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What Are the Safe Ways to Fund Your Online Casino Account?

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Apr 16, 2020
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Some people don’t have a local casino they can visit on a regular basis, others prefer avoiding the crowds and playing online while there are also those individuals that are always on the go and playing games on their portable devices is the most convenient option. Regardless of your reason for joining an online casino, if you’re a first-timer, you might not be sure about where to start. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the rules by reading the terms and conditions of a particular website and ensuring you are protecting your information and obeying the local laws, you should also know how to put funds into your account in order to be able to play. Listed below are the best methods to stay safe with your hard-earned coin.

Research the Casino in Question

Seeing as how you will be putting your money in their hands, it’s important to do proper research when it comes to the casino you are planning to join. The first thing that you must do is check whether they are licensed and read some reviews to see other people’s experiences. Once you are sure you can trust them, then you can go through their rules concerning payments and see what payment options they offer.

Learn More About the Available Payment Methods

When looking for the best payment methods in online casinos, it’s essential to consider all alternatives at your disposal. Most casinos offer a wide variety of options that you can choose from and in case you don’t see anything you like, it might be best for you to look for another website.

Debit and Credit Cards

While there are many new payment options available nowadays, something that most people have access to easily are debit and credit cards. That makes them the number one choice among gamblers when it comes to depositing money into their casino account. If you have a Visa or MasterCard card, you should have absolutely no problems making a deposit, as they are available in almost all countries and are sometimes the only option individuals have.


Another method that has become very popular in the last few years is eWallet. This approach made it easy to send and receive money over the internet and a lot of people are taking advantage of the ease of transaction that it allows. One of the main benefits of using this method is the fact that your information is safe with the eWallet service you choose and you don’t have to give it directly to the casino operator – in most cases, your email is enough. For example, PayPal is available in almost 200 countries but might be available in only the major casinos. Then, there are also Skrill and Neteller which are more popular among gamblers and more widely accepted among online operators. Apple Pay is another option if you have an iPhone and a registered Apple ID.

Prepaid Cards

In case you are not sure you will be able to stop yourself from going over your budget, you can consider ordering a prepaid card and putting the desired amount on it. Skrill and Visa offer this option while the most widely accepted alternative is the Paysafecard card. It is a completely anonymous and safe transaction that lets you make electronic transfers without having to provide a bank account, credit card or eWallet.

Online Banking Transfers

While this is not available everywhere, there are certain services that allow players to connect their bank account directly to the casino where they are playing and deposit their money that way. For example, in Canada, iDebit and InstaDebit are supported by several banks and allow an individual to deposit or withdraw money from an online casino. Then you have Giropay, which is a similar service that is mostly used on European casino sites. Another hugely popular alternative is Trustly.

Wire Transfer

Also known as bank transfers, these allow you to deposit funds to your casino account directly from your bank account. While this option is a bit outdated, it is possible; it just means you might have to wait a bit longer for the money to get transferred.



Finally, if you’re looking for a way to stay anonymous and not share any banking details with the casino, you can consider cryptocurrency – if you own any, that is. Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum are all usually available on websites so think about that as well.

Choose the Option That Suits You Best

Now that you are aware of all the options, you need to understand the transaction fees that are included, how long the transaction will take, and whether there are any limits and restrictions. Check with your bank or eWallet and your casino of choice to make sure nothing catches you off-guard.

As you can see, there are many methods at your disposal and all of them are perfectly safe if you do your research properly. Whether you choose to use your credit or debit card, an eWallet service or cryptocurrency, as long as you are playing on a credible site, your information and funds should be safe. Click here for more information on online slot sites.

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