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Gitcoin Price Prediction: Market Analysis and Opinions

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May 23, 2022
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There is something irresistible about knowing why the putative smart money is sticking with Gitcoin price prediction for the long haul. Nevertheless, a rollercoaster ride in 2022 has sent many deserving names into bargaining territory, reflecting several possible outcomes for GTC price prediction.

Gitcoin is a stable in blue-chip coins investors cannot seem to get enough of, perhaps in anticipation of the broader market shift towards favoring value names in 2022. Its membership in this exclusive club adds weight to a bullish Gitcoin price prediction for 2025.  

Gitcoin Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this GTC price prediction, GTC was trading at $2.78 according to data available on The token has enjoyed an explosive pop in its value proposition, pulling together a market cap of $54 million, fully diluted to just over $378 million. 

Gitcoin is a global leader in open web development with a deep catalog of popular projects designed to enlist the developer community in developing digital public goods, creating financial products for financial inclusion, and designing the future of the open web. It leverages GTC for the common good. 

Token economics is all about empowerment but also delivering value to investors through capitalizing on shared goals. It is about to get even bigger as the larger Gitcoin price prediction 2025 comes into play for investors looking to take advantage of the bear market to accumulate. 

Gitcoin Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Virtually no tokens have gone unscathed as worries about Bitcoin price, among other things, have continued to plague the cryptocurrency market. Gitcoin has added to the losses of the recent months as GTC crashed lower, further extending the window of opportunity for bullish investors. Here is a summary of the price action: 

MonthOpen PriceClosing priceMonth High
April 2022$7.2791$4.5054$8.6720
March 2022$6.7677$7.2752$8.1671
February 2022$7.3396$6.7675$9.6964
January 2022$12.7176$7.3411$15.9540
December 2021$17.2360$12.7174$19.4393
November 2021$8.5210$17.1599$29.0339
October 2021$6.9500$8.5165$12.1397

At first glance, the setup suggests a recovery rally might be in the making, suggesting the current confluence could act as a catapult for GTC price prediction. However, GTC sellers have exhausted the bear market, pushing Gitcoin to test and breach several support zones. 

GTC price is hovering around $3 after the rest crash re-established a directional bias into a support confluence made up of a declining support line and a divergence that hints at a bullish Gitcoin price prediction. However, the resistance barrier hanging around $6.78 could put an end to the bullish thesis, at least for now. 

Source: TradingView

Gitcoin’s price has been on a massive downtrend on the high time frame chart. This formation was exacerbated by the BTC price crashing to testing its support pillar, taking the entire market down. GTC expressed a willingness to set up a potential recovery in the middle of this bear market. 

As it tags a support confluence for its recovery effort, it is important to note three major sell-offs that followed the fall from $400. The first comes in December 2021, when GTC crashed 70.89% from its peak at $29.08 to $8.51. Then, a recovery to $18.99 saw further losses as GTC lost 68.61% to $3.99, a cursed zone. 

The last significant crash is one that dealt a blow to the recovery effort in February 2022, where GTC rose to $9.61 before crashing 58.37% to the current trading level. Unfortunately, the technical formation hints at the idea that this fall will not be the last as the market moves further into the red. 

Source: TradingView

Adding credence to the bullish thesis is the divergence between the GTC token price lows and the lower Bollinger Bands has developed a higher high. A bullish divergence of this kind is bound to resolve in a way that pushes the token to the upside. First, investors need to watch its reaction to the current support foothold and BTC price charts. 

Gitcoin Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

Even though the recovery narrative looks possible from a technical standpoint, market participants need to pay attention to everything that is going on with the broader cryptocurrency market. Adding more woes to this Gitcoin price prediction, the price inefficiency extends from $2 to $30. 

If GTC fails to recover above $6.78, this price action will hint at the buyer’s weakness and leave it to the sellers to carry the day. In such a move, the GTC price prediction is a crash of about 30%, with the possibility of retesting $1 and lower on the cards in a highly bearish scenario. 

Gitcoin Price Prediction: Market Opinions

While the technical conclusion is bullish bias, investors are human beings and subject to various feelings and opinions that could influence Gitcoin price prediction. Here are some popular outlooks on GTC crypto that could help gauge the attitudes of investors towards Gitcoin price prediction 2025: 

Gitcoin Price Forecast for May – June


TradingBeasts GTC price prediction looks to a setup building upon the support zone at $3, showing the foundation of a bull rally with the upside capped at $3.57 by June. Building on the strength of the support, this Gitcoin price forecast for May – June aims for dominion over the overhead resistance barrier.


CoinArbitrage argues a bearish narrative with a bullish long-term view on Gitcoin. This bearish signal reveals a correction to $2.38, where buyers will reevaluate their priorities and move to break out from this Gitcoin price forecast for May – June, triggering a potential price double. 

Gitcoin Price for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor GTC price prediction hints at another wave of bearish price action targeting $0.5051 within the year. Keeping an eye on the support zone around $1, this Gitcoin price for the rest of the year reveals that buyer weakness will prevail to clear the coin to devaluation territory.


DigitalCoin is staking GTC on a bullish recovery and suggesting a Gitcoin price for the rest of the year that is capped at $5.22 on the upside. While the forecast does not entirely discount the idea of a short-term squeeze, it suggests GTC has what it takes to recover even after losing its footing. 

Gitcoin Price Prediction for the Next Year


PricePrediction Gitcoin’s price prediction for 2025 is $29.93, adopting this bullish stance even after technical signals flash red signs. A bullish recovery to $9.54 in 2022 could set the plan in motion to materialize this Gitcoin price prediction for the next year with the potential of striking $13.87.


Gov.Capital could recover swiftly if the bulls can maintain momentum to $7.24, taking control of Gitcoin’s fortune with deeper implications for the following year. This scenario could provide a bullish background for Gitcoin price prediction for the next year, eyeing a foothold in this zone. 

Cryptocurrency Influencers and Experts

Gautuwuu looks to more downside as the downward-facing trading range threatens the strength of the support floor at $3. While another wave of bearish swings could be devastating for this support zone, the diminishing volume on the Gitcoin price prediction suggests that selling is nearly exhausted. 

CDZN GTC price prediction is betting on the liquidity run expected to yield just enough bullish momentum to validate Gitcoin. Should the bulls propel Gitcoin to $7, traders should expect GTC to attempt to reclaim $22.42 in the coming months, where a supremacy battle between sellers and buyers could follow.  

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Latest News and Happenings Concerning Gitcoin

Gitcoin has grown to become the largest fundraising and construction platform for creators and builders of web3 applications. The data from the network shows that more than 2400 projects are currently active, with a workforce of more than 312,000 developers from all over the world. 

With such a large-scale operation, Gitcoin boasts of a fundraising war chest of up to $55 million in funds raised to bring web3 applications to life. As a result, the platform enjoys offers plenty of room to flex its muscle with the user base to challenge and grow its market share in the sector. 

Gitcoin Price Prediction: The Verdict

Despite the falling price action, this open web giant is firing from all cylinders to challenge the bearish thesis. While The broader crypto market trends might weigh down Gitcoin’s price prediction, Gitcoin has plenty of room to continue to grow in the long term. 

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