeted.

NFT Plazas,, and NFT News Today are just a couple of crypto and NFT publications that accept paid articles to promote your NFT art project.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing is not new, yet it is a beneficial marketing strategy to promote your NFT project easily. By reaching your desired audience and beyond and having an industry-leading prominent figure by your side, you associate trust and loyalty with your NFT project.

It is known that some of the most essential NFT collectors are more likely to consider your NFT collection and take recommendations from the most critical NFT influencers within the Non-Fungible Token community.

Choosing an NFT influencer who believes in your project and advocates it further to reach a wider audience, especially on social media platforms, is best.

On the other side, we have to admit that adopting an influencer marketing strategy could be more expensive than posting on your social media platforms. Yet, the benefits are real and could significantly impact your overall marketing plan.

How to Research Influencers to Promote Your NFT Collection

As good as it sounds, it is wise to approach influencer marketing with a grain of salt and research before joining, paying for, and collaborating with an influencer. As such, in the following chapters, we will give you some tips and tricks on researching the most influential NFT investors, collectors, and advocates for yourself.

Uncover Your NFT Niche

It is vital to discover your NFT project’s niche – whether you like full-armour kittens, cosplay, or muscle cars, select a category and stick to it.

Going into multiple categories is good, but choosing the right person to advocate for your NFT project is mandatory for promoting your NFT collection through influential marketing.

Marketing Planning

This step is always advisable, regardless of paid or free advertising. As such, you need to discover where your most active users hang out, how to reach them better, and in what ways. As such, when collaborating with an influencer, you’ll have everything at your hand and know what to ask for.

Determine Your Marketing Budget

Let’s discuss finances and how much you will pay to promote your NFT collection. This is an essential step to know precisely where to position yourself and is along the paid campaign budget.

Top NFT Influencer Social Media Account to Follow in 2024

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

NFT Influencer Social Media Account to Follow - 1. Gary Vaynerchuk

We can say that anyone heard about Gary, the CEO of one of the leading creative and media agencies. If not through his work, at least through his Twitter account, where he is a leading figure within the NFT and entrepreneurial market.

He started in 2017 by promoting the CryptoPunks art collection and selling them to celebrities like Mr. Beast, Paul Logan, and others. Furthermore, Gary launched his own NFT collection called VeeFriends.

2. Pransky

2. Pransky - NFT Influencer

If you want to draw inspiration from some of the best NFT influencers, Pranksy deserves a spot on this list. Best known for being a prominent NFT art investor, Pranksy is also the co-founder of NFT Boxes, whose sole purpose is to deliver monthly high-quality NFT collectibles in a box that starts at 0.65 ETH.

3. RyandCrypto

NFT Influencer - RyandCrypto

If you’re looking for a mentor-like NFT and crypto influencer, follow RyanDCrypto. This NFT influencer shares his insights and some of the most successful stories with his followers from the crypto and NFT domains.

By offering tips and tricks, Ryan manages to nurture and gather an impressive fan base, actively engaging with them. So, be on Twitter and check his strategy out.


In the end, it is essential to write down your marketing expectations and what you are willing to invest in promoting your Non-Fungible Token collection. You can include different resources and finances and have your research in place to break the elephant down.

Regardless of your experience, it would help to approach these free and paid marketing tactics with a grain of salt, analyzing how they apply to your NFT collection and what new grounds you could reach by implementing them.

Another critical factor is your patience, meaning how long you can wait to analyze the metrics, conclude, and reach a final decision. Business owners often expect quick results, and they change their marketing strategy right when the wheels start turning.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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