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The First Cryptocurrency Scanner Is Now Available

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Mar 13, 2019
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Katowice, Poland – Startup has launched a new, revolutionary tool that supports trading on cryptocurrencies – Cryptoscanner. We are proud to announce that this complex, real-time scanner browsing thousands of currencies and dozens of markets is now available.

Cryptoscanner: Benefits for traders

Cryptoscanner, a cryptocurrency market scanner, is a comprehensive tool that checks information and allows its filtering. Users can set hundreds of data filtering combinations, for example in terms of volume, technical analysis, candlesticks charts or price volatility. The scanner works in real time. It scans 30 markets, data on 1,215 cryptocurrencies listed on 18 exchanges all over the world, which are the most popular among investors in cryptocurrencies.

Information search takes a fraction of a second for the scanner. As a result, the trader obtains in real time and as quickly as possible the fullest information necessary for his investment strategy. The scanner is the largest such tool available on the market. This is its first version.


Cryptoscanner’s personalized workspace

The great advantage of using Cryptoscanner is the ability to use both predefined windows, developed by experienced traders, as well as customized workspace windows. The user can configure any windows by selecting options such as:

  • Stock exchanges for scanning (e.g. Bitbay, Binance)
  • Markets for scanning (e.g. … / ETH, … / BTC)
  • Filters selected from those available in the database
  • Alerts selected from those available in the database
  • Cryptocurrency data symbols, if the user wants to scan information only on certain currencies.

The created personalized workspace window is added to the scanner’s workspace and the user can browse the data filtered based on the selected criteria.

Cryptoscanner – a tool created by and for traders is the first startup to launch such a powerful and real-time data scanner on the Polish market. “The scanner was created with the crypto traders in mind so that they do not waste time on manual analysis and browsing events on the market. With Cryptoscanner, within milliseconds they will receive information that interests them as part of their trading strategy” – says Tomasz Przybycień, co-founder of Algory and a professional trader. The launch of a tool to scan information supporting trading on the cryptocurrency market put Algory in the position of one of the most important players in this industry.

Free access

Currently, the use of Cryptoscanner is free of charge, as well as the use of the news aggregator. All you need to do is register a Premium 1 account, log in and you can access the full functionality of both tools.

Ultimately, when the trial period ends, the use of the scanner and aggregator will be charged. Algory in 2018 issued ALG tokens, with the help of which payments will be handled on the site. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe will trade ALG tokens – the start of quotations and more details about payments will be provided in separate press releases in due time. For now, traders can enjoy free access to advanced tools that support investing in the cryptocurrency market.

About Algory

Algory is a startup based in Katowice in Poland. It offers tools for active crypto traders, starting with flagship products including an advanced cryptocurrency scanner called Cryptoscanner and a crypto news aggregator, which was designed for the most active traders.

Check out for free Cryptoscanner and Cryptocurrency News Aggregator:

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