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How to Spend Bitcoin in Japan

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Sep 23, 2017
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It is already known that Japan has become the most important country in terms of digital coins. Given that more and more people are starting to use bitcoin, it is almost sure that bitcoin transactions will be more and more preferred. For example, many people already choose to pay in bitcoin when doing the most banal shopping or they are just out for dinner.
Considering this technological change, businesses have gradually introduced the way to pay through bitcoins. And that’s a great decision!

We listed, below, some of the places that are Bitcoin-friendly in Japan:

Nikugatou -Japanese Style BBQ

This is the first restaurant of this type who introduced the bitcoin payment. Nikugatou specializes in the preparation of lean beef and it is also one of the most famous places to eat in Tokyo. The cooks here do not just cook the meat and give it to the customers. They even put love in everything they do and all their effort is seen in the taste of food.

Pink Cow -California Restaurant and Funky Art Bar

This business dates back to 2000 and has cal-mex specialties besides their veeery tasty burritos! All the ingredients they use are made by them, everything is fresh and natural!

Numazuko – Authentic Sushi Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo

This is the most famous Kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) in Shinjuku. Many of us really like eating sushi, because it is really tasty. But have you ever thought about eating sushi from its own home? Yeah, it’s finger-licking-good! The Japanese add all sorts of delicious toppings and their taste doesn’t compare to anything in the world. The best part is that you can spend all Bitcoins on them!

Hackers Bar – A Bar in Roppongi, Tokyo where you can consult a “Hacker”

This place is for people who want to watch live programming. To them, the name of “hacker” isn’t referring to something bad, but to someone who has the talent to perform the heaviest tasks. You will also relax over a drink and everything will be paid with Bitcoins.

Awabar – Standing bar in Center of Roppongi, Tokyo 

This bar has free WI-FI! We think that this is a great thing to everybody. Moreover, as you arrive here, you can choose to stay wherever you want, because it is a standing bar. You can pay everything with Bitcoins!

Peach – Japanese Airline

Peace Aviation is a low-cost Japanese airline company that provides flights to northeastern Asia. This has become the first company of this type to accept ticket payments in bitcoins.Certainly, they gather more favorite customers in this way!

Technology is advancing more and more every day and is sure Japan is keeping up with it! She is, though, the new king of Bitcoin Market, right?

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