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best CoinMarketCap alternatives

Best CoinMarketCap Alternatives

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Mar 7, 2019
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Between having to closely and accurately monitor all the market movements and staying up to date with the latest happenings in the ever-so-dynamic crypto sphere, the life of a crypto trader or investor also implies deciding what and when to buy.

Simply put, the life of a crypto trader is not an easy one. That’s exactly why choosing the appropriate tools to aid in the decision-making process can make the difference between a successful trader and a bad one.

Over the last few years, CoinMarketCap has been the de-facto resource for digital currency enthusiasts and traders alike. It’s a web service that allows anyone to accurate and comprehensively monitor the crypto market and access information, such as the market cap rankings of any crypto asset, price charts, 24-hour trade volume, as well as active markets and many other features.

Over-relying on only one platform for the most important decisions has its downfalls. It’s exactly why being flexible, resourceful, and open-minded needs to be at the top of every crypto trader’s qualities list. Happily, there are plenty of good CoinMarketCap alternatives out there.

Best CoinMarketCap Alternatives


First on our list is CryptoCompare, an all-encompassing web service that offers live prices, charting, and all sorts of market analyses. The service lists more than 1,000 coins and tokens and provides market charts from 65 of the best crypto exchanges. Hence, users are provided with the possibility of viewing the trading volume by currency and by exchange.

While CryptoCompare is not the best-looking or the most user-friendly service of this type, it makes up for this drawback by providing a hefty list of reviews, how-tos, guides, a portfolio tool, a section about the upcoming and active ICOs, as well as a user forum.


CoinGecko is definitely of the strongest competitors for CoinMarketCap, also making it one of the CoinMarketCap alternatives. For starters, it’s worth noting that CoinGecko stands out from the crowd by giving crypto projects ratings based on factors, such as community quality, level of liquidity, market capitalization, public interest, and development activity.

Another big advantage of CoinGecko is the fact that it provides users with the possibility of viewing crypto prices in a wide range of fiat currencies. What’s more, there are various portfolio and watchlist features that allow users to track the price movements of the desired currencies.

CoinGecko also provides information for the upcoming ICOs, as well as all the major crypto events via a streamlined calendar feature.

Live Coin Watch

Live Coin Watch is, without a doubt, one of the best crypto tracking websites one can turn to. It boasts a very stylish and clean user interface that makes it very easy for users to track price movements, trading volumes, circulating coin supplies, market cap, and a plethora of other useful information for well over 2,000 cryptocurrencies. Just like the other two services presented before it, Live Coin Watch offers portfolio and watchlist options, useful for tracking price movements in a large variety of fiat currencies. Better yet, users are also provided with the option of choosing how often they want the site data to be refreshed.

Last but not least, there’s even an option that allows users to exclude Korean markets from the data search (it’s because, usually, crypto prices in South Korea are higher than on the rest of the globe). The only potential drawback of the platform is the fact that it is still a relatively new platform (launched in 2017), which has yet to stand the test of time.


CoinCodex provides real-time coin prices, crypto market cap information, and comprehensive charts for well over 2,400 tokens and coins across more than 110 exchanges. The service boasts a portfolio features, an ICO list, as well as sections dedicated to news, guides, exchanges, and upcoming events.

A very neat feature of CoinCodex is represented by the fact that users can quickly access a summary of a coin’s features, the latest news related to that specific cryptocurrency, and a dedicated selection of how-to guides. Lastly, it’s worth noting that CoinCodex displays various ads which some users might find very annoying as they somewhat clutter the GUI.


OnChainFX is a cryptocurrency market data tracker, and probably one of the most advanced tools of this sort. Because it offers such a wide range of data, it’s not the best place for crypto beginners. It does, however, make it one of the favorites for advanced crypto traders who need all the information they can get.

It displays all the typical information, such as price movements of over 100 cryptocurrencies, their 24-hour trading volumes, the total supply, as well as implied market cap for years to come, return of investment figures (both present and future).

A unique feature of OnChainFX is that it allows its users to see how much it costs to become a member of the exclusive “Vladimir Club,” which implies owning at least 1% of the total Bitcoin supply. The only real drawback of this tool, apart from the overwhelming amount of information it provides, is that it only displays information for 456 coins (at the time of this writing).


CoinCap is another very good CoinMarketCap alternative. Launched in 2015, the website provides quick, reliable, and easy-to-view crypto market data such as volume-weighted average prices, current prices, available supply, and the market cap of many cryptocurrencies. Users are provided with the option of viewing prices in BTC, ETH, as well as in 18 fiat currencies.

The first thing users will notice, when accessing CoinCap, is the fact that it’s not the most stylish web service of this type. It’s also not the most comprehensive one in terms of advanced features. However, CoinCap does have official mobile apps for both iOS and Android, which can prove to be an important advantage for various traders.

Final Words

The aim of this guide isn’t to detract in any way from CoinMarketCap’s status in the crypto market, as it is still the most popular tool of this sort. Instead, this article aims to provide the average crypto enthusiasts or investors with a series of valid CoinMarketCap alternatives. It doesn’t mean that they are necessarily superior, but they are definitely worth trying as they may fit the personal preferences of various investors better.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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