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Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Review – How to Use Airbitz Wallet

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Jun 24, 2018
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About Airbitz Wallet

Airbitz is an online decentralized Bitcoin Wallet. It was designed by Paul Puey and is available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Basically, it allows you to sell, buy and store Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash tokens.

*There is no fee for using Airbitz.

Special features of Airbitz Wallet

The platform allows users to use e-mail and SMS for transferring Bitcoins to their wallet addresses – no need for an intermediate and no complicated processes. Also, anyone can benefit from near-field communication protocols to transfer Bitcoins easier.

Additionally, the wallet lets you use Bluetooth to manage transactions.

How to get started

The process isn’t too complicated, so read the following steps carefully. First of all, you will need to install the application on your mobile version. You will find it on Airbitz’s official website and Google Play.

After installing, click on the “Sign Up” button, and you will be requested to introduce a personal username. Try to create something simple and different from your name.

Afterward, another essential step is to choose the password. Personalize a 4-digit PIN code for your login into account and a private password used to authenticate and change different settings. Don’t forget to save this information.

Your account is now ready, and the first page is providing the wallet balance, your options to buy and sell Bitcoins, to import the Airbitz Gift Card and to buy mobile phone Topups. If you observe these details, you followed the steps correctly.

Note that you need new addresses per each transaction, but this is to secure your account. All you need to do is to click on the“Request” button from the main dashboard, and this will automatically generate your new public address.

How can you add funds to your account?

There is a disadvantage regarding the addition of funds. You can’t make a deposit or attach a card. The platform lets you choose only between two options. The first one is represented by the Glidera platform, from where you can purchase Bitcoins. The second option means using popular exchange platforms that already let users buy Bitcoins with fiat currencies.


The platform itself doesn’t charge you for using it. However, there is a small fee per transaction for maintaining the network’s development.  These vary according to the transferred amount and the network traffic.


Airbitz Wallet is an open source platform, dedicated to buy, sell and store both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash tokens. It has a user-friendly interface and is, perhaps, one of the greatest Bitcoin wallets.

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