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REQ Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Jun 1, 2022
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This crypto payment processing powerhouse is coming off a particularly challenging trading period, with REQ price prediction giving the perfect excuse to go bargain hunting. Instead, the token has churned out double-digit losses, and its current trading around a significant buy zone.

REQ crypto price prediction faces stiff headwinds these days, to be sure. But market participants believe this token has the wherewithal to come out ahead once the bear season subsides and market conditions improve for the long haul. With that said, here is the complete Request price prediction:

REQ Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of making this REQ crypto price prediction, REQ crypto was trading at $0.124372 according to data available on REQ crypto is a token not getting its due from the market, particularly since the network is sporting an impressive market cap of $96.3 million, fully diluted to the same figure. 

The token has enjoyed a broad pop in trading volume, which showed that decision-makers are willing to adopt an aggressive but flexible touch on REQ crypto. Much of what traders have done with their tokens has been largely expected given the situation with the rest of the market, but Request price prediction remains intact. 

While the recent price action reinforces what has largely weighed on cryptos in 2022 – that BTC will continue to tighten its dominance – REQ’s seemingly strong fundamentals help assuage the fear that another downturn on BTC could drive this token to previously untested levels. Here is the technical analysis: 

REQ Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Strategists are looking for signs of a recovery that could last. In a trading session, REQ crypto went on the offensive as bulls attempted to stage robust and widespread gains towards the Request price prediction, but the effort failed as REQ felt the effects of the larger bull market. Here is a summary of the price action:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
April 2022$0.251567$0.186405$0.326148
March 2022$0.220102$0.251535$0.302772
February 2022$0.229340$0.220123$0.311204
January 2022$0.372178$0.229315$0.410585
December 2021$0.450441$0.372105$0.882617
November 2021$0.204872$0.451980$1.081388
October 2021$0.180791$0.204880$0.348315

The current trading level stands between REQ crypto and $1. REQ crypto could face at least two significant barriers on the match upward, and breaching these hurdles will allow REQ to rally by 85%. However, rejection of the said barriers will lead to a significant downswing to test historical support floors.

REQ Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

Interested market participants should look to capitalize on this current support foothold to stake their sentiments on REQ crypto. Whichever way REQ crypto price prediction will follow from this moment on, one thing is clear: REQ is at a make or break point with far-reaching consequences. 

The token faces a decision as it knocks on the doors of a foothold that has anchored the stellar performance that say REQ broke the $1 barrier in the previous year. With a stacked barrier waiting ahead, clearing this blockade is the only way for a bullish Request price prediction to manifest. 

REQ Price Prediction: Pattern Analysis

Request token price bounced off the $0.08636 support foothold during the recent sell-off in the second week of May. This barrier served as a significant source of buying pressure, allowing a small recovery. As a result, REQ has rallied 108.77% from this low at $0.08636 to $0.18625. 

Interestingly, the advance was slowed down as it approached $0.2, but not before it validated a bullish, short-term REQ price prediction. For obvious reasons, traders began booking profits here, and the selling pressure increased and reduced the bullish momentum sending REQ tumbling down by 43.77% to where it is trading.

REQ Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

So, the REQ crypto price will need to produce a daily candlestick close above $0.11489 to reveal a resurgence of buyers. In such a Request price prediction, the flip of a significant resistance hurdle at $0.16626 into a support floor will allow for a sidelined investor to gain confidence in the market and step in. 

REQ Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

Such a bullish REQ crypto price prediction could be key in propelling REQ crypto by 78.96% to retest the immediate hurdle at $0.2. However, while the bullish outlook is preferred, REQ price needs to flip several hurdles that have managed to hold back the buyers for four consecutive weekly candlesticks. 

Insufficient buying pressure will lead to rejection, sending REQ tumbling below the $0.08636 support level. Here, market participants will have another go at staging a comeback by collecting liquidity resting below. However, a seven-day daily candlestick close below the barrier will open the path for a test of $0.06. 

REQ Price Prediction: Market Opinions

A recovery bust from BTC helped nudge REQ crypto towards the bullish turf and was just what investors needed to hold a favorable outlook on REQ price prediction. However, the REQ token is edging ever nearer to bear territory, leaving investors to play it safe as far as predictions are concerned. 

REQ Price Forecast for May-June


TradingBeasts REQ price prediction sees the recovery staggering, but the long-term outlook is positioned for massive gains. The relief rally will reach $0.17581 but drop as the bear deliver a decisive blow, but bulls will stage an effort to REQ price forecast for May – June at $0.21976.


CoinArbitrage eyes more consolidation before popping 3%, where buyers have an opportunity window to capitalize on the relief rally. The bulls will persist in regaining the REQ price forecast for May – June at $0.11691, where investors can post gains after the breakout. 

REQ Price for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor REQ crypto price prediction has bulls staging a return to bullish territory with a recovery to $0.293. As tail risk evaporates, this analysis of REQ price for the rest of the year projects momentum picking upstream to liquidate bears on the way to attempting a break above $1.


DigitalCoin projects a spike in bullish momentum awaiting REQ crypto at the retest of the support floor, even though the token price looks dead. REQ price for the rest of the year readies to kick-start the rally at $0.16, with growth aiming to end after hitting the target at $0.18. 

REQ Price Prediction for the Next Year

PricePrediction Request price prediction sets the scene for a blowout to $0.23, pending a resistance barrier conversion at $0.15. According to the REQ price prediction for the next year, where REQ crypto goes from this point spells a major recovery where the bulls rule.


Gov.Capital spells out a recovery ahead for the REQ token and spells trouble for market participants taking a short position. Through persevering effort, this REQ price prediction for the next year gained momentum