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Best Bitcoin Apps for iOS 2018

Best Bitcoin Apps for iOS 2018

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Jan 14, 2018
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Bitcoin value is growing up with a highly speed day by day. The global marketplace is blowing away due to high volume of transactions realized hour by hour, every day. The competition is growing as well as the number of users is rising up. We are expecting a revolutionary and advanced technology in future time. But, till that day we have a lot to appreciate now.

Are you following all the cryptocurrencies updates? Are you a Bitcoin lover? Even if the answers are negative I am glad to introduce you the Best Bitcoin Apps for iOS phone devices. Let’s start!

Top 5 Bitcoin Apps for iOS 2018


Coinbase is the most recommended application by users and blockchain’s creators. It is the safest way to store your digital currencies. You can also buy and exchange the cryptocurrency with the help of Coinbase platform. The application provides the most complete features for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoins cryptocurrencies.

The benefits of Coinbase application are: the access to the online marketplace– you can buy and sell digital currencies from all over the world, connect bank account– you can trade the Bitcoins easily just adding your bank account, connect credit and debit cards– is the same thing as above with the bank account, you can buy and sell Bitcoins directly with your credit card.

Also, the Coinbase provides for users the opportunity to create your personal wallet account or if you already have an account- to login it. You can compare the prices between cryptocurrencies or see their value evolution. The high security is guaranteed. You are asked to introduce a passcode to protect your profile in case your phone device gets lost or destroyed.

The statistics shows that already 11 million of users have chosen Coinbase application. What are you waiting for? Open your Google Play Store and install the app.

The ICO App

The ICO application is free of charge. It provides a list of existing tokens with direct links to their whitepapers’ page. The really element about this application that impresses is that you get notifications every time tokens sales are starting and close.

The designer had been updated the application with a new section. This one gives exclusive information about different ICOs and cryptocurrency platforms.

So, you will get ICO Alerts, ICO countdown, Full ICO profiles, the possibility to download the official ICO’s Whitepaper, Links to ICO Crowdfund Pages and a lot of information about what’s new in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

You will find the ICO App on Google Play.

Cosmo or Coindex

Cosmo is a digital notebook that keeps in safe all the cryptocurrencies’ statistics. Cosmos is a must-have app for 2018. It shows all the digital currencies in relation to other altcoins. So, basically, it compares the digital currencies’ values. The application answers the following question: Do the cryptocurrencies grow up or not?!

You can also use Cosmo to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies.

The benefits of this application are: multiple portfolios– you can create your own wallet and operate your transactions, market insights– you can calculate the profit or loss of any digital currency, thousands of coins– it’s not about give away, constant updates– this suggests about app’s getting better year by year.

You will find the application on Google Play Store. The application is also free of charge.


The Blockfolio application provides information about cryptocurrencies changes: price, range and percentages. It is a must have application for interested investors.

Installing the Blockfolio app you will have access at the following features: portfolio overview- read official information about each cryptocurrency, price notifications– you can customize to get alerts when the prices of any digital currency is getting higher or lower, charts and orderbook– the interface will bring to you all the market details about any of coins, latest news stories– an online cryptocurrency magazine, support for over 30 exchanges– you have the access at most used exchange platforms, like Coinbase, Bittrex and others and global coverage– you can compare your digital currencies with fiat ones.

You will find the Blockfolio application on Google Play Store.

Bitcoin ATM Map (or CoinATMRadar)

Bitcoin ATM Map is highly useful for those who are in love in cryptocurrency’s technology. It is very simple to use it. Even if the title suggests what is about this app, let us describe it briefly. The Bitcoin ATM Map helps users to find the nearest ATM where they can buy Bitcoins with fiat currency and reverse and to withdraw Bitcoins into fiat currencies. The ATMs also accepts altcoins like Litecoins, Etherum or Dashcoins.

The application will show you on the real map all the ATMs. It will give you also a description with necessary information like address, fees, limits and supported digital currencies.

Many users recommend this application. You can download the Bitcoin ATM Map application from Google Play.

The application is free of charge.

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