Maya Savings App Is Going to Be the Biggest Marketplace for Ethereum Token
Maya Savings App

Maya Savings App Is Going to Be the Biggest Marketplace for Ethereum Token

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Sep 30, 2019
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The most rapidly growing cryptocurrency ecosystem operator U.K. Financial Ltd. announces that they start developing a Maya Savings App, a secure online wallet for application available on Android and iOS. The application is believed to be launched at the end of 2019.

Maya Savings App will be available for storing tokens and stable coins developed by U.K. Financial Ltd, namely Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR), Maya Coin (MAYA), Digital Fantasy Sports Token (DFS), and Maya Exchange tokens (MYEX) and exchanging them to and from ETH.

Later Maya Savings App will be available for storing other ERC20 and ERC23 tokens.

Holders will get an opportunity to get access to all airdrops by all products developed by U.K. Financial Ltd. Earlier U.K. Financial Ltd. announced the first airdrop for $500 worth of MYEX tokens used by Maya exchange, the company’s exchange backed by gold and silver. To get the reward traders have to purchase MAPR, Maya Coin and DFS listed on FatBTC and Catex, between September 1st and September 30th, and hold the coins until October 31st.

Users will also have a possibility to buy and exchange all tokens and stablecoins, brought by U.K. Financial Ltd., with a 50% locked discount. It means that after the purchase the tokens acquired with the discounted price will be frozen for a year to avoid market volatility and gain the market value. After the unfreezing, the previously purchased tokens’ price will be higher with the expected total rising of U.K. Financial Ltd. products’ cost.

According to CEO and co-founder of U.K. Financial Ltd, James Dahlke, “this new highly secured app brought by our company is going to be a breakthrough to the future. We have great plans to develop it into one of the biggest apps in crypto history. Maya Savings App is scheduled to be fully launched until the end of this year, and then users will be able to seriously save on buying the UK. Also, this wallet is only for UK Financial products, in the beginning, to go along with the, newly launched division.

One of the most expected features of the Maya Savings App is wallet payment systems that will allow users to pay at stores worldwide for goods and services. Contract with huge retailer is at the last stage of signing, details will be announced later.

U.K. Financial Ltd. is a governing company for a number of crypto projects. Recently representatives of U.K. Financial completed the acquisition of DFS tokens, right after the announcement of backing Bitcoin by their flagship currency, a stablecoin Maya Preferred 223, that has been the most expensive stablecoin on the crypto market before it’s forward split, executed at August 2019.

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