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CKB Price Prediction

CKB Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Apr 18, 2022
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This forecast is the only CKB price prediction that holds great potential. By running an inventory of the successes and failures on the road to developing the standards for the universal application of blockchain technology, we are able to determine an accurate CKB coin price prediction. 

CKB Price Prediction | Introduction

The Nervos network is a collection of protocols with a promising outlook for developers seeking to establish their applications, and therefore, it’s imperative to make a CKB price prediction. For the initiated, CKB is the native utility crypto of the network.

At the time of writing, CKB was trading at $0.010824, according to CoinStats. It enjoys a market capitalization of $330.5M and a fully diluted market capitalization of $818,593,150. Let’s use these figures and apply a proven price prediction formula to make a CKB price prediction for 2030.

The Nervos network has recently entered into strategic partnerships that promise to propel the adoption of the network in the crypto sphere. These partnerships, coupled with updates on the network, will inevitably propel the value of the CKB to rise in the near future. Let’s delve into the developments and inject technical analysis to provide a reliable CKB price prediction.

CKB Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

The CKB price continues to consolidate gains in the $0.02 price zone, marginally lower on a daily basis, although reaching a multi-month high earlier in November. CKB USD hit a $0.0947 resistance level but suffered a setback as it crashed in the third week of November 2021. This downswing pushed it down to a crucial demand zone, where it is trying to make a comeback. 

CKB price prediction is leaning bearish, but the price action reveals the bulls are not done yet. The CKB coin price set up at least six higher high and a single lower lows between March and April. The swing points can be connected using trend lines, leading to the formation of an ascending parallel channel and a bears campaign to dismantle the next significant resistance line at $0.0294. 

This technical formation hits at a bearish CKB coin price prediction, which prices underwent as it dropped sharply by 15% in the third week of March. Comparatively, CKB came close to breaking the resistance level and surged high enough to test another resistance at $0.030. Even though the breakout did not hold, CKB price prediction 2030 eyes $0.0361. 

Source: TradingView

So far, CKB is rallying buyers on a closing buy opportunity to scale higher. If the buying pressure continues to hold for the rest of the year, CKB will make a support level out of $0.030 and advance for a run to a possible sell target of $0.040. However, this run-up is riddled with two, and possibly three, resistance levels. CKB needs to flip at least two levels to make the ascent a reality. 

While the current price formation looks good and shows a bullish bias on CKB price prediction, it might reverse its trend to revisit support at $0.0098 and return to a consolidation pattern. Doing so will deprive CKB of the necessary bullish momentum to slice through the resistance barrier at $0.0294 for months. However, testing this resistance level for support will indicate strength among buyers and indicate that the sellers are done. It is also quite easy to have access to this cryptocurrency. You can buy Nervos coins with a prepaid card, almost the same way you can buy Bitcoin with prepaid card.

CKB Price Prediction: Market Opinions

Most price prediction firms are very bullish on the prospects of CKB. Generally, the market sentiment and recent developments indicate the price of CKB is destined to rise in the near- long term, with the approaching 2022 promising to be the year of new highs. Let’s look at what some of the authoritative players have to say.


WalletInvestor CKB price prediction shows that the utility token is about to experience a breakout. The token will be trading above the $0.01 mark for most of April, and end the year oscillating around the range. Bulls are already wrestling for the $0.02 territory, which is likely to persist until the end of the year.


Gov.Capital CKB price prediction for 2022 is bullish on the future price trajectory of the CKB token. They believe that token will close the year at the best price of $0.03645 and a regular price of $0.0317. With regard to 2022, the prediction firm that uses algorithms to make forecasts gives an even more bullish outlook. Specifically, they are optimistic that the token will rise to highs of $0.07 and even touch the $0.08 mark.


