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Bee Coin Mining

Bee Coin Mining – A Complete Beginners Guide

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Jun 27, 2022
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The Bee network is gradually becoming an international sensation bringing many mixed feelings to those in the crypto space. Through the Bee Network, crypto enthusiasts have been given a chance to earn themselves free tokens, and all they have to do is wake up every morning and start the Bee coin mining process.

To understand the working procedures of this network, let’s look at how Bee coin mining occurs. 

About Bee Coin Mining

The Bee network is a decentralized infrastructure. It uses blockchain technology whereby its native token is used to power the platform. However, before we get to know more about Bee coin mining, we will look at how this cryptocurrency operates in general. Those who wish to join the Bee network are required to have a referral. 

This is a security measure established by its founders to make sure that only real people are the ones joining the network. Currently, it is Bee’s goal to hit 1 billion users to drive the value of its token to rise. Bee has further incentivized the referral protocol used in bringing new members into the platform. Players who successfully invite others are responsible for verifying their identity. Because of this protocol, there is transparency, authenticity, and security accorded to every member. 

Bee Coin Mining: Bee Network Players

There are three main players in the Bee network, including the miner, the referrer, and the verifier. Every player in the Bee network is considered a miner, as they have the opportunity to mine for tokens within the network at a base rate. They will be required to log into the platform every 24 hours to start the Bee crypto mining process. The next player in the scene is the referrer. 

All mines have the possibility of being referrers. However, one can only gain the status of a referrer after successfully referring someone to join the platform. For every member one has referred, they will earn a percentage base rate as a bonus. The referrer’s role is to make sure that their team members have logged in daily and started the Bee mining process. 

The final player in the Bee coin mining process is the verifier. These members have been tasked with identifying Bee network players. They will agree that they personally know certain Bee members and acknowledge their honesty and ethical ability. Once this is done, they earn an extra amount per verified miner on their team. Therefore, every referral can be a verifier. 

What Is Bee Network?

Most people may not have heard about the Bee network, and those that have still wonder what exactly it is. Bee network can be considered the newest blockchain gaming application that allows its participants to earn Bee tokens right using their mobile phones. Those participating in this gaming experience using the Bee app include miners, verifiers, and referrers. 

The Bee network came into existence with the help of a large team of crypto enthusiasts who, like every other, had a mission and vision for this cryptocurrency. The philosophy these founders ride on is making sure that everyone gets to have a crypto and blockchain experience. Therefore, those who have a smartphone and stable internet access can benefit from mining Bee. 

However, currently, the Bee token has no value; therefore, those mining will be doing so with the hope that it will eventually gain value sometime in the future. Founders of this cryptocurrency anticipate that the value of Bee will grow in the future. They plan to make this happen by ensuring that this gaming network consists of only genuine gamers. 

In the end, once Bee has been listed with other cryptocurrencies in different exchanges, the usability to the public will be made known. We will be reviewing how Bee crypto mining is done and how users can successfully engage in the activity of Bee mining. 

How to Mine Bee – Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Download the Application

Bee Network - Download the Application

Those who wish to participate in Bee coin mining will have to first download the Bee network application from their official website. 

Step 2: Account Registration

Bee Network -  Account Registration

Once the application has been downloaded, they will then be required to register their account using either their phone number or Facebook account. The registration process is rather straightforward, as new users will receive a verification code on their phones registered with their numbers and asked to provide the code. 

Step 3: Referral Code

Bee Network - Referral Code

This is the step that most people find themselves unable to complete. However, to start Bee coin mining, new users will be required to enter a referral code in this stage from someone who is already mining. Since the Bee crypto mining process is referral in nature, someone who is already a referrer usually advises most of those joining the platform. They will, therefore, have the referral code ready during their application. 

Step 4: Start Mining

Once users have entered the code and logged into the account, they will be allowed to begin the Bee coin mining process. During this process, they will be allowed to enjoy different mining rates depending on their player type in the network. The base mining rate is fixed at 1.6 bee/hour, which will later be reduced by half depending on user base growth. 

New miners usually begin their mining at this rate. After growing to the referrer status, they will be earning a 25% base rate as a referral bonus for every active member of their team. Most people push to join the referrer status due to this advantage. 

Finally, verifiers are allowed to earn an extra 0.2 bee/hour for every member that has been verified in their team. The mining process is a rather simple one, as the user will be required to login into the application every day to begin the mining process. The more active the team is, the more referrers and verifiers will earn, 

About Bee Network App

The Bee Network application has been designed for both android and iOS systems. Android users can directly download theirs from the Play Store, while iPhone users will have their apps downloaded from the Appstore. The application’s design is very user-friendly, with an interface that everyone can easily be acquainted with. 

Once logged into the application, the miner can view those within their team and how much they will be earning based on their circle. It should be noted that the more popular a miner becomes, the more the base rate will be reduced by half, as shown in this table:

Less than 100k users

1.6 Bee/hour

  100,000 to 1 million

0.8 Bee/hour

  1 million to 10 million

0.4 Bee/hour

  10 million to 100 million

0.2 Bee/hour

  100 million to 1 billion

0.1 Bee/hour

  1 billion +

0 Bee/hour

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Bee Coin Mining – Conclusion

As reviewed in this article, it is clear that the Bee network has been established on a very stable infrastructure, and it will take just enough people for the token to start gaining value. 

In that case, those who wish to be part of this promising infrastructure can download the Bee Network app and start the process of Bee mining. Notably, the growth of this network is dependent mainly on a referral basis, and therefore, the more one refers others to the network, the more they stand to gain. We hope that you have found everything you wanted to know about bee coin mining.

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