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Hshare Cryptocurrency Review: Pros and Cons

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Feb 25, 2018
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About Hshare

Hshare or Hcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency based on blockchain platform. It allows users to make exchanges between altcoins with a highly secured algorithm.

Platform’s purpose is to be “a value and information carrier for major blockchains”, to allow the transaction activities between block-based and blockless systems. Its tokens are called HSR.

The cryptocurrency is supported by 20 exchange platforms, including Binance, Allcoin, Coinx, HashToken, Bit-Z and others.

Innovation of Hshare platform

Hcash has built a platform so that not only a miner could benefit from its facilities, but also individuals, organizations. They created a ledger cryptocurrency that provides services for systems which operates with blocks and those who don’t.

Hshare’s principles

Hshare is Hidden. The designers assure users about platform highly security. They use zero knowledge proof technology to make possible the encryption of users’ personal information. You should not worry that a marketer or any trader will see your balance, how much you are trading or how much cryptocurrencies you are receiving.

Hshare is Hierarchy. When trading Hshare cryptocurrencies, a user actually maintains the continuity of the platform. They are being supported by Decentralized Autonomous Organization in all their activity.

Hshare is functional. Hshare holders can realize transactions both between public and private accounts if they have already created a wallet*.

Wallet*– You can download the official Zcash Wallet from their website, depending on your devices. After choosing the exchange platform you prefer for your transactions, you will be guided to successfully pass all the steps.

Hshare is sidechain-based. Hshare’s platform is designed as a double sidechain network. One is intended to distribute the information and value between blockchain-based platforms and another one is intended to share the assets between non-blockchain based systems. Your Hshare cryptocurrencies will arrive just in time at the final destination.

Hshare is Hybrid. Hshare’s platform allows holders to take part of community’s important decisions.

Hshare is Resistant.  Hshare was designed from the beginning to become a resistant platform to allow high volume transactions. The system has Quantum Resistance. The creators consider it a big advantage comparing to other systems.

Hshare is Handy. Users can realize unlimited transactions depending on blocks size, regardless of the volume of transfer and its speed.

The Advantages of Hshare platform

– The double sidechain system allows users to transfer unlimited values and information between all cryptocurrencies;

– Transactions are secured by Zero Knowledge Proof technology;

– It is Quantum Resistant;

– If you own a wallet, you can easily realize transactions between public and private addresses;

– The platform assures a high speed of transactions.

The Disadvantage of Hshare platform

– You can’t buy Hshare directly with fiat currencies. First, you need to exchange them into Bitcoin, Ethereum or other altcoins and only then you can trade them for HSR.


Are you thinking to invest in HSR currencies? Just remember that the cryptocurrency platform is hidden, hierarchy, functional, hybrid, sidechain-based, resistant and handy platform.

Hshare is for sure one of the newest technology algorithms designed for blockchain-based networks. Its innovation seems to be revolutionary for cryptocurrency’s global marketplace.

To stay updated with fresh news follow Hcash’s official website here.

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