DigitalCoinPrice is also bullish on the CKB price. The firm believes that the price of CKB will close in 2022 at $0.04476, with an even more positive outlook of $0.05148 in 2023. Tellingly, the predictor foresees a CKB to experience phenomenal growth next year. is quite conservative on the future trajectory of the CKB token. They hint that CKB will hit a minimum of $0.027, an average of $0.030, and a maximum trading price of $0.031.However, they are very positive about the prospects of the token in 2022, hinting that the CKB could rise to highs of $0.051.


At the time of writing, CoinCodex provides a neutral market sentiment for CKB, insinuating that the token was a bad buy in 2021. Nonetheless, the prediction firm insists that before considering whether to buy the token, it is important to take factor in the fundamental and technical factors at play because they could result in trend reversals. Their forecasts show that the price could slump to $ 0.016130 by mid-May.

CKB Price Prediction: Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

Behbehani, for instance, gives a CKB coin price prediction pointing to unfinished business on the resistance line at $0.029. The CKB price prediction for April-May looks to convert $0.025 into a reliable support level for a breakout to test $0.029 in 2022. If CKB bulls charge again towards the end of 2022, a bullish outlook for CKB coin price forecast for the Next Year will be justified. Provided the bulls hold the line, CKB price forecast for the rest of the year will provide near double gains. 

Aerospace1985 proposes the resistance is already broken. All that is left is that a burst of buyer volume towards the year will inevitably push prices to $0.040 in his CKB price prediction. With resistance as a critical stepping stone, this CKB price forecast for the Next Year points to $0.16 as a reliable target. A strong price action exhibition at $0.029 to $0.036 levels could be the final signal for a bullish CKB price forecast for the rest of the year. At $0.036, pending a retest and confirmation of the new support line, CRO could be headed for incredible gains against the backdrop of a strong CKB price forecast for April-May. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning CKB Token

Nervos Network has made several developments recently that have boosted its profile in the eyes of developers and investors. Specifically, the company has partnered with players across the blockchain and tech spectrum to solve extant problems and improve operability across the chain.

After the integration of Band Protocol’s oracle services onto layer one of the Nervous Network in 2020, In October, Nervos Network achieved a milestone when they integrated the protocol onto their layer 2. The development will make it easy for dApps built on Nervos Network to have oracle access. Moreover, Solidity-based smart contracts running on Ethereum can easily be ported over to Nervos and use Band’s oracles. 

Subsequently, In November, the network partnered with Decentralized Information Asset (DIA), an open-source Oracle platform, to simplify the process market actors undergo in finding, applying, and sharing trustable data. Through the partnership, DIA will be integrated into Nervos Network’s EVM to offer a reliable oracle service for dApps building on this layer or to port over from Ethereum. Ultimately, this will offer multiple oracle services to developers, which is good for their work.

So, why are Oracles that important? Well, it’s because they play a vital role in smart contracts by allowing the contracts to source for external data from outside their ecosystem. This trait makes them even more relevant in the age of DeFi explosion, because decentralized finance relies more on Oracles to extract external information.

In November still, Nervos Network partnered with MyCrypto– an open-source tool for creating Ethereum wallets, sending ERC-20 tokens, and interacting with the blockchain- to help power The Force Bridge. It is noteworthy that The Force Bridge is a cross-chain bridge launched in October to connect the Nervos and Ethereum ecosystems. The new partnership will therefore expand Nervos’ ecosystem and entrench interoperability across ecosystems.

Nervos hasn’t been left behind in the NFT space. Recently, actually, in November, Nervos launched its first marketplace on, which is also powered by the Nervos network. The development will make it easy for creators, developers, artists, and users to mint buy NFT’s across marketplaces. Ultimately, will demolish the notable barriers to entry into the NFT space- high fees and bad user experience. 

CKB Price Prediction: Verdict

From most of the CKB price predictions, it is apparent that the token has a bullish outlook. Moreover, from both technical and fundamental analysis, it is vividly apparent that the token is destined to soar to new heights in 2022. Specifically, its relevance with Ethereum smart contracts, applicability in Dapps, and the foray into NFT’s make it a good investment.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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