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5 Popular Slot Themes to Try at Online Casinos This Year

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Mar 21, 2022
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Every year, the online casino world gets treated to a wealth of new, innovative features. If we’re lucky, we’ll even see an influx of new slot themes. While some of these may go on to be rather popular with players, it is generally the same themes that prove the most popular each year. Playing a slot with a theme that speaks to you is essential if you wish to ensure fun. If you’re not sure where to begin, allow us to enlighten you with our take on the top five popular slot themes you can try at online casinos this year.

Enjoy the Luck of the Irish

First up, where would we be without Irish luck-themed slots? These games may be described as a bit stereotypical. After all, we’re looking at plenty of leprechauns, pints of Guinness, horseshoes, shamrocks, clovers, and more. Bathed in green, the Irish luck slot is typically notable for featuring a few bonus features, not least ones where instant win rounds kick into gear.

Take a Trip to Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is regularly represented in Las Vegas, so it won’t surprise you to learn that many of today’s top slots also take on Egypt as a theme. Most hover around Queen Cleopatra or King Tut, but some, such as Spinomenal’s BTC slots, tend to be a touch more original. Extensive wild symbols, lavish non-progressive jackpots, or even progressive jackpot prizes are not uncommon in these types of games.

The Flavour of Asia

As bettors from across the world play slots – and one of the largest groups of gamblers are Asians – it is not surprising to see Asia-inspired slots online. Most hover around Chinese luck and fortune, although some Japanese geisha, samurai and ninja-inspired releases can be found. Again, these tend to be stereotypical, with firecrackers, lanterns, and reptiles/amphibians aplenty, and tend to feature minimalistic payline structures, but they are unquestionably decent games when it comes to RYP rates.

Branded and Franchised Lead the Way

Branded slots are also hugely popular. These are a genre of slots that include many different games. Some may be themed on television shows, others on movies and some on video games. Either way, branded, officially licensed slots aren’t going to be popular with everyone. They really are an individual experience.

By Hook or By Crook

Theft and heist-themed slots are a mainstay in the online casino. The dark, seedy world of underground crime never fails to draw a crowd. Most hover around a cop and robbers’ type of narrative, but the most distinguishing feature in these games is the safe cracking-style instant win game most carry.

Other Notable Slot Themes

If none of those themes ticked your boxes, don’t worry. Some of the other popular slot themes you can come across this year include fantasy and medieval slots, games themed on pets and pooches, holidays and tropical islands, sports, Halloween, food and as ever, the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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