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30 Seconds and 90% Profit on TurboXBT. Is this Even Real? Yes – Trading Experts Say

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Aug 31, 2021
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The promise of instant profits made by the TurboXBT team has been brought alive with the launch of the trading platform, and anyone can register in a few steps to begin trading right away. The proliferation of various trading engines or money making ventures which fail to deliver on their promises has caused investors to become skeptical about the few innovative and tested platforms with inherent potential.

The TurboXBT trading engine is one of these few game changing platforms which offers up to 90% instant profits on a single trade. The platform has an entirely different proposition compared to existing options in that it offers traders the opportunity to speculate on short-term changes in the prices of assets using synthetic trading contracts. 

The functionality of the TurboXBT platform and its pioneering strides in bringing short term contract trading to the market has positioned it on the right track to rank amongst the most elite of trading engines around today. This projection, though ambitious, is highly feasible with a number of features the exchange brandishes. Let us go over these and see how the TurboXBT platform works in practice.

TurboXBT Core Features

At the heart of every crypto project are the underlying features that distinguish them from competitors. While TurboXBT does not have a direct competitor per its product niche, it has developed its platform with the following features to give a unique trading experience to all of its users;

  • Trading With No Fees: The platform levies no fee, however, blockchain network fees on deposits and withdrawals may apply. The no-fee incentive helps users maximize their capital and earnings on the platform.
  • Guaranteed Privacy: TurboXBT do not require KYC to get onboard, giving users an additional trust in the safety of their personal data.
  • Simplicity, Style and Speed: The TurboXBT did not sacrifice any of these features, as the design of the platform is built to give a unique user experience with a fast trade execution. Parts of the simplicity being brandished are the defined profit and risk expectations which are provided before a trader takes a position. Users are not confused on what to expect by using the TurboXBT platform.
  • Demo Account: Every new registration comes with a demo account with tradable USD $1,000. With this cash, users can practice how to trade on the platform, risk free.
  • Unlimited Deposit Amount: Users are not in any way limited when it comes to their deposits, and withdrawals. It is possible to make deposits with any amount in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDC, and USDT respectively.

The TurboXBT platform supports 17 assets and 38 trading pairs. More assets will be supported in the coming months.

So How Does the Platform Work?

The journey to earn from TurboXBT begins with a simple registration process involving just your email address and password. Once this is done, you will need to fund your account with either of the assets supported for deposit, and you will be good to go.

To place the first trade, the user will have to select the asset pair to trade, for example, the BTC/USD pair. A suitable time frame that is visible on the chart interface is then chosen. This can either be 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5, 10 or 15 minutes respectively. Once this is done, the trade is executed by clicking either the green UP button to bet on the upward trend or the red DOWN button to bet on price falls.

Trade winnings are dependent on whether the traded pair gained or lost in value within the set time limit. 

How Is the 90% Profit Feasible?

The feasibility of earning up to 90% on a single trade can be showcased from a simple calculation. However, it is worthy of note that every supported trading pair comes with varying payout rates. 

As shown in the image above, the BTC/USD pair currently has a payout rate of 75 to 90%. This range implies the earnings can fall in between either of these figures if the trade goes in the direction the trader bets on within the specific timeframe. Let’s imagine a trader enters into an UP contract for the BTC/USD pair with a $1,000 capital for 5 minutes and the price of Bitcoin surges upward within that time. If the trader earns 75% profit, the extra cash will be $750 and a 90% profit will come in at $900 respectively. Prior to executing the trade, the proposed payout in terms of percentage will be displayed beforehand and the winnings are credited into the account immediately.

Utilizing the TurboXBT trading engine should not be based on speculation alone. Traders should enter a position only after conducting due diligence per the trading pair’s fundamentals and technical aspects before executing the short term contracts.

Key Takeaways

Experts that have used the TurboXBT platform both during the trial phases and since the platform was launched have attested to its potential to help maximize earnings. The platform has a demo for trials, and an appreciation of the exchange can be had risk free. Hop aboard right away, and be an early beneficiary of the promising TurboXBT exchange.

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