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If you’re the type of crypto investor that likes to start the year with a good investment to set the tone for the whole year, then you’re in luck because January 2019 is going to be a very good month for ICOs.

Here is our list of top airdrops you should look out for in January 2019:


End date: 31 Jan 2019

Trakx is an interesting project that aims to build a very accessible and secure platform for the so-called Crypto Traded Indices (CTIs). CTIs are unique tokens designed to reduce the complexity and fees associated with the trading of various crypto-assets. The tokens allow their holders to improve diversification, add leverage and gain market exposure.

Trakx is hosting a very competitive airdrop that is scheduled to end on 31st January 2019. The airdrop is designed to be more like a competition (the more entries you get, the more tokens you will be rewarded with). To take part, go to the official airdrop page, register an account, validate your email, follow Trakx on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, join the platform’s Telegram channel, and share your personal referral link.



End date: 29 Jan 2019

Unification is a blockchain-based platform that aims to bring users, apps, research institution, and advertisers together in an open and free marketplace. The platform uses off-chain apps and on-chain smart contracts to create a data marketplace.

The airdrop, which will end on 29th January 2019, promises maximum rewards of up to 200 UND. To enlist in the airdrop, you must chat with the Unification Telegram Bot, join the Unification Telegram Channel, follow the platform’s Twitter page and retweet the latest post, add a valid email address, and post your Telegram username and write a sentence about the project on the platform’s Bitcoin Thread.


Griffex markets itself as a flexible and very inviting crypto trading platform which caters to the needs of professional investors, retail traders, as well as day-to-day cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Griffex is planning on dropping 9400 GFX tokens to its community members, with the possibility of earning an extra 1000 GFX for each referral.

The airdrop starts on 10th December 2018 and will continue through the first part of January 2019. To take part, visit the Griffex website, sign up and verify your email address, join the Telegram group, join their Discord channel, follow the project on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and subscribe to the official Reddit page, as well as complete a series of additional tasks. More information on the Bitcointalk thread.



End date: 31 Jan 2019

Petchains is a global panpet market information management and trading platform which aims to provide a blockchain-based solution for maintaining data of animals who live in the home or on the shelter.

The airdrop is scheduled to end on 31st January 2019. To take part, you have to join either the English or the Chinese telegram channels and ask questions about the project follow the platform’s Facebook, as well as submit the following form.


End date: 12 Jan 2019

Travala is an NEO-based travel booking platform which aims to revolutionize the way we plan our holidays. The platform provides you with the possibility of taking part in a basic airdrop in which you can receive 25 AVA tokens. To take part, simply chat with the Telegram bot, sign-up to KuCoin exchange and ensure that your account is email verified, follow KuCoin on Twitter, follow Travala on Twitter, and join Travala Telegram group.



HubrisOne is a blockchain-based platform that aims to increase the crypto and blockchain adoption on a global scale by enabling users to perform quick, almost instant, cross-border money transfers. By participating, you can earn anywhere between $10 and $40. Please note that the airdrop will run until 20,000 are reached. To enlist, go to the Google airdrop page, join the Telegram group and post a constructive question, download the HubrisOne app (available for Android), and fill out the airdrop form.


End date: 11 Jan 2019

Thorchain aims to be the next big platform which will power the next generation of exchanges, wallets, and all other types of payment services within the crypto sphere. The platform ensures that tokens can be traded on single chains, known as tokenChains with discrete address spaces.

The airdrop allows participants to earn rewards of upwards of 350 RUNE token. To partake in the airdrop, chat with the Telegram bot, submit your social details, join the platform’s Telegram group, follow the platform on Twitter, subscribe to the Reddit page, and ask a constructive question on the Bitcointalk thread.



End date: 19 Jan 2019

TradePlace is an all-encompassing, global cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade some of the most popular tokens and coins, as well as receive expert analysis regarding the current state of the market. TradePlace will airdrop as many as 200 EXTP coins until 19th January 2019 if the following steps are complete: like and share the TradePlace’s Facebook page, do the same with the Twitter page, follow the LinkedIn page, Medium account, the Reddit thread, as well as follow and share the Instagram account.


Start date: 1 Jan 2019

Weave is a blockchain-based VR ecosystem that promotes the latest VR content. The Weave airdrop will deliver to participants up to 100 WVR tokens (which translates to approximately $10). To join the Wave airdrop, simply go to Weave Airdrop page, submit your details and sign up, join Weave on Telegram, follow the platform’s Twitter, like Weave on Facebook, and submit your details to the airdrop form. The public sale starts on 1st January 2019.

Flame Token

End date: 31 Jan 2019

Flame Token is the native token of Sharesome platform and NSFW, adult-only social network. The platform will be hosting an airdrop which is expected to end on 31st January 2019 and promises to reward early investors with 500 XFL tokens. To take part into the airdrop, you should visit the Flame Token website, submit your email address and click on “Claim,” verify your email and complete registration, join the Telegram group and submit your username, as well as retweet a specific tweet.


As we’re sure you know by now, ICOs can be a very high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities. Therefore, it’s important to do your homework and do some research before committing to invest in any of the aforementioned ICOs.

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