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Band Protocol Price Prediction

Band Protocol Price Prediction: Market Analysis and Opinions

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May 18, 2022
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For blockchain protocols, more data equals more problems and more opportunities for sifting through the noise for a Band Protocol price prediction. Decentralized oracles might not seem like the most scintillating cryptocurrency plays for your portfolio, but the underlying service is of growing importance.

Band protocol is all about sorting an ever-swelling pool of blockchain data to connect blockchain applications to real-world use cases. Its successes to this effect have only added weight to Band Protocol price prediction 2025 as if it was not optimistic enough. Here is the complete BAND price prediction: 

Band Protocol Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this BAND price prediction, BAND was trading at $1.48, according to data available on CoinStats. Like most altcoins, it is not a pure-play on a cryptocurrency but delivers an impressive market cap of over $50 million, fully diluted to roughly $150 million. 

Band protocol develops solutions that mine substantial amounts of data to give intelligent contracts real-world insights. The startup delivers a cross-chain data oracle connecting data from the real world and APIs to give users better performance from the transformational blockchain technology. 

Its business model is based on the proliferation of blockchain technology and data growth of just about any kind. Adding scalability, flexibility, and efficiency to help developers make better-decentralized apps should be the drivers for Band Protocol price prediction 2025. 

Band Protocol Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

The token price appeared ready to plumb new 2022 depths, but the last-minute bounce-back could give BAND token holders much-needed relief from the effects of the bear markets. Looking at the recent price development could reveal a bullish unfolding where market participants can capitalize once Band Protocol price prediction enters positive territory: 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
April 2022$4.8635$2.9667$5.6048
March 2022$3.9265$4.8594$5.2168
February 2022$3.4860$3.9257$5.1982
January 2022$5.0240$3.4861$6.9271
December 2021$7.6950$5.0243$8.4976
November 2021$9.8346$7.7262$10.5322
October 2021$7.1782$9.8435$9.9634

The price action reveals a pattern formation that could bottom, where market participants can plan to reenter on the dip and ride the bullish wave. BAND token is hovering around a monthly support level as the participants try to discern a directional bias that will dominate for the next six-monthly candlesticks. 

A breakdown from the current support floor could knock BAND price prediction by more than 70% to the volume point of control, where buyers could come in to hit the reset button on Band Protocol. However, if buyers manage to recover from this setback, the bullish Band Protocol price prediction will be validated. 

Band Protocol Price Prediction

For the time being, the BAND coin price shows an exciting outlook as it crashes below multiple support zones on the weekly charts. Such a bearish formation is inescapable as the bullish kingdom comes down hitting. The domino effect from BTC is also casting its influence here. 

Band Protocol Price Prediction: Pattern-Forming

The token has set up lower highs since the April 2 swing high at $5.66, with the swing lows forming a base around the $1.06 support floor. This consolidation pattern dominated Band Protocol for weeks before BAND produced a decisive breakdown by the second week of April 2022.

Since then, BAND’s price has crashed 82.84% to where it is currently trading. The massive downtrend comes as the entire cryptocurrency market is in a selling frenzy. While the $1.06 support level seems to have it under control, things are not as simple as they appear from the outside. 

Band Protocol Price Prediction

Should BTC continue to retreat, BAND token price could shatter the support mentioned above level. BAND could then crash by 31.18% to retest the volume point of control starting from $0.22 to $1 for the price action that saw BAND surge to breakout above $17. 

Band Protocol Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

It is worth noting that the BAND coin only needs bulls to recover above $2 to push the price towards $2.38, where sidelined traders can be encouraged to reenter the market. Under such conditions, the bull has to move BAND beyond $4.29 to invalidate the bearish Band Protocol price prediction. 

Such a development could send BAND to sweep the $7.10 formed at the start of 2022. This price target makes BAND stand out as the most bullish-looking cryptocurrency in the market right now. Pressured by a fresh wave of the buyer activity, BAND could challenge $9.93 on a monthly candlestick formation. 

Band Protocol Price Prediction: Market Opinion

The crypto market’s 2022 washout, which included some uncharacteristically awful BAND price prediction narratives that saw investors falling into bear traps, was most sold early. However, speculation has continued to intensify even as the bear market continues. Here are some predictions: 

Band Protocol Price Forecast for May – June


TradingBeasts BAND price prediction follows a consolidation pattern where the bulls and bears could wrestle for control before the token pop 30% above $2.16. A return to $3.18 will be in order if this Band Protocol price forecast for May – June breaks above $2.54 by June.


CoinArbitrage forecast a correction in the making where market makers could come in to take full advantage of the dip at $1.04 to make 100% gains. After thoroughly exhausting this demand zone in a larger timeframe, BAND coin could make a U-turn from the Band Protocol price forecast for May – June. 

Band Protocol Price for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor Band Protocol price prediction flashes red, predicting that the bears will persist in their selling activity and sending the token price to $0.265. The time is right for holders to sell before the Band Protocol price for the rest of the year posts more than 100% losses.


DigitalCoin is betting on a bullish recovery after a bullish breakout of the resistance level establishes a support floor at $2.52. In this scenario, the Band Protocol for the rest of the year will build its momentum from this support after hitting rock bottom to breakout further above $2.96. 

Band Protocol Price Prediction for the Next Year

PricePrediction Band Protocol price prediction 2025 underpins its performance on the bulls taking over 2022 by breakout out above $5.60. From this level, Band Protocol’s price prediction for the next year will be set to turn into a profit-making machine by sparking a profit rally to $8.


Gov.Capital is bullish on the BAND token, suggesting the token will be settling down after whipsaw testing that bounces to $18.08. BAND token’s return to profitability will validate this Band Protocol price prediction for the next year as holders look up to pocketing significant earnings. 

Cryptocurrency Influencers and Experts

Ismellike sees BAND token on the cusp of a 100% return for daredevil holders to pick up these gains at the expense of the bears. This Band Protocol price prediction finds its technical anchors around the strength of the support and demand zone to breakout above $30. 

TheCardiak predicts investors crunching for more gains as the BAND coin looks set to double going into a bull market. A bullish reaction to the support footing will see the bulls coming back with a vengeance to make good on the Band Protocol price prediction 2025 as the bear market fades away. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Band Protocol

The company behind Band Protocol is currently in the process of expanding the reach of its Band Oracle and BandChain by aligning its use with multiple partners in the blockchain industry. Some of the partners for Mainnet integration include Sienna Network, Celo, and Oasis, among others. 

These successful integrations will open the window of opportunity to collaborate with more applications and platforms. In the meantime, Band Protocol is also working on streamlining the internal structure and processes to improve communication between holders and governance matters.

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Band Protocol Price Prediction: The Verdict

The growth of blockchain adoption and the expansion of decentralized applications will determine investor fortunes concerning Band Protocol price prediction. Its success will be largely determined by how its performance against other cross-chain oracles fighting for the same market share. 

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