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Uniswap price prediction

Uniswap Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Sep 13, 2021
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Uniswap Price Prediction | Introduction

Uniswap price prediction is setting targets for 2021-2022; analysts predict what next for UNI, which seeks to democratize finance by replacing legacy, middlemen. The project, if successful, will disrupt every aspect of banking, lending, and trading. 

At press time, UNI was trading at $21.95, according to data available on CoinMarketCap. In that effect, Uniswap commands an impressive market cap of around $13 billion, of which the fully diluted market cap stands at $21 billion. It ranks 12 on the market. 

With plenty of UNI price prediction floating online and in trading communities, which ones make the most sense. Keep on reading to find out the road ahead for Uniswap. Here’s how that might play out. 

Uniswap Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

It is not at all unusual for a cryptocurrency to spot a major uptrend followed by a lengthy consolidated period. That is the case of UNI today, and many short-term time frame traders are bound to grow increasingly impatient and sell long before they should. However, a properly employed investment strategy is vital because this consolidating crypto is well worth watching. 

Uniswap price prediction crushed from mid-July to mid-August; UNI jumped from $14.6 in July to $31.46 by August. However, this price still falls short of its all-time highs in the $40 neighborhood. Still, UNI managed to skate past the best guesses of top crypto analysts. After posting this better-than-expected price action, we find guidance to estimate where UNI is headed next. 

Uniswap Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

So what happened? For the better part of four weeks, UNI broke past 20-day moving averages in a show of strength, bursting through key resistance levels, but failed to break past the resistance level at $31.2. It just wasn’t time for UNI to launch a campaign to break past the historical all-time high. However, it might just be possible that the bearish setup is attempting to test support at $25.4 before rising to make this breakout. 

The most frustrating part about UNI is that the bearish descending is growing increasingly strong, judging by the candlestick formation. While the setup is still ripe for correction on the support line, you should proceed with caution. Besides, the broader market is at a positive juncture, and UNI is bound to submit to market momentum. 

Uniswap Price prediction
Source: TradingView

Notice the price action in the chart above; Uniswap boasts a rate that is proportionately higher than Bitcoin price prediction. Both Bitcoin and Uniswap have been making decent moves, but take note of every time both assets appear to converge and move in synch, it is always followed by a boost of strength on Uniswap. 

Therefore, while the short-term bear movement looks strong, the support line should hold with a false breakout, of course. A bullish reversal is coming on the heels of strong technical and fundamentals. Another major component to boost your confidence in this Uniswap price prediction is the idea that Uniswap is in a strong area of the cryptocurrency market. 

The RSI is approaching an all-time low point, currently trending on 30, which is bearish. RSI is near oversold, but it doesn’t tell the entire picture. The DMI is also bearish and stays above the ADX and DMI+ lines. Regardless, UNI is all set up to be a supportive environment for the remainder of the year. 

Looking at the normal seasonal tendencies and comparing them to actual prices can lead us to spot things, which is where the daily chart shows its importance. If you scroll back just a little, you can see the consolidation pattern repeating itself. End of Year seasons has a solid reputation as a profitable time for cryptocurrencies. This year, that good stuff is likely to wrap itself on Uniswap crypto early in the month and then surprise a bunch of skeptics. 

Uniswap Price Prediction: Market Opinions

Cryptocurrency forecasting technologies use computing power and the bulk of easily accessible data to chart the path of your favorite cryptocurrencies. So, what do these AI-powered solutions say about UNI price prediction? 


WalletInvestor, for starters, is painting a slightly bearish picture of the fate of Uniswap in September 2021. However, its Uniswap price prediction in one year is $58.95, which is double the current trade price of the crypto token. With such an exceptional surge in value, Uniswap could solidify its place as a De-Fi cryptocurrency leader. 


The price of Uniswap is projected to reach $22.96 by the start of October 2021 and $28 within a year, according to TradingBeast. That’s the second short-term bearish forecast given for Uniswap price prediction and the first with a long-term projection, a worrying sign for a cryptocurrency that is at the peak of its significance in the market.  


The onset of bearish predictions for Uniswap in 2021 continues as CoinQuora also projects a bearish short-term future is projecting $13.9 as the end of year trading price. However, the bearish sentiments should not live long as UNI could soon rise to a trade in a range of $31.5 to $45.3 and perhaps rise to reach $60 based on technical metrics. 


It is only a matter of time before Uniswap doubles in value, according to DigitalCoin forecast. The Uniswap price prediction is that UNI will triple its value by 2025 but will drop to $22 by the end of September 2021. By 2022, the chances are that Uniswap could surge up to $45, which is already double what the price might be at the end of the month. 


Despite the prominent dip in technical confidence, some forecast services remain optimistic that Uniswap can and will rise again. Gov.Capital, for instance, has its money on UNI surging a tick high by the start of October, kicking things of at $29 to close the year at $36.5. Riding on the same sentiments, Uniswap could rise to $64 within a year. 

The opinion is also divided on Uniswap among the pro-trader community. For starters, Signal Centre breaks down key metrics to support the idea that Uniswap is a mildly bullish bet as it faces the bespoke resistance level at $27.60. However, JF Caldwell is bearish but cautions traders that a bullish outcome is still likely in the long run. These were the market opinions about Uniswap price prediction.

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Uniswap

Starting with some bad news, the SEC is launching a probe into Uniswap. The regulators are looking into the structure and inner workings of the decentralized exchange, which happens to be the largest in the market today. It suggests that users trading on the platform might be avoiding local regulations. 

The probe by the SEC could usher in a new era of SEC enforcement on decentralized platform turf. The outcome of this investigation could charter the road ahead for a decentralized finance application. While this news can be regarded as potentially bad for Uniswap, it only seeks to solidify its position as a market leader for decentralized finance and perhaps a lens upon which industry observers can determine the future of the industry. 

In other news, token holders have a lot to smile about as Uniswap has just crossed $1B generated in fees from liquidity providers. Uniswap is the first decentralized finance protocol to achieve such a milestone, hopefully, the first of many milestones for the protocol. The De-Fi-driven surge in activity on Uniswap price prediction is already attracting institutional investors. 

 As institutional investors dominated the De-Fi scene in Q2 of 2021, Uniswap is one of the protocols that enjoyed the most attention from big-money players. Despite the interest of SEC in its operations, investors are still bullish on the future of Uniswap as a leading DeFi protocol. While the news still punctured the short-term future of Uniswap, the long-term prospects are still bright, and this is only time to go long. 

Uniswap Price Prediction: Verdict

September 2021 might just be a sweet spot for UNI to stage a substantial rally. Now is the time to buy before Uniswap Price Prediction materializes. In this special presentation, we’ve looked at the best and worst-case scenarios for UNI price prediction. Now, the ball is in your court. 

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