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How to Fix App – Potential Issues and How to Solve Them  

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Nov 27, 2023
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Trading crypto is so fun, right? But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Don’t get scared; we’re not talking about your funds. They are safe, and when traded right, they might even go up. In this situation, we are just talking about some issues you might encounter when using a trading platform.   

It is no wonder that many experts advise beginner traders to improve their knowledge before starting to use trading platforms, as they might sometimes encounter some difficulties in making their way through some apps.   

However, nobody should worry or get scared when this happens; there were times when even Facebook and Instagram were down or had some bugs, but we all still managed to use them, and it proved that it was not the users’ fault for those bugs.   

In this article, the spotlight will be on and some potential issues you can experience when using the app. We will talk about them and then offer some actionable tips to fix those issues you can actually resolve.   

About is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2016 in Hong Kong by Rafael Melo, Kris Marszalek, Gary Or, and Bobby Bao. On, users can also stake various tokens and earn rewards according to the staked amount.   

The platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade over 250 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Cardano (ADA), and Polkadot (DOT). In what concerns the supported fiat, ensures that it makes the exchange accessible for users from all over the world, so it supports AUD (Australian dollar), CAD (Canadian dollar), USD (US dollar), pound sterling (GBP), euro (EUR), and Brazilian real (BRL).  

Furthermore, also has its own cryptocurrency called CRO. Those who stake CRO will benefit from lower trading fees, higher staking interest rates, and higher credit card rewards.   

When it comes to fees, it is safe to say that has some of the lowest rates. If you don’t stake CRO and your monthly trading volume is lower than $250,000, you will have to pay a 0.075% on any trade. If your trading volume is higher, you might also reach fees of 0% for the maker and 0.05% for a taker.   

Security is one of the most essential topics for, so the platform has developed multiple security features to help users ensure their funds are safe. So, you can set up MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and whitelisting, but the platform also strongly advises users to set up a strong password to protect their accounts even better.   

Why Is Not Working and How to Fix It?

As we mentioned before, sometimes you might see that does not work as it usually does. It’s not just about, any online platform can have some bugs from time to time, but the important thing is that the team of developers is always trying to fix it as quickly as possible.   

There are some basic situations you might find yourself in when it comes to the app not working. Usually, they are related to login issues, the app not opening, or scheduled system maintenance. Thus, let’s see what you can do in these cases. Login Issues

If you managed to open the app but you cannot log into your account, these are the main reasons why this might happen:  

  • Your username or password might be wrong – will notify you if this is the case, and all you have to do is try again. If this does not work, try not to type your credentials too many times. Instead, you can reset your password or other account details;  
  • There is a login authorization issue – If you entered your username and password correctly but still cannot log into your account, there might be another login authorization issue. In this case, it is best to address the problem with the support team and wait for their response. And this situation takes us to the next main issue – system maintenance.  

Scheduled System Maintenance

Just like any other app, sometimes needs a little time to change major features on its platform, and while some actions can be conducted while the app is available, others require all users to be logged out of their accounts.   

If this is the case, you simply have to wait a little bit for the scheduled system maintenance to be over. However, keep in mind that online platforms always announce if there will be system maintenance so that users can know how much they will have to wait until they can perform trading activities on the app again.   

App Is Not Opening

If the app is not opening, there might be a problem with your device or the company’s system. For instance, your memory might be full, your device may not be up to date and not support the current version of the app, or your device might not be able to process this action at the moment. Furthermore, the scheduled system maintenance we previously mentioned might also affect the app’s functionality.   

Here are some things you can do in this case:  

  • Update the app – If you have not updated the app in a long time, it is highly possible that the version you have does not work anymore. So, all you have to do is go to your app marketplace (App Store or Google Play), look for the app, and check for available updates;  
  • Update your software – You know how, occasionally, you receive a notification saying a new version of your software is available? Well, for all your apps to function correctly, you should constantly update your device. Apps get updated, too, and if your phone is left behind, it might not support all the platforms you use;  
  • Restart your phone – If the app still does not open, your phone might be unable to perform the requested action. For instance, it may be overheated; in this case, it just needs to take a little break. So, try to restart your phone, plug it into a charger if the battery is low, and wait for it to function again.   


Is down?

No, but there may be times when faces some bugs that can affect users, too. Furthermore, each app needs a little time to conduct system maintenance, but these actions are usually scheduled, and the users are notified.   

Why is the app not working?

There are multiple reasons why the app does not work. For instance, you may need to update it or your device, restart the device, or simply wait for the app to resolve the bugs it has. However, you can communicate with the support at any time.  

Why can’t I log into

You may be unable to log into because your credentials are wrong or due to another login authorization issue. If you cannot log in even after you have tried retyping your credentials and changing your password, you can contact the support team.   

Final Thoughts

If you started your crypto journey, you have probably already researched and tried out multiple trading platforms, and this is for the best. However, you might also encounter some issues when interacting with them.   

If you are a user and cannot log into the app or open it on your device, keep in mind that it is crucial to keep your device and app updated and always pay attention to potential system maintenance actions the company schedules.

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