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KFC Canada accepts Bitcoin

KFC Canada Is Now Accepting Bitcoin

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Jan 12, 2018
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The innovation made by KFC Canada

The prayers of cryptocurrency fans have been heard. Yesterday, KFC Canada have switched to another level of their services. They entered in the digital coins race.  On their official Facebook page, KFC posted 14 hours ago about their new exciting offer, called “The Bitcoin Bucket”.  What is this about and how you can benefit from this new project we will try to explain below.

One fried chicken bucket costs 20 Canadian Dollars. For today’s exchange rate (12.01.2018), you will be able to buy one bucket with only 0.00148055 BTC.

How to pay for the order

You can’t really enter in the KFC’s location and pay with Bitcoins for your order. The only way to do this is via BitPay. This one is an online Bitcoin payment service platform. Founded in 2011, it became one of the largest platforms for Bitcoin financial activities. So, all you need to do for purchasing the KFC Bucket is to register your order online on a specific check-out page. There will be an option to pay with Bitcoins.

You do not have to go to the KFC headquarters. The order will be delivered to the destination you specified. For the shipping activity, you will be charged with 5 $, and a 2,60 $ fee is added at the final price.

The final price will be 27,60 $, in Bitcoin – this is equivalent to 0,00199485 BTC.

The Bitcoin Bucket

The Bucket includes waffle fries, med side, med gravy and two dips. The delivering is realized only on Canadian territory, and they express their regrets. You should hurry up, because they announced this offer is a limited one. More information you will find on KFC’s website.

Does KFC Canada accept other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin?

Currently, KFC Canada accepts only Bitcoin. Yesterday, the company posted on their official KFC Canada‘s Twitter page that in the near future they want to introduce other important cryptocurrencies as a payment.

Can we consider these changes a step forward in promoting the company KFC? But, why did only KFC Canada implemented such a payment method? This project was created for sure as an experiment. If it is a successful one, we are promised a financial boom in their industry. Stay tuned with fresh news to see what’s next.

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