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Turn Up the Heat with BC GAME – Are You Ready to Sign Up?

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Mar 21, 2022
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Just when you thought BC GAME couldn’t get any better, it did, with the launch of the best Bitcoin sportsbook online! Upholding their brand of class and efficiency, the BC GAME sportsbook offers its players a quality platform to indulge in their favorite sports games. 

But before we get into the details of the BC GAME sportsbook, let’s take a look at what other advantages the site has to offer. 

BC GAME Casino Accomplishments

Being the number one Bitcoin casino, BC GAME has achieved more than most, ticking all the boxes needed to win big. The most known feature of the site is the heightened security and entertainment it provides, and that is all thanks to the incorporated software and protocols.

BC GAME holds a Curacao licensing with recognition from the Crypto Gaminling Association, along with the integration of all the latest protocols, encryptions, and codings, making it one of the most trusted and legit Bitcoin casinos online. 

In the entertainment department, BC GAME also shines, with more than 10,000+ games on the books, created by the best software developers in the games. Most recently, The quality was expanded with the launch of BC GAME 3.0, which brought updates to rewards, bonuses, and lucky spins, and the addition of the sportsbook! 

Updates To BC GAME

SPORTSBOOK: Kitted out with the best sports games and events, the BC GAME sportsbook offers competitive odds, paired with the best bonuses. 

BCD Upgrade: Unlocking BCD just got easier, with even better returns. Be sure to Utilize BC GAME casino’s very own token to enjoy the site to its max potential. 

RAIN Upgrade: BC GAME now has two features. The ‘Rare-win Rain’ and ‘Crash Rain’ which offer more rewards. 

LUCKY SPIN Upgrade: If you are a BC GAME player, chances are you have heard of the daily free spins. With the launch of BC GAME 3.0, you can now enjoy even more rewards than before. 

The BC GAME Sportsbook

Besides all the other successes, BC GAME has just launched its biggest adventure yet, the BC GAME sportsbook, besides all the other successes. The sporting options include Soccer, FIFA, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, eCricket, Handball, Table Tennis, NBA 2K, eFighting, eTennis, Rocket League, Baseball, Aussie Rules, Rugby, Boxing, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, MMA, Futsal, and many others. 

On top of the lengthy sports list, BC GAME sportsbook offers access to betting on tournaments like NBA, NHL, ATP Indian Wells, USA, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and many others. 

Are You Ready to Sign Up?

BC GAME has plenty to offer, from the sportsbooks to the games, this gambling site provides a platform of pure excellence. To kick start your play into higher gear, try out the newly launched BC GAME 3.0 filled with ways to win. To get registered, all you need to do is go to the bc.game site and click sign up, and within moments you’ll be part of the team. 

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