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Chia Price Prediction: Market Analysis and Opinions

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May 26, 2022
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Investments in the green token are rising, and Chia price prediction is one of the tokens that could benefit from the long-term shift towards sustainability. In addition, the Chia token presents a unique buying proposition that explicitly defines its role in the larger, grand scheme of things.

Even with years of growing investment, energy-conscious tokens have been on a roller coaster ride as they struggled to find their place in the cryptocurrency market. Chia crypto price prediction is the most promising of all the tokens boasting of an environmental mandate. Here is the complete Chia coin price prediction: 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
April 2022$ 69.56$ 52.34$ 71.80
March 2022$ 77.58$ 69.54$ 79.56
February 2022$ 80.80$ 77.58$ 88.38
January 2022$ 98.54$ 80.80$ 104.17
December 2021$ 136.71$ 98.55$ 136.71
November 2021$ 145.41$ 136.73$ 230.14
October 2021$ 149.82$ 145.42$ 178.77

Chia Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this Chia coin price prediction, the Chia coin was trading at $34.20 according to data available on For a currency with such a promising future, Chia stands on financially stable grounds at $137.4 million for its market cap, fully diluted to nearly $1 billion. 

Chia crypto makes it easy for decentralized finance users to go green. The startup is developing a better blockchain and innovative contract platform that promises security, sustainability, and more power. In addition, it comes complete with a developer and enterprise package for professional services. 

With a growing DeFi operation, Chia is built for critical security and compliance to enable such to work optimally. By also empowering new users and expanding applications, the Chia coin takes on the properties of a stablecoin. A comprehensive structure puts its capital to work to make a case for a bullish Chia price prediction. 

Chia Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Token holders are enjoying a short lift at this time as sellers retreat momentarily to avoid falling into a bullish trap. Like other tokens, Chia has come out of the bear market badly bruised, but holders will live to see another day. Here is a summary of the price action: 

Market participants considering buying the Chia coin dip should recognize the resistance cluster hovering above Chia price and the implications of this level. Chia coin has attempted to make a recovery after a 64.08% crash from the New Year token price that makes up this midpoint of the bearish formation. 

Chia Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

Chia price appears to be struggling with a relief rally even after undergoing a sell-off longer than the bear market that has impacted most altcoins. This move is unlike many others that come because of the temporary negative market outlook, but these conditions certainly don’t help the situation. 

Reject at the previous level only made things worse by placing a cap on Chia coin advance after crashing on a retest in November by 57%. So the now remains for a broader market turnaround to breathe new life to the bulls to change fortunes for Chia coin price prediction. 

Chia Price Prediction: Pattern Implication

Holders are heading for a bearish breaker after the 73.07% crash from the resistance barrier at $85.94 revealed the weakness of sellers as losing ground even though the price action shows them in control. This technical formation develops at a critical demand zone from $30 to $60. 

For Chia’s price prediction, the points of concern are $61.80 and $69, where Chia crashed 43.95% to the current trading grounds. So far, Chia is setting up a downward-facing trading range with bulls challenging it at every turn for breakout properties without any luck.

Chia Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

Still, an eventual retest of this breaker has the potential of pulling off a 92.62% rally to the previous support zone from December 2021. Despite the overall bearish market outlook, this coin seems to be bouncing well, which is setting it up for a possible rally to the said level. 

Chia Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

The matter is that the Chia coin makes for a perfect short-term shorting case with very few bullish properties going for it. Moreover, a daily candlestick formation below $30 will invalidate the bullish Chia coin price prediction, further testing the patience of its early adopters. 

However, a seven-day candlestick formation above $59.96 will invalidate the bearish thesis by creating a launch paid for the bearish breaker. Such a move would open the path for bullish Chia crypto price prediction to propel the coin higher and retest the immediate resistance barrier at $85.94. 

Chia Price Prediction: Market Opinion

A few bullish narratives on Chia price prediction have helped lift the stock up to a modest gain as market participants wait to see another wave of seller activity. Looking at the general mood of the market moving forward will be a crucial indicator for Chia coin price prediction. 

Chai Price Forecast for May – June


TradingBeasts Chia price prediction shows the completion of the bullish pattern with a 10% recovery to $52.52. However, despite the bullish outlook on the Chia price forecast for May – June, Chia price could descend momentarily as a headwind kicks in on a positive momentum with the potential of falling to $35.


CoinArbitrage determines Chia might see a 100% correction as its bulls fight back, but this comes after a fall to $31.40. Should the price tank, the Chia price forecast for May – June will open the door of opportunity for long-term holders to eliminate downside risks with buy orders. 

Chia Price for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor Chia coin price prediction looks to the downside with its sights set on further correction to $3.125. On the other hand, Chia’s price could look its gains strength to shy off stiff resistance and target Chia’s price for the rest of the year that scours lower levels for a launching pad. 


DigitalCoin argues that Chia’s price will steam on and end its downtrend with a strong upswing with upside potential at $61.29. Then, the bulls will go on a carnage rally to find support for its Chia price for the rest of the year above $57.44, where the upside potential will manifest itself. 

Chia Price Prediction for the Next Year

PricePrediction Chia crypto price prediction sees the squeeze coming with a $135.57 upside potential breakout offering. Chia will reclaim its footing around this level to keep bulls firmly in control of Chia’s price prediction for the next year, which aims to pop above $198.58.


Gov.Capital predicts tail risk biting back as sellers lean for profit-taking with the possibility of devaluing Chia to $0. As market sentiments worsen, this Chia price prediction for the rest of the year sees more investors falling into a bearish trap with no hope of recovery. 

Cryptocurrency Influencers and Experts

WhenCryptoLambo sees Chia squeezing as near-term uncertainty leans toward a bearish outcome for the coming months. While the forecast sees Chia stuck in a downtrend for the long haul, a test of the demand zone could produce enough bullish power for a Chia price prediction at $2400.

Arashomarpoor suggests Chia coin price prediction flaring on the good news to set up a solid uptrend to aim for a pitstop at $85. After that, the selling pressure could ease as the death cross scares investors away from the current support footing, thereby opening a window of opportunity for further gains. 

Latest News and Happening Concerning Chia

The company behind the Chia coin, Chia Network, is expected to go public through an IPO or merger with a SPAC. So, besides trading its currency, the investor will have the option of trading its stock on an accelerated timeline. This move will make the network the latest in a long list of startups integrating themselves into the traditional financial system. 

Further boosting its profile in world economics and its chia coin price prediction, the Chia network is being taunted as a front-runner in the blockchain applications that could increase the carbon credits market. Any advancement here will see chia coin exposed to a multi-billion dollar market. 

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Chia Price Prediction: The Verdict

There could be a significant tailwind for altcoins in 2022, but Chia could be firm to benefit from this shift. Moreover, the chances are that the Chia network could improve its value proposition moving forward, which will validate the bullish chia price prediction to see a ladder of interest in buy orders. 

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