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Lisk Cryptocurrency Review

Lisk Coin Review: Is It a Scam or Not?

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Jan 31, 2018
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About Lisk

Lisk is another cryptocurrency based on blockchain network. It was launched on 24th May 2017. Its tokens are called LSK. After one month, Lisk achieved the eighth biggest global market capital in the amount of 45 million dollars. It’s quite enough for you to believe in it.

To keep your money safe, you need to download the Lisk Wallet from their official website. Do not forget to save the private key you receive. Make sure you follow correctly all the steps. You can exchange the altcoins into LSK on Bittrex or Poloniex after what you are free to start creating and developing.

The innovation of Lisk blockchain

Lisk is the “first modular cryptocurrency that uses sidechains”. This means that the algorithm uses modules architecture and construction. Lisk seems to have a friendly interface. It allows every user to build their own decentralized application. All you need to know is JavaScript programming language. It is a widely-spread software, so we guess there will not be a problem using it.

Sidechain represents an extension to the original blockchain. It can be annexed to independent blockchains and even take the place of a new page. Your transactions’ volume will not get mixed with the main blockchain. This innovation makes the network work faster all time.

The Advantages of Lisk blockchain

– The Lisk blockchain is a decentralized network. The company is encouraging all the developers and programmers to get involved in creating their own application with Lisk‘s software. This one isn’t difficult, you just need to know the JavaScript programming language. For a developer, this is like designing a WordPress template;

– The Lisk community is one of the friendly ones. The Lisk team promotes the communication between the back interface of the platform and users. Each month you can take part of a live Q&A YouTube session. It’s a great opportunity to find out the real answers to your questions;

– The Lisk blockchain works with sidechains. This means that none of user’s actions will affect the main chain. A user can create its own tokens and manage them individually.

The Disadvantages of Lisk blockchain

– It can become overloaded because of too many bad transactions. The network gets slower and the blocks are filled faster. This process is called “bloated” network;

– There are a lot of users that do not trust in Lisk blockchain. So, the negative feedback can damage their brand.


The project can be appreciated as it is still in its young ages. Users need more time to accommodate with the advanced technology. It is exciting to know that you can create your own applications and tokens on the same blockchain, but without damaging the entire main chain. This is a revolutionary technology for existing developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.  Do not judge the project only by all the negative rumors, it is not a scam.

To get updated with fresh news follow Lisk’s official website ( and their YouTube Channel.

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