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IOTA Price Prediction

IOTA Price Prediction: Market Analysis and Opinions

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May 17, 2022
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IoT (Internet of Things) tokens have taken a walloping in 2022, but IOTA price prediction is coming off as a discounted pick poised for long-term growth. Crypto-market legends like IOTA had traversed this rocky road before and emerged stronger, so market participants have much optimism.

IOTA continues to drive performance and remains as dynamic as the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world. As a result, this infrastructure platform has seen many ups and downs over IOTA price prediction 2025. However, IOTA price prediction 2030 remains as competitive in many ways. 

IOTA Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this IOTA price prediction, IOTA crypto was trading at $0.390257 according to data available on The token rose relatively on an annual basis, but this was not enough to keep it in positive territory, striping IOTA of unicorn status with a market cap of $761 million, fully diluted. 

IOTA develops the building blocks for developers to construct a customized solution for complex Internet-of-Things applications. Its platform will provide the perfect fit for enabling new possibilities on the web, from digital identity to social impact and autonomous mobility to intelligent cities.

This data and value transfer protocol promises to deliver a better world of digital trust, where value and data are exchanged in a secure ecosystem without fees. IOTA price prediction 2030 is banking on realizing these goals to turn this startup into a market-beating blue-chip token. 

IOTA Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Selling eased slightly, but there was not enough buying to counter the bullish sentiments to return the IOTA token to its winning ways. With IOTA price prediction relying on a bearish breaker formation to break the bearish curse, the price history offers a clear indication of where the token is heading next: 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
April 2022$0.851280$0.530472$0.926794
March 2022$0.796063$0.850742$0.946441
February 2022$0.834929$0.795676$1.045844
January 2022$1.366367$0.834909$1.428691
December 2021$1.451811$1.366226$1.551573
November 2021$1.480083$1.451525$1.662510
October 2021$1.152395$1.475690$1.614809

IOTA bulls need to establish a recovery rally at the current footing to prevent further losses in the coming months. However, the token has showcased strength as it recovers from the swing low that breached the support level that dates back from a consolidation phase in late 2020. 

A relief rally from this zone seems likely to complete the liquidity objective needed to materialize the bullish IOTA coin price prediction. A bullish breaker from this region will put all the breakout requirements in play, with the bulls left to do the heavy lifting in the broader scheme of things. 

IOTA Price Prediction

The IOTA price will need a minor rally even as BTC bears seem to be on full steam in the short term. However, as the bear market reaches its climax, IOTA holders would want to build on the altcoins popping up to move against the tide, building on the trend to cement the emergence of the relief rally. 

IOTA Price Prediction: Pattern-Formation

In less than a month, IOTA crashed 65.16% and set a swing low at $0.2376. This downswing shattered the support floor at $0.3044 and flipped the zone into a resistance blockade that IOTA bulls now have to overcome to upward the token price. 

The ongoing downswing in IOTA price has been a long time coming as the bearish breaker was established, extending from $0.1575 to $0.2376. However, since the retest of this formation formed, IOTA has offered hope for a reversal as traders expect IOTA to rally at least 73.46% to test the immediate hurdle at $0.3044. 

IOTA Price Prediction

While this potential price action is mainly bullish, it is largely riding on the resilience of BTC in the coming days. However, this will not happen until IOTA can establish a clean bottom that strengthens the new support floor. Therefore, investors should not act on the small bounce yet. 

IOTA Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

The bullish IOTA price prediction will evolve into a significant uptrend if a daily candlestick is produced above $0.4045, which would invalidate any bearish concerns of the market participants. As a result, the IOTA price could attempt to overcome the $0.5981 to $0.6716 breaker in such a scenario. 

IOTA Price Prediction: Market Opinions

Bullish IOTA token sentiments indicate the intention of the bulls to get more aggressive, but the absence of a resurgence at the front lines has sent the token price into a loop. As the same sentiments emerge on a retest of a critical pillar in IOTA price prediction development, participants can only wait and see before acting. 

IOTA Price Forecast for May – June


TradingBeasts IOTA price prediction is gearing up to tear into the resistance barrier as the headwind fades away with a retest of $0.552 on the cards. The sellers defending the resistance barrier could jump ship as the IOTA price forecast for May – June hits $0.47 in the build-up to $0.69.

Long Forecast

Long Forecast speculates that the IOTA token could be settling into a bullish formation before the breakout to $0.53, where the support line could fire up buyers to reenter. Conversely, a bearish hold resting above this resistance barrier could put investors at the risk of a sell-off from the IOTA price forecast for May – June. 

IOTA Price for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor IOTA price prediction 2025 remains put at $2.6 even as the seller looks alive and well-positioned to break the morale of buyers. At $0.9, the IOTA price for the rest of the year could be in search of buyers to sustain the breakout and keep the technical formation bullish and ready to jump higher. 


DigitalCoin says now is the time to buy before IOTA breaks out to $0.41 within the year. What remains is for bullish traders to back the move above $0.35, where this IOTA price for the rest of the year could find a launching pad to breach several barriers lying above its current position. 

IOTA Price Prediction for the Next Year

PricePrediction IOTA price prediction 2030 is a strong outlook eyeing $22.77 if buyers can build the needed momentum for a breakout above $1.10 in 2022. The price will be set to make the jump for an IOTA price prediction for the next year that shakes off the gloom to reach $1.63.


Gov.Capital still targets $0.88 despite the intensifying headwinds, with the possibility of another jump still on the cards for this forecast. An important indicator for this IOTA price prediction for the next year is the token price set for a smooth landing on the current support floor for a retracement. 

Cryptocurrency Influencers and Experts

Solldy predicts IOTA could outperform the rest of the market if the bullish pressure holds above the $0.6 target. The supported search will help the case for IOTA price prediction to rise to $1.6 amid a bullish squeeze with the chances of more leg up to target $2 present. 

Louis_eierslev sees IOTA on the cusp of a bull run that could break a long-standing supply wall and reach $4 as it heads north to print a new year high. The breakout pattern is still intact, with this bullish setup offering a whopping 150% upside potential for buyers who reenter at the current price. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning IOTA

IOTA is so determined to establish applications of its ecosystem in real-world situations, which informed its bid to provide innovative blockchain solutions for the European Commission. As a result, the IOTA foundation successfully completed the first phase of the prototype development. 

If successful, IOTA could be implemented in the Pre-Commercial Procurement in all EU countries, where the ecosystem could support new use cases with high transaction volumes. This data tracking and exploitation solution will make efficient management, traceability, and exploitation possible for improved sustainability and scalability.

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IOTA Price Prediction: The Verdict

Understanding the role of the Internet of Things is essential for will critical for IOTA price prediction. The growth prospects in the IoT industry give strong reasons to invest in IOTA right now that have nothing to do with its IOTA price prediction. 

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