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AAVE Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Jun 15, 2022
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Once again, there are opportunities in DeFi tokens after a sell-off this year – crypto investors may find value in AAVE price prediction. The token is, after all, about to enjoy the most prominent growth they have seen since the start of the revolution, which could result in soaring profits.

AAVE liquidity protocol is one of the largest in the market, and that has earned its utility token a lot of attention after plowing its way into the list of most valuable crypto assets. The big thing AAVE price prediction 2030 has to go is its resilience, which benefits its bottom line. Here is the complete AAVE crypto price prediction. 

AAVE Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of making this AAVE crypto price prediction, AAVE crypto was trading at $57.09, according to data available on coinstats.app. The token has continued to improve its market base, which now stands at $792.7M, fully diluted to $1.6 billion, which earns it a prominent place in the market. 

AAVE has been trending in the right direction as DeFi tries to put the shaky trading period behind it. As a result, the platform is not only making headways on the size of the value locked into its financial war chest but also improving from an operational standpoint to attract more users. 

Recently, AAVE got a lift as market confidence injected roughly $150 million in trading volume every day into the ecosystem. This figure makes the token a best-of-breed because it has its hands in every part of decentralized finance and triumphs when it comes to saving, investing, and borrowing. 

AAVE Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

A short-lived rally on Bitcoin helped market participants ignore the troubling month of May, and fears of the market sinking deeper, which say AAVE crypto swing into a positive finish. After shrugging off a couple of would-be headwinds, here’s how the price action plays into AAVE crypto price prediction:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
May 2022$142.71$113.12$161.79
April 2022$206.41$142.74$260.09
March 2022$145.78$206.28$240.32
February 2022$157.62$145.81$192.44
January 2022$255.03$157.60$284.65
December 2021$256.49$255.11$296.74

Market participants are exploring the optimistic side of AAVE price even as the bearish signals on the broader market wane. As a result, AAVE could see a bullish outlook developing over the next few weeks as it is stabilizing around two critical levels that could provide the much-needed directional bias. 

The token’s recovery has been less than successful. Even after multiple bullish attempts, AAVE has formed lower lows and lower highs, indicating the downtrend will persist, and the bears are firmly in the driver’s seat. Now, this DeFi token is consolidating in an effort to change its fortunes. 

AAVE Price Prediction: Pattern Analysis

From the onset, AAVE’s price remains clueless. AAVE price moved from consolidating around the $115.8 support level and $253.6 resistance barrier to being stuck in the $66 to $99 support zone and $115.8 to $147.4 resistance barrier. This price action is clearly bearish, as the lows are stabilizing around $66.

aave price prediction

Market participants need to be careful with AAVE crypto price prediction, as a move above $124.3 could breathe hope into the holder’s portfolio. The only thing that is missing is the right amount of momentum to push AAVE crypto above the said level to produce a higher high and settle for a foothold at $139.5. 

Doing this will allow skeptical buyers to step in, triggering a minor uptrend to $190.3. This move will constitute a 96.45% gain from the current trading level around $97, but this is a highly bullish case that is riding on forces greater than AAVE bulls to pull this off. 

AAVE Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

Even though things are looking sketchy for AAVE price prediction, market participants need to note that the token is still under the mercy of a broader bearish environment. After the recovery in early June crashed, it has been producing lower lows and is currently stabilizing below $100.

aave price prediction

If the bears take control again and flip the $76.2 support floor into a resistance barrier on the weekly chart, it will invalidate the bullish AAVE crypto price prediction. The development could see AAVE’s crypto price fall to $66, where sidelined buyers could come in and attempt a rescue mission. 

AAVE Price Prediction: Market Opinions

After holding on to slight gains in early 2022, AAVE holders come under considerable pressure over the next months and after the attempted recovery, with BTC fears driving investor uncertainty. Meanwhile, the bullish lot cites AAVE price prediction 2030 as the primary reason for staying put. 

AAVE Price Forecast for June – July


TradingBeasts targets $137.85 in its AAVE price forecast for June – July. The bears could go back to square one as the bearish fall gets cut short at $93.74, where the token might see a correction as tail risk bites back, and AAVE price sees gains strengthen to break the stiff resistance.

Long Forecast

Long Forecast is betting on a short-tear bear trap of capturing the bulls before downsizing the token to historical support pillars. To complete this bearish pattern, this AAVE price forecast for June – July eyes a retest of $112.8 before falling back to $98.5, where the investor will have a moment to re-evaluate. 

AAVE Price for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor is bracing for firm rejection at the retest of the resistance barrier to deal a decisive blow to AAVE crypto from further upside. As a result, the AAVE price for the rest of the year is set to dip back to new all-time lows at $8.12, where the headwinds will kick in on negative pressure.


DigitalCoin eyes a support floor forming around $119.42 to attract bulls before retesting the strength of the overhead barrier. After that, a sharp fade of the bears will see the AAVE price for the rest of the year hitting $139.32 as the bulls storm out of the gate and market sentiments concerning AAVE improve. 

AAVE Price Prediction for the Next Year


PricePrediction sees the downward spiral getting capped as the bearish pressure breaks to a new monthly low. In this AAVE price prediction for the next year, the coin could find support at $108.04, where investors could gain the much-needed confidence to print a new support floor and move to $162.56.


Gov.Capital is sticking with its long-term overview despite the flairs of bearish conditions taking over the broader market. As near-term uncertainty fades away, the AAVE price prediction for the next year at $519.89 could materialize on the back of renewed optimism by investors and holders holding the line.  

Cryptocurrency Influencers and Experts

Deviantor_Wayne targets $113.9 as the bulls are ready to wrestle back control from the bears. This bounce off the support to pop back above $100 will see the bull wreak carnage on the blockade of resistance lining up to break AAVE price prediction with renewed interest confirmed by a surge in momentum. 

Ebrahimifinance sticks to the bearish outlook suggesting investors are bound to experience a setback as the broader market’s bearish conditions with a collapse to $45 insights. The hopelessness of the situation is made worse with the conversion of support at $66 into resistance. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning AAVE

The AAVE platform recently launched a new version of its protocol that enhanced the cross-chain transaction, provided higher borrowing power, and listed new digital assets to expand the user base. AAVE protocol will not optimize the cost associated with its platform, among other upgrades. 

Following the rollout of the Lens protocol, the AAVE token made some of the most significant strides that have defined the price action of the token ever since. This indicator is the clearest indication that the market is excited with every new development of the platform, positioning it for a bullish takeoff.

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AAVE Price Prediction: The Verdict

This token is sporting some amazing fundamentals, but its token price has failed to hold back the bearish sentiments in 2022 like many of its peers. Nevertheless, investors are banking on its well-fortified market position to justify AAVE price prediction 2030, which projects a return to normalcy sometime in the future. 

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