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Poodl Token

POODL Token – A Powerhouse in the Blockchain Gaming World

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Jul 29, 2022
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POODL Token is an established project working to prove its enhanced security level in the DeFi system. Thousands of investors have already joined POODL, and today’s review will analyze the project’s key features in detail.

Understanding the POODL Ecosystem

POODL is a project that has already reached the 30,000 DEX holders milestone. The token is a BEP20 deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In addition to the token, POODL has started utilizing a combination of AR and NFT technologies.

How Does the POODL Token Work?

The first pillar of the POODL ecosystem is its native token. POODL has a 100 trillion maximum supply, with a circulating amount of approximately 80 trillion tokens. Tokens get burned based on total volume, which has reduced the supply by about 20 trillion since the token launched in Spring 2021. 

With fewer tokens in circulation, holders may be more hesitant to sell their holdings since the token will theoretically grow more scarce over time. In addition, those who don’t sell benefit from the tokens redistribution, which provides a small percentage of every transaction to all current holders.

The POODL token uses a 6% transaction tax on buys, sells, and transfers:

  • Token redistribution: 2%
  • Marketing operations: 2%
  • Deflationary mechanism (token burning): 1%
  • Charity donations: 0.5%
  • Liquidity system: 0.5%

POODL NFT Collections

So far, this project has released two NFT collections:

  • AR Pets: This collection consists of dozens of 3D NFTs that you may purchase and view through the project’s AR app. Through use of a weblink, a user can use any AR-compatible smartphone to view their NFT.
  • POODL Players: This 2D collection of 2000 NFTs are randomly generated, with each providing a 1x, 3x, or 5x rate of redistribution from a pool of 250 BNB. Furthermore, 5X NFT mints come with a digital Lamborghini for the Lakeview Meta metaverse. 

POODL in Your Living Room?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that blends computer-generated images with the user’s real environment in real time. It can enable us to provide information or feedback about the user’s surroundings or to create an interactive experience. Think about the hit game Pokémon Go, and you’ll have a general idea of what AR is. 

The use of AR technology is growing in popularity, showing great potential for applications in a variety of industries. 

AR and blockchain are experiencing strong popularity growth from using NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are digital assets stored on the blockchain and can represent ownership of a digital or physical object. 

The POODL team has been working hard to merge blockchain and AR technologies. The result is an app with which anyone can view their 3D POODL NFT in the world around them. These NFTs are fully animated, meaning you can watch your NFT perform actions in your house, at your local park, etc. For now the primary purpose of this is photo-ops, but a play-to-earn gaming element is expected to be incorporated sometime in the future. 

Anyone interested in trying this out for themselves can visit this link on an AR-compatible smartphone.

The project’s 3D NFT collection is live on OpenSea.

A Safe Haven Surrounded by a Scammers Paradise

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the number of scams in the crypto space has gone up alongside it. 

To assuage the fears of their investors, the POODL team has made clear that security is one of its top concerns. For starters, in a world where many teams in the crypto industry are anonymous, POODL obtained a KYC certification through S3EK token. KYC means “know your customer,” and essentially involves providing a plethora of personal information to a body that they securely verify and store. This means that should any of the developers be caught engaging in a scam, proper authorities will be notified. 

Furthermore, the project has obtained verified badges on popular social media. This enables you to understand whether the page you are following is an official POODL channel or not, helping prevent copycat pages and actors. You can just look for the blue checkmark and feel confident that you’re in the right place. 

The team opted to keep the POODL/wBNB pool locked for five years on Unicrypt. Locking liquidity on Unicrypt is essential because it means the team does not have access to the liquidity and can’t withdraw it. This translates into never having to worry about not being able to trade POODL due to a rugpull. In addition, it signifies that the team is in it for the long haul and that they intend to be here five years down the road.

The blockchain auditing firm Solidity Finance has also completed a smart contract audit on POODL. The results are publicly available. Cryptocurrency projects oftentimes use audits to review the smart contract code and ensure there are no malicious functions or errors. Many projects have died because of one simple line of code that destroys a project from within.

A Quick Look Into the Project’s Future

NFTs, Partnerships, & Gaming

Ongoing efforts to further develop POODL’s NFT and gaming metaverse are expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Metaverses where POODL is already present (Lakeview Metaverse, Crolon Mars, etc.) are also developing with rapid speed. Outside of gaming, POODL will continue to develop partnerships with reputable tokens to form a safe haven for investors where they don’t need to worry about scams.

“POODL for Business”

The latest update from the team is that this summer is going to be focused on “POODL for Business.” POODL can already be used for retail payments at select stores, but although details are currently scarce it is expected to launch very soon.

Marketing and Charity

Since the project launched, charity has been an integral part of POODL. Specifically, the team donates approximately $1,500 per month to “Canines for Disabled Kids.” In the future, it is possible additional charities will be added.

Bottom Line

POODL is a blockchain project that strives to protect its users while providing them with a multitude of uses for its token and NFTs. Despite its young age, POODL already has more going for it than most other smallcap tokens currently on the market.

With the big moves the POODL team is making within the NFT and AR spaces, POODL seems primed to be a big player in the blockchain gaming sphere. On the project’s website and social accounts (Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Discord), you may learn more about POODL.

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