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HOGE Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Jun 8, 2022
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DeFi-sector tokens could be in for another year of outperformance, say crypto market pros – HOGE price prediction has the best prospects for 2022. The sector has been one of the biggest winners in the last year, and strategists believe these tokens will excel with wide margins once again.

HOGE has been holding up its end of the bargain, banking on strong and rising consumer spending on the market to keep HOGE coin price prediction flying high. After all, the world is giving NFTs and yield farming a consensus recommendation of buy and high conviction, making a case for HOGE finance price prediction. 

HOGE Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of making this HOGE coin price prediction, the HOGE coin was trading at $0.00003126 according to data available on coinstats.app. The gains in value pricing have helped carry HOGE into a sweet spot in rankings with a market cap of $12 million, fully diluted to $30 million. 

HOGE finished May 2022 slightly up, but not before posting a fifth consecutive session that saw its price trade far lower than how it opened the year. But, again, the hype surrounding NFTs and other DeFi products, majorly yield farming, did much of the driving to keep the token attractive to investors. 

Daily trading volumes at less than $50,000 has provided some drag. However, BTC has been reporting some mixed market sentiments, and thus more than half the market has traded woefully shy of investor’s bar. Still, the fundamentals point to realizing revenue and profit expectations. 

HOGE Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

If nothing else, the cryptocurrency market has been tenaciously consistent in its inconsistency in these past weeks, putting much strain on HOGE coin price prediction. However, the upshot is that the current conditions have likely cooled expectations and opened the floor for accumulation:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
May 2022$0.000045$0.000028$0.000047
April 2022$0.000065$0.000045$0.000067
March 2022$0.000081$0.000065$0.000090
February 2022$0.000105$0.000081$0.000144
January 2022$0.000152$0.000105$0.000173
December 2022$0.000394$0.000152$0.000448

With cryptocurrencies bleeding, the question of everyone’s mind is whether or not to buy HOGE price prediction. Unfortunately, HOGE’s price has been downward for the better part of seven months, even before the start of the bear market that has plagued even the biggest coins.

HOGE Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

Some good news: the downtrend has come to a halt at a critical buy zone, where the potential of a reversal could be lurking around the corner. While market participants hope for a quick turnaround, one slight misstep will send HOGE over the cliff, breaking the support foundations. 

HOGE Price Prediction: Pattern Analysis

The token has been declining since the November 1st swing high at $0.0007839, formed after a 302.79% rally from 25th October 2021. So far, the altcoin has dropped 96.82% and is currently hovering above a buy zone, extending from $0.00002136 to $0.00004780 for nine weekly candlesticks.

HOGE Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

With the recent sell-off in BTC, retail investors might be panicking, but the overall outlook could be the key ingredient to sending the HOGE finance price prediction to $0.00007699. The buy zone is still valid and will put the HOGE price in a deep discount mode relative to the range extending from $0.00001500 to $0.00010000.

As for targets, market participants can safely expect HOGE to trigger the next run-up and retest the range high at $0.00011674. This price action would constitute a 512.64% assent from $0.00002136. However, in a highly bullish scenario, HOGE finance could set up a higher high at $0.0001644, amounting to a 669.60% gain. 

HOGE Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

While things are certainly looking up for HOGE coin price prediction, a potential spike in selling pressure pushes the token price to create a daily candlestick close below the range low at $0.00002136 to invalidate the bullish outlook. This move will set up a new all-time low. 

In such a scenario, traders would need to turn to the fundamentals of HOGE finance to rethink strategy and re-evaluate their priorities with the token. With that, buying the deep to sell-off at $0.00002136 could present a reliable profit-taking set-up in the shorter term. 

HOGE Price Prediction: Market Opinions

While there may be little excitement surrounding HOGE coin price prediction, HOGE’s recent attempts to reassure token holders to remain optimistic may positively impact a broader market bounce. But, the opinion of market participants concerning HOGE Finance is divided. 

HOGE Price Forecast for June – July


TradingBeasts is betting on the last-minute relief rally to propel the HOGE coin to retest $0.0000392 in less than a month. Such a move will put the HOGE price forecast for June- July firmly in a position to propel the token to revisit the highs of 2021 and perhaps even book record-breaking moves.


CoinArbitrage bolsters the HOGE coin price prediction eyeing $0.00003284, dealing a decisive blow to the bears and cementing a bullish outcome for the rest of the year. Traders encouraged by this HOGE price forecast for June – July should position themselves for the rally around the buy zone. 

HOGE Price for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor predicts that the HOGE coin will drop back to $0.00000439. However, forget about the bullish outlook. HOGE price for the rest of the year could fail to build on the support pillars and fall to the strength of the resistance barrier, where the token will be forced to set a new all-time low.


DigitalCoin is betting on a spike in volatility to see a recovery to $0.0000416. Even though the token looks dead, the HOGE price for the rest of the year could positively impact the token price by putting an end to the bloodbath and breathing new life into the bulls. 

HOGE Price Prediction for the Next Year


PricePrediction optimism grows as market participants look towards the end of bearish market conditions. The HOGE price prediction for the next year is $0.00005240, suggesting the token price could make a U-turn and tag the buy zone for volatility and strength to challenge the overhead blockade.


Gov.Capital feels highly optimistic with a forecast that targets $0.0000310 for profit-taking. The HOGE price prediction for the next year will set the tone for the next five years and trigger the formation of new highs where token holders will be rewarded for their patience. 

Cryptocurrency Influencers and Experts

HOGETweets is banking on the listing of a new competitor for the HOGE coin to revitalize investor optimism and lead to an explosion in the trading volume. However, pointing to the fading interest among investors and the volume, the forecast sees a spike in volatility as the missing piece to end the downtrend. 

NickQuade is betting on the end of crypto winter to usher in the return of the bulls, who will carry the HOGE finance price prediction to set a new all-time high and maybe even send the token on its way to the moon. The only thing remaining is for the bulls to receive a confidence boost on the price charts. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning HOGE

The HOGE Inc., the company behind the HOGE coin and finance ecosystem, is aiming to raise more than $50K to fund key initiatives that will advance the reach and usage of its utility token in the coming months. All the projects that will receive this funding will first have to get community approval. 

The official merchandise store marketing initiative and growing the trading of NFTs and other digital assets is live. In addition, the platform is now training its guns on securing intellectual and trademark filling for the relevant jurisdictions. These are all initiatives to maximize the value of the HOGE coin.

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HOGE Price Prediction: The Verdict

This is more than just a “DeFi” story because HOGE coin price prediction is going all the way up to the moon. The recent price action provides a reminder that there is no quick turnaround for HOGE price prediction, but a mid-year bullish revival could hit the token. 

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