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Tezos Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinion

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Apr 19, 2022
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This smart contract network is working on solutions facing blockchain adoption or asset applications, and this Tezos price prediction tests the outlook that the XTZ token is a buy right now. With Tezos, it is an end to business as usual for centralized business systems.

XTZ price prediction enjoys a strong background, given that institutional and government agencies are stepping up their commitment to the sustainability game and tapping blockchain as the means to this end. Here is the complete XTZ coin price prediction. 

Tezos Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this XTZ crypto price prediction, the XTZ coin was trading at $3.14, according to data available on CoinStats. The Tezos network enjoys a sweet spot in the broader market with a market cap of $2.8B, fully diluted to over $2.9 billion. 

Tezos, a smart contract network, is rarely mentioned as one of the infamous ‘Ethereum-killers.’ While Tezos has not grown as fast as the smart contract big-brother, its eco-friendly blockchain has caught the eyes of leading industrial enterprises. 

This value proposition is the reason why XTZ’s price has been off to the races lately. Peering deeper than usual into the crystal ball, this Tezos price prediction seeks to determine whether this rally will extend all the way into 2023. 

XTZ Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Several reasons explain the sudden traction on XTZ price charts – analysts have a lot of nice things to say about Tezos price prediction 2022. XTZ has been off to the races since the start of the year, and here is a summary of how Tezos traded in recent months. 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
March 2022$3.5346$3.7191$4.0176
February 2022$3.4899$3.5346$4.5942
January 2022$4.3540$3.4900$5.3438
December 2021$5.4800$4.3535$6.1632
November 2021$6.3602$5.4980$6.8653
October 2021$6.0750$6.3226$9.1754
September 2021$5.1702$6.0779$7.9979

XTZ is trading at an inflection point as traders aim to establish a directional bias to set the pace for XTZ coin price prediction. The coin is hovering above a critical support zone owning the hallmarks of what could be the launchpad for bullish gains in 2022. 

Tezos price has arrived at the current level after a long winning streak during the bullish season that saw all-time highs reset in almost every price chart. This point presents a confluence between support and liquidity pool. 

The make-or-break point marks a possible conclusion to the crash that saw XTZ coin fall by more than 75% since its peak in 2021. This massive downswing of XTZ crypto shattered every support level on its way, converting them into resistance. 

tezos price prediction

Currently, Tezos crypto is hovering above the daily support level at $3.080, below which rests the sell-stop liquidity formed after the bottom of mid-2021. As such, traders should expect a move lower as market markers push Tezos lower to collect liquidity. 

This Tezos price prediction will be a key development that signals the start of an uptrend. From there, investors can expect Tezos crypto prices to rally by approximately 20% and retest the immediate hurdle at $4.50. 

Traders who entered positions at $3.080 can book profits at $4.50, assuming a conservative outlook. Under this scenario, the Tezos coin could flip the $4.50 hurdle into a support level, which will open the path for bulls to propel profits by 40%, bringing the total gains to 60%. 

Tezos Price Prediction

XTZ Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

While things are looking up for Tezos price prediction because of the support level and liquidity pool confluence, a daily candlestick close below $2.60 will create a lower low. This price action will invalidate the bullish XTZ coin price prediction. 

A daily candlestick close above $3.80 will skew the odds in the bull’s favor and validate a bullish XTZ price prediction. Should Tezos continue the winning streak and make a play for $4.80, an uptrend could be the next move, pending confirmation on $4.5. 

Tezos Price Prediction: Market Opinion

As crypto investors weather-proof portfolios in light of the losses made in early 2022, Tezos is an asset taken into consideration for protecting profits. So here is a glimpse of XTZ price prediction sentiments you should keep in mind. 

XTZ Price Forecast for April – May


TradingBeasts is bullish on XTZ price prediction for the coming months, targeting $3.80 for a sell order. The XTZ price forecast for April – May is angling a buying opportunity around $2.58 with the potential of testing $4 before the end of May.

Long Forecast

Long Forecast suggests bulls have the power to launch an assault on $4 but could fall short of this goal and retreat to the next support level at $3.73. The bears could pile pressure at this level according to this XTZ price forecast for April – May sending XTZ to $2.07. 

XTZ Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor Tezos price prediction for 2022 eyes $11.771. The XTZ price forecast for the rest of the year charts how Tezos can break away from the bearish hold and make their way to a new all-time high.


DigitalCoin hints that XTZ token price will, in a show of resilience, find support around $3.91 and $4.14. This XTZ price forecast for the rest of the year eyes a retest of $4.41 to seal the directional bias that will catapult the Tezos coin in the next five years. 

Tezos Price Prediction for the Next Year


Gov.Capital Tezos’ price prediction is highly optimistic. The Tezos price prediction for the next year is $7.51, suggesting the bulls would find the support they need to mount a campaign against a bearish market environment.


PricePrediction Tezos’ price prediction for the next year falls right in place with the bullish XTZ price prediction that forecasts $100 before the decade’s end. Tezos could hit $4.96 within the next year, setting the more significant prediction in motion. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

Parissap XTZ price prediction focuses on the broadening wedge pattern, suggesting XTZ might make a lay on $12 if it can convert resistance into support at $6. The current support areas around $1.5 and $2.6 will be sufficient for this initial development. 

Xtremerider6 charts a game plan for Tezos crypto that prediction XTZ will maintain a strong uptrend targeting $5.37 in the coming months. The biggest hurdle for this Tezos price prediction resides on the $4.48 level, where a fall back to $4.23 will see the bulls recharge and strike higher on the next run.  

Latest News and Happenings of Tezos

Tezos is currently the blockchain of choice for one of the biggest football teams in the English Premier League – Manchester United. This decision by Manchester United to tap the power of Tezos falls in line with the club’s wider effort to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. 

Hundreds of projects launched on the Tezos blockchain are sprouting into millions of transactions completed on a daily basis. XTZ empowers developers, gamers, artists, enthusiasts, and more to use cases of blockchain in an eco-friendly manner.

Here are some of the best exchanges where you can trade Tezos:

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Tezos Price Prediction: Verdict

The bear markets of 2022 have spooked XTZ investors, but an optimistic Tezos price prediction helps calm the price charts. Hope springs eternal for a spring of partnerships by big players in all sectors of the economy. Hence the average XTZ price prediction is bullish. 

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