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Gamdom Looking for Talented Developers

As Gamdom is constantly seeking to better its platform for the experience of its users, the company is now on the lookout for new developers. They want to expand their team with talented front-end and back-end developers that can help with the functionality and maintenance of their online casino.

If you can code in React.js and Node.js, and speak fluent English as well, you are an eligible candidate for their development team. Those that will be hired will contribute to the creation of new software products and manage technical trials.

Interested applicants can send an email to the following address to find out more regarding the position [email protected].

Gamdom General Information is one of the top online casinos and is dedicated to skin gambling. Players are able to use their CSGO skins, VGO skins, Dota 2 skins, and Bitcoin and convert them into gambling currency in order to win free coins and bonuses.

You do not have to worry about the fairness and legitimacy of this site, as it is licensed and it has a provably fair policy under which it offers safe and secure gambling.

Each game can be verified for fairness by any user at any time. They just have to enter the SHA 256 hash of the game to check its validity.

The Features Offered by Gamdom

Engaging Games

Gamdom has four game modes that allow users to gamble with Bitcoin, VGO & vIRL items, CSGO skins, and Dota 2 skins. In order to play the games, the deposited skins are first converted into Gamdom coins, a virtual currency used in the platform’s games.

The website lets users gamble their skins in four games: Tradeup, Roulette, Crash, or HiLo. The interface design and the games are of great quality and engage the users with many sounds and visuals.

Free Coins and Bonuses

Gamdom features various giveaways and bonuses for its users:

  • Rainbot

Rainbot is the feature which sets this CSGO betting site apart from the competition. This bonus feature involves a bot that automatically distributes coins to active chat users and is given out on a recurrent basis every 2-28 minutes. The prizes of each user depend on the bets he has made until then.

The bonus can be claimed by clicking on the cloud-shaped pop-up in the chat, and it can be increased with 50% by attaching “” to any name.

  • Daily Bonuses

Daily rewards are allocated to users with verified accounts and they depend on the account’s Level. Gaining XP points increases your account’s level and, as a result, you can receive more coins in the daily rewards.

Accounts can be verified by using your phone via SMS verification.

  • Giveaways

Gamdom hosts many contests and giveaways on its social media accounts in which it rewards all users and followers. The participants just have to accomplish simple tasks, such as following their Twitter or Instagram official page or share a tweet.

  • Bonus Jackpot Rounds

This CSGO betting site features bonus rounds for its progressive jackpots. The Crash Jackpot is given to Crash game players, with a big percentage of the pot being given to the winner. The rest of the jackpot is distributed amongst the rest of the players.

The HiLo and Roulette Jackpots operate on similar principles. Users that play one of the games are able to either win first place and take most of the jackpot or get a lower percentage of the pot. The difference with these two jackpots is that the distribution of the pot depends on which colors and cards you have betted in the game.

Skin Trading

Gamdom’s Tradeup game is ideal for players looking to engage in CSGO trading. Users are able to trade a set amount of coins for a skin on the platform’s marketplace.

The chances of winning a Tradeup game are calculated based on the betted sum and the cost of the skin on which you have placed the wager.

If you win, the skin can be later sold back to claim a 5% bonus, or you can withdraw it. There is also the option to continue upgrading the item with an increased chance for the next tradeup.

All Games Are Provably Fair

Gamdom is a provably fair skin gambling site. The company has allocated a separated server to verify each game, and it also generated a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes.

The hashes of the game results are publicly available, so users can check if any modifications have occurred during past results.

The results of all future games are programmed by the cryptographic distributions of the SHA 256 function. All games can be verified by entering the SHA256 hash. This proves that Gamdom is not capable of changing any of the results and that they are fair casino operators.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

The platform allows users to make deposits in Bitcoin, VGO, vIRL items, and CSGO and DOTA 2 skins instantaneously. Withdrawals are executed just as quick after the betting requirements have been made. Users have to navigate to the “Marketplace” section and select the amount of skins or Bitcoins they want to withdraw.

When withdrawing using Bitcoin, the transfer is made faster, and there are no additional fees added to the transaction process. If there are times when the withdrawal process is slower, this is because of the blockchain network’s traffic which has nothing to do with Gamdom.

Helpful Support Team

The support staff of Gamdom can be contacted through three addresses for normal, technical, and marketing support. The support team responds quickly to any problems users might encounter with their account or questions regarding bonuses.

Players can also access the site’s FAQ section in order to find answers concerning platform games and bonuses.

Gamdom is a trustworthy and provably fair online casino for VGO, Dota 2, vIRL, and CSGO skin gambling and trading. Bitcoin holders can also use their crypto funds to gamble and get a chance to multiply their holdings on this gambling website.

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