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The Pros and Cons of Legalization of Sports Betting in the US

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Aug 10, 2019
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After PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) was struck down in 2018 by the United States Supreme Court, it is no surprise that discussions over the pros and cons of such a decision are being carried in full swing. Betting on its own is a taboo subject, when it comes to sports betting, although it doesn’t carry the same stigma, it worries the general public about the involvement of the youth.

Because of the legalization law, millions of potential revenue is projected to be made through the states’ venturing into sports betting. No one would want a billion-dollar revenue stream to not be a profit to the state, which was why many people persuaded the legalization of sports betting. Especially New Jersey, who fought for eight years for PASPA to be disintegrated.

One year after the PASPA was struck down, sports betting was legalized or was in process in 12 jurisdictions outside of Nevada – eight of them passed new legislation to authorize the legalization of sports betting. The remaining four already had some of the rights from when PASPA was introduced in 1992 – so they were allowed sports betting after PASPA was struck down – with not much of a hassle.

While the cons are surrounded by socio-economic concerns, the pros are built on the same. Implications are what separate them, and the way things are moving, we see big profits making sports betting that much more important part of our economy. Whether you are in favor or not, it is here to stay and only seems to expand its reach in the future.

You want to steer clear of it or use it to your advantage is again personal preference. Staying updated through sites such as that provide all the information needed about the ways to bet and legalization etc. might give you more insight to add to your stance regarding the topic.

One of the main concerns that the general public seems to have in this discussion is that how are we equipped to help gambling addicts. Addiction to the act was one of the reasons that gambling and betting have always been frowned upon by the masses. Legalization gives people with the potential of putting everything on the line a wide berth to do so because they fear no repercussions other than losing everything they have.

College football is one of the major focuses of sports gambling why is why it also has people concerned. It has the potential to cause a financial disparity in college football. People wonder how pro leagues and the NCAA will regulate gambling among its players and staff – because let’s face it – people with the most knowledge about a game are the people who play it or who handle it and they would want to make profits too.

On the other hand, sports betting on college football is what a majority of Americans want and enjoy – it is more competitive and more personal for people. So, the revenue generated helps the state financially. Most people believe that – all the pros boil down to the revenue this venture generates because every advantage comes from the flow of potential revenue. And this point is valid all things concerned!

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