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PayPal Now Makes it Easier to Deposit and Withdraw at Your Favorite Casino

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Jul 30, 2019
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PayPal—one of the major online payment processors with millions of users worldwide, has partnered with various casinos to allow gamblers to deposit or withdraw money almost instantly. The number of online casinos that support this payment method continues to grow. If you’re a frequent player at online casinos, this article will help you understand how PayPal service works, why it’s useful, and the NetEnt casinos that have embraced this method of payment.

PayPal Accepted Here

PayPal is a global online payment system with millions of users already enjoying the service in different countries. However, the iGaming sector seems to have lagged when it comes to including this service in its system. All the same, PayPal casino is now in the offing and many outlets that have embraced the method are offering their players several healthier options to explore.

To begin with, there is a PayPal casino bonus for players that choose this method of payment. There could also be exclusive welcome bonuses given to new members to convince them to use the service.

Getting Started with PayPal Casino


Since PayPal is an internet-based service, it’s quite easy to use provided your device is connected to a reliable source of internet. First off, input your login details and follow the instructions to deposit. To make a deposit with Paypal payment method for online casinos, simply go to the payments page, where you can find a number of payment options. Choose PayPal as your preferred payment method and enter the amount of your choice.


Similarly, it’s easy to withdraw from a PayPal casino. It works in the same way as deposits but do the same process with withdrawal. Once you’re on your preferred platform, proceed to withdrawals page and enter your preferred amount. You’ll get a pop-up login form with instructions to select and adhere to. You’ll get the money in your account within the stipulated time.

While only a few casinos accept PayPal as a method of payment, it does not come with any specific conditions for withdrawal. Each platform has a basic minimum withdrawal amount and any fees, just in case they charge. In most cases, PayPal withdrawals are free. Some casinos block your withdrawal method if it’s not in line with your preferred method of deposit. This means if you choose PayPal as your method of deposit then you must withdraw your winnings using the same method.

PayPal Casino Advantages

Using PayPal as your preferred deposit or withdrawal method comes with various advantages:

  • It comes with the highest level of security, and one of the safest ways to deposit and withdraw money online.
  • Faster transactions ensure that you can start playing as fast as you deposit
  • All transactions are anonymous
  • PayPal payments are free of charge
  • The service is simple and user-friendly

While PayPal is making inroads into the e-gaming sector, not many NetEnt casinos have adopted the service compared to other payment methods. Besides, the service is available only in specific locations. However, since nearly 99% of Brits who have shopped on eBay have PayPal accounts, it’s easier for them to connect the service to online casinos that accept it.

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