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Top Websites from Where You Can Buy Gift Cards with Cryptocurrency

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Feb 26, 2019
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There are several e-stores that have started accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Unfortunately, there are not so many options available. But there is another alternative, and it involves purchasing gift cards with digital assets. We have cropped up a list featuring the best websites that let you buy gift cards with cryptocurrency.


eGifter is probably the most popular company which offers online gifting opportunities. The website enables users to purchase eBay gift cards and pay for them with Bitcoin and other altcoins. Gift cards from,, and are also available on the platform.

All Bitcoin payments are processed through BitPay, and over 250 different brands are supported at the moment. Their list of retailers currently includes Applebee’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dunkin’ Donuts, and iTunes.


A major player in the world of crypto gift cards, Gyft is an e-gift card platform which is similar to eGifter as it also allows you to buy gift cards for cryptos. Businesses can also use the platform to offer their clients reward and loyalty programs.

The website allows you to choose gift cards from a network comprised of more than 200 retailers. You can make the purchase directly through your web browser, or through your phone app. No extra fees are added when you make the payment, which means that you can easily spend Bitcoin using this service.

Fold App

Seeing as Starbucks stated that it will not be accepting Bitcoin as payment too soon, coffee and crypto lovers have to look into other options. Fold is an app which lets users spend Bitcoin on prepaid Starbucks gift cards which they can later use to buy a cup of coffee at the store. You can also buy donuts, as they offer prepaid Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards.

Matt Luongo, the CEO of Fold app, claimed that his company had sold over 2,000 gift cards by the summer of 2015.

If a user has not used his entire gift card balance, Fold will give him back the remainder of the sum. This service can be used mostly in the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, and the UK. is a platform which connects owners of Amazon gift cards that want to sell them with people willing to pay with cryptocurrency. has added over 2,000 users that have sold or bought BTC for products from To do this, the user has to buy the seller’s items by using his Amazon wishlists.

The gift cards can be purchased with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, and both users are protected by an escrow system employed by the site. This system ensures that the buyer’s funds will only be transferred to the seller (the person that makes the shopping orders) only when the product will reach its destination.

Purse only offers physical gift cards, meaning that no email with an activation code will be sent to you, as you will receive by mail an actual physical card with a scratch code.


This platform has been around since 2008, and it lets users buy eGift cards and mobile gift cards from locally owned businesses. InstaGift accepts Bitcoins for gift cards from over 5000 merchants from the following US states: Birmingham, Tucson, Sarasota, Nashville, Madison, and Columbus.

Yes To Bitcoins is a Canadian startup which accepts Bitcoins for gift cards. The service also issues Canadian credit cards in Bitcoins, having four types of American Express cards, 23 from MasterCard, and 33 for VISA credit cards. features gift cards from various brands and services, such as Air Canada, Zara, Starbucks, Apple, and many others.


Another Canadian platform is CoinCards, which provides many spending options for cryptocurrencies. The platform focuses on providing gift cards, which users can buy with their Bitcoins. The company offers a card selection from hundreds of Canadian retailers, which include big names such as Walmart, Amazon, and TJX. The sheer number of options will entice even the pickiest of shopaholics.


So, if you are looking to spend your cryptocurrency and surprise someone with a gift, then you should definitely check out one of the aforementioned platforms featured in our list.

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