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Stuck Withdrawal? How to Resolve Delays at iGaming Platforms

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Apr 17, 2024
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For many reasons, placing a bet while playing an online casino game can be immensely fun. This excitement can be doubled in an instant if a player gets lucky and ends up winning. Even though today’s online platforms do everything they can to make this withdrawal process as simple and fast as possible, things can go wrong every now and then.

When this happens, the excitement of the win can quickly fizzle out and be replaced with feelings of frustration. Naturally, players would rather not deal with stalled or stuck withdrawals, but these things do happen occasionally. If it happens to you, there are a few ways to go about solving the problem.

At both traditional and crypto iGaming sites, delayed casino withdrawals are an unfortunately common concern. Sometimes the fault will lie with the platform itself. Other times, the delay could result from player oversight. This guide aims to help players figure out why the delay might have happened and provides pointers on how to fix it.

Common causes of traditional iGaming withdrawal pauses

So-called “regular” online casinos are different from crypto casinos because they will only offer payment options around conventional credit cards and bank transfers. They’ve been around longer than crypto casinos, which means there’s loads more information online designed to help players deal with delayed casino withdrawals fast. Some of the most common causes for waits include: 

  • Limited withdrawal options
  • Slower payment processing
  • Banking checks
  • Verification delays
  • Chargebacks and reversals

Any of these factors could explain why a withdrawal might be taking longer than expected. Traditional banking establishments must follow strict verification procedures in order to continue operating under their banking licenses. When these checks are the reason why a withdrawal is delayed, patience is a virtue.

Common causes for crypto casino withdrawal holdups

For the most part, crypto casinos pride themselves on offering players much faster withdrawal processing timeframes. This does not mean crypto casino players will never encounter any delays, especially if they’re playing with an obscure coin outside of the 15 best cryptocurrencies currently available. Crypto withdrawal delays could be caused by:

  • Blockchain confirmation times
  • Limited withdrawal options
  • Casino processing
  • Verification wait times

Crypto transactions will almost always rely on blockchain network confirmations. This is quite different to how traditional bank transfers work. Even though there are less verification procedures involved, crypto platforms might need to undergo some verification checks to make sure they stay compliant with AML, or Anti Money Laundering, regulations.

Network congestion might also cause a stall. Bitcoin confirmations in particular can become slower than normal if the network is under strain. Even without congestion, Bitcoin transfer times can vary wildly. Several other factors might also get in the way of a speedy withdrawal. Block time, block size, and transaction fees could all impact how long a transfer takes to happen.

What to do

First of all, don’t panic. Just because a withdrawal is delayed, this does not mean it won’t come through at all. Take a deep breath and remember that many iGaming platforms have their own processing timeframes. They will usually be outlined somewhere on their platform. Before contacting the site’s support team, review these timeframes to see if your wait is taking longer than expected.

It’s also worthwhile to double-check your own request. Are your banking details correct and up-to-date? Are you sure you provided the right crypto wallet address? If everything seems to be in order, now is the time to reach out to the platform’s support staff. Be calm and polite while explaining your issue and keep a record of the conversation.

Not making any headway? You’re not out of options yet. If the delay cannot be remedied via the platform’s help team or the site is being generally unresponsive, players can reach out to the regulatory body overseeing the platform’s day-to-day operations. If nothing else is working, they might be able to investigate further and intervene if necessary.

Remember that getting aggravated about the delay will not make the withdrawal process go faster:

  • Stay calm: Taking your frustrations out on a customer support member will not speed up the process. Maintaining a positive attitude is key. By approaching the issue with grace and understanding, players might find that their issues get resolved faster.
  • Be patient: Withdrawal processes take time. Use that time to do something productive. It’ll happen sooner or later.
  • Learn from it: Understanding how long a process will generally take will make waiting for the next one much less stressful. Or, it might show a player that the site they’ve decided to create an account with just isn’t for them.

If delays and issues are a common problem, it might be time to find a new online casino that has better withdrawal processes in place. To find iGaming platforms offering the best withdrawal services, take a look at reviews and forums. Ask players if they’re having similar issues where they play. Their answers could point you in the direction of a much better site.

In summary

Withdrawal delays are, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of life for casino players. Sometimes, nothing can be done except sit, wait, and make a cup of tea while counting down the seconds for the transaction to go through. By understanding why the delay is happening and working to remain calm and unbothered, gamers will get their problems resolved in no time.

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