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TRIBTC Will Launch Its Peer-to-Peer Crypto Options Platform

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Jan 16, 2020
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TRIBTC Launches Its Live Peer-to-Peer Crypto Options Platform on January 20th, 2020!

TRIBTC, the world’s first platform offering Bitcoin settled peer-to-peer crypto options trading, announces the launch of the live trading environment.

After the successful beta testing period, TRIBTC’s team, with the help of its community of beta testers, professional and amateur traders will finally launch the live crypto options trading platform on Monday, 20.01.2020.

TRIBTC’s development team acknowledges the security challenges of emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency and approached the matter seriously by conducting a series of internal and third-party security audits in order to assure that users and their funds are always safe.

The project’s team considers that the Peer-to-Peer crypto options trading approach represents a transparent and innovative way for users to trade against each other, and is working on implementing soon a very popular feature, the Touch/No Touch trading method. Touch/No Touch trading method is a powerful tool for any trader and most probably this new feature will be launched until the end of February 2020.
The team has also created a video tutorial with the platform’s features, which allows users to have full experience within the trading environment. The video also details how you can trade against other users by matching their trades, and we encourage everybody to watch it for a detailed description of the platform’s details.

Every day, people ask us, “how long have you been in operation for?” Or “what is your main business idea?”
We responded, “the idea of creating this platform appeared because of classic binary options platforms, where traders bet against the broker, are prone to fraud and hence banned by regulators in many jurisdictions.”

Many binary option outlets have been exposed as fraudulent. This type of platform uses its own index price while also manipulating it to their own advantage and also drastically reduce payouts with predatory fees and practices.

Continued, “our innovative approach allows users to trade against each other, or join trades other users place, this way bringing together for the first time the peer-to-peer concept with binary options trading for cryptocurrency pairs, thus eliminating the possibility of foul play that happens on traditional binary options sites where trading is done against the broker.”

Everybody knows a bad reputation the classic binary options trading sector has earned. This happened because the greedy brokers manipulate their software in order to gain their desired outcomes or block the withdrawal processes or even drastically reduce payouts with predatory fees. TRIBTC works in the opposite way, by providing a transparent peer-to-peer trading environment, absolute privacy, high-grade security, multiple types of trading and transaction execution options, professional trading experience and a high-grade matching engine.

Starting Monday 20.01.2020, users will have the possibility to benefit from TRIBTC’s Referral Program, which earns 2.5% from every trade the referred users make on TRIBTC.
We encourage users to understand TRIBTC’s peer-to-peer binary options trading system and consider it for what it really is, the simplest method of trading.

As with any other kind of trading, crypto options trading is a high-risk high-reward investment. The options, futures and stock markets may move in a different way than predictions, so there are risks of investment loss. For those reasons, TRIBTC recommends the studying of technical and fundamental analysis of the markets, the pattern movements, indicators, price action, and many other instruments to have a much better chance to achieve positive results.

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