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Sep 27, 2017
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Since more and more ICOs appear, it is important to select the proper ones in order to have a good return of investment.

One of these is EventChain, a project that I personally like, and its in a niche that has great potential – the event ticket niche.

What is EventChain?

EventChain is a decentralized blockchain network that used Ethereum’s smart contract in order to create a smart contract ticketing system called SmartTickets. The ticket sale will use different payment options. The preferred one would be using EVC’s – the official EventChain token.

A key factor that makes EventChain great is that the holders of EVC will have some benefits such as: early bid tickets, priority seating, and a certain discount over pricing. Another use case of EventChain would be in the case of counterfeit tickets. This is not possible due to the SmartTickets system, as the proof of ownership could be verified. EventChain will also have a ticket resale integrated system. Therefore, any ticket-selling business can use their SmartTickets system.

It will also solve the large website traffic issue. There will be no more downtime traffic when you’ll buy the tickets with EventChain. Why? Because they’ll actually be able to sell the tickets through a plugin that can be put on multiple websites. There will also be a system to avoid crashes and people buying the same ticket.

The event owners will also have access to statistical analysis in order to predict future ticket sales using multiple variables like the quantity of SmartTickets sold per event, the total number of tickets available at the start, how fast those were sold out, and with what prices.

A new interesting idea is the SmartTicket Digital Collection – a place with a permanent list of events that you’ve attended. In this way, you can easily have a “chain of events”. You could also share them with your family and remember easier when an event was.

The Team & News About Them

The CEO is Ashton Addison – one of the best cryptocurrency influencers that you can follow. The President of EventChain is his father – Jay Addison. Jay Addison is a notable figure which is in the broadcasting industry since the induction of PC.

EventChain also has a partnership with a Sony Music-backed company – iFlyer.tv, which operates all across Japan. Moreover, their advisor’s list has a few impressing names like: Steven Funk, Piotr Piasecki and Dror Medalion.  They plan to get everything up and running by the end of 2018. Right now, they are rated with 4.5 stars by ICObench.

EventChain’s project has a billion-dollar potential if it reaches the mainstream audience. With a great marketing team and a solid project implementation, EventChain might be the future of ticket sales. Be sure to check their Token Sale.

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