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Bitget – Meet The World’s Leading Digital Asset Trading Platform

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Mar 14, 2022
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Have you ever heard of a crypto derivatives trading platform that has achieved global success in just a few years? Over 2 million active and satisfied users, innovative and unique trading products, excellent trading functions are just some of the great facts that describe Bitget.

Whether it is the first time you have heard of Bitget, or have already had some experience with it, it is one of the best crypto copy trading platforms in the world. Founded in 2018, it continues its rapid and successful growth in every sense of the word.

As one of the most successful platforms for crypto exchange and sports trading, Bitget has earned a well-deserved epithet as the world’s leading digital asset trading platform with more than 2 million registered users worldwide.


Ranked Top 5 on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

According to its daily trading volume for futures in March 2022, the Bitget platform was ranked Top 5 on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. You are able to follow in our best traders’ footsteps and fulfill all your trading goals, without any prior knowledge or experience.

Partnership with World’s Football and eSports Icons and Organizations

Some of the world’s most successful clubs and organizations have recognized the huge potential of the Bitget platform, as the fastest growing crypto exchange platform, and have decided to partner with it.

Thus, Bitget is partners with the world’s largest football and eSports icons, including:

●       Italian football club Juventus

●       Galatasaray sports club

●       PGL, the Global eSports League

●       Team Spirit eSports Team

What Does the Bitget Platform Consist Of?

Bitget is considered the biggest crypto copy trade platform and the first-ever to feature coin-margined futures with BGB and USDC as the margin. It is the 5th largest derivatives exchange worldwide. In addition, Bitget is a CeFi and DeFi 360 integrated trading platform.

The average trading volume per day is 9.8 Billion. On Bitget, you are also able to find the following:

●       Registered users worldwide

●       Digital asset purchasing services

●       Futures trading

Bitget’s Main Flagship Products

There are several Bitget’s main flagship products available:

●       USDT-Margined Futures

●       One-Click Copy Trade

●       Coin Margined Futures

●       Launchpad

USDT-Margined Futures Product

Bitget is famous for launching the first USDT-margined futures product in the crypto industry. Thus, it is well-known as the first trading platform in the world that includes both USDT-margined futures and Coin-margined futures.

At present, there are more than 40 currencies and 20 product functions. It’s 3rd on the global ranking.

One-Click Copy Trade Product

Another fantastic Bitget product is One-Click Copy Trade. It’s created especially for contract beginners to follow experienced traders in order to open positions with one click.  Beginners can effortlessly earn passive income.

It has attracted more than 17,000 top-class worldwide traders since its launch with a total of 20.45 million orders on the Bitget platform. Traders are able to get up to 8% profit from Copy trade. It’s very user-friendly and includes a high user activity.

In addition to all that there are 8 ranking items to select traders and a million traffic exposure for Star Traders.

Copy Trade Data:

●       Total revenue of traders: $100 Million

●       Supported trading pairs: 20+

●       Total revenue of copies: $120 Million

●       The number of traders: 17,000

●       Total amount invested in copy trade: $840 Million

●       The number of copiers: 80,000

●       The total number of copy trade transactions: $20.45 Million

Coin-Margined Futures Product

Bitget has launched the compelling Coin-Margined futures product. It is known to support one, or more currencies as a margin that enables trading with other coins. This product is known to be very efficient, convenient, and simple to use.

What’s also interesting to understand is that Bitget is the first crypto derivatives exchange platform that supports USDC cryptocurrency as a margin in the industry.

Launchpad Product

Another fantastic product is called Launchpad. It represents a completely new platform that was introduced by Bitget for launching airdrops and projects. The creators of this platform aspired to discover a great number of other quality projects for users with this platform.

Launchpad is also created for users to participate in projects at early stages and also receive rewards from airdrops.

What Are the Available Listing Methods on Bitget?

If you have been wondering what the listing methods are on this platform, you will be pleasantly surprised because there are various methods in question, such as:

●       Direct listing – It enables fast listing and easy trading. It represents the quickest way to be listed on the market. Users love this direct listing because it allows them to trade project tokens with much lower fees.

●       Launchpad – It is famous for its project launches and airdrops reward. The biggest advantage is that it enables early access to premium projects.

●       Launchpool – It attracts maximum traffic and attention. After issuance, tokens on Launchpool can be listed directly on the spot market. Besides that, this method enables project owners who haven’t issued tokens to conduct IEO.

Meet the Asset Management Products

There are two Bitget’s asset management products that you should also be aware of:

●       Staking – As a trader, you are able to stake and earn profits. With staking, you can also increase the retention rate once you allow holders to earn extra money with the help of assets.

●       Liquidity Mining – This product enables traders’ assets to flow safely in the DeFi protocol and enables them to earn profits. It means that you are able to establish a stable passive income.

Where Can I Install the Bitget App?

The Bitget App is available in iOS and Android. You can download the Bitget App through::

●  App Store

●  Google Play

There is 1-on-1 customer support that’s available 24/7 on Bitget and multilingual support that includes the following languages: EN/KR/JP/RU/ES/TR/VI/ID/PT/FR/DE/CN/TC/IT.


Bitget is known as the world’s leading digital asset trading platform that has a first-class professional team of Risk Management and Safety. It is listed on the international third-party safety and security rating agency CER. When it comes to major security vendors, these are:

●       Suntwin Technology,

●       Qingsong Cloud Security,

●       HEAP,

●       Armors

In conclusion, what is important to know is that all your transactions on the Bitget platform will be very secure from any cyber-attacks. As one of the best crypto trading platforms, we sincerely recommend you to try Bitget today!

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