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Ternoa: Rising NFT Blockchain Releases New Launchpad for Exciting Early Stage Participation in Quality DApps

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Jan 20, 2022
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Today, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are taking the world by storm. Each day new NFT innovations are introduced, yet they still have not reached their full potential. Ternoa, the augmented NFT blockchain, is bringing the future of NFTs by adding unique utility and actions to them. Thanks to their technology, unlimited use cases for decentralized data encryption, long-term storage, augmented content and VR room access granting, and much more within an NFT are now possible.

A Successful First Year

In just one year, Ternoa has already made great strides in becoming internationally known and showcasing their current technology:

  • The Ternoa Wallet App downloaded over 60k times, with over 30k daily users, released in May, 2021;
  • The SecretNFT Marketplace DApp, offering artists the opportunity to protect their work with unique augmented NFT features, launched in May, 2021;
  • The Tiime Engine DApp, a crypto faucet incentivising users to interact with Ternoa’s social media, with over 30,000 daily users.  Released also in May, 2021;
  • Ternoa incorporated the metaverse into the project’s ventures, successfully using their NFTs as a key to enter private VR worlds and events;
  • Grew their community to over 160,000 members across all social medias;
  • 200 full nodes made available for pre-registration, all claimed within the first 30 minutes;
  • Made over 50 major international partnerships with VCs such as DFG, Master Ventures, and Morningstar Ventures; blockchain partnerships with Binance NFT, Elrond, Polygon, and more;
  • Released the first few of many real-world use cases of augmented NFTs, collaborating with celebrities such as comedian Kyan Khojandi and K1 fighter Jerome Le Banner, offering limited augmented NFTs to their fans holding special content within, for example VIP tickets, or the chance to meet them in person.

In September 2021, Ternoa launched its testnet, allowing users to test the current features having been created on the blockchain. This has been a great success:

  • Over 100k NFTs were minted by Ternoa Wallet users
  • 98 nodes were launched on Ternoa testnet across the globe
  • 30+ NFT Marketplaces were created from Ternoa’s online model by our community members

Yet, it doesn’t end there. Ternoa is still releasing major innovations before its mainnet launch at the end of Q1 2022. One being their Labs, Capsule Corp Labs (CCL), in charge of specially screening and selecting DApp proposals to launch on the Ternoa blockchain. The CCL team chooses the most virtuous projects for the Ternoa ecosystem in terms of scalability, transaction volume, and usefulness for future DApp users. So far, over forty different proposals have been sent to CCL, seven of which are currently being built and preparing for Ternoa’s next major innovation, their Launchpad.

Ternoa Launchpad, Offering Early Stage Participation in High-Quality Projects

The Ternoa Launchpad, released on January 20th, 2022, is their new platform offering users the ability to invest in the early stages of innovative DApps to be launched on the Ternoa blockchain. As previously mentioned, these DApps are specially selected and heavily vetted by the Capsule Corp Labs and Ternoa team. The platform offers daily airdrops with a very simple hold-to-earn system, including an NFT lottery. 

To start earning today, all users need is to connect the address of a non-custodial wallet that holds at least 10,000 CAPS (Ternoa’s native token) and the address of their Ternoa Wallet app to the Launchpad platform, and the rest is done automatically! No need to do any extra actions, the Ternoa Launchpad was created with the ease of the user in mind, along with the ambition to add value to their upcoming DApps and CAPS token.

Each month, there will be a new DApp added to the Ternoa Launchpad, offering its own daily airdrop lasting up to 300 days, with the opportunity to multiply the airdrop earnings depending on how many CAPS (ETH or BSC) you hold and for how long. For example, after one year you can be claiming daily airdrops from 12 different projects by only holding your CAPS in a wallet.

In regards to the option of multiplying one’s airdrop earnings, Ternoa has included a ranking system. This includes 7 reward levels, each unlocking a certain multiplier of the airdrop. For example, Level 1 requires the holding of at least 10,000 CAPS, and earns the basic airdrop. Go all the way up to level 7 where you need to hold a minimum of 2.5 million CAPS, you can expect a x7 on the daily airdrop, and more chances at winning an NFT through the project’s NFT lottery.

Each project will also offer a ticket drop with NFTs holding a certain amount of tokens within. Ternoa will reward those who hold a large amount of CAPS by distributing 200 special tickets in the form of an NFT that will highly increase the amount of tokens a holder can receive.

More details can be found on the launchpad platform’s FAQ page.

Just the Beginning
With new DApps to be released on the Launchpad, mainnet launch insight, and more major partnerships to come, Ternoa has an exciting year ahead! Offering unlimited use cases covering all sectors from securing businesses’ private data, to new-age video games, the general public’s use, even metaverse-oriented solutions, and more, Ternoa’s augmented NFTs are just getting started. Stay up to date on this project’s next major steps and announcements by following their Twitter

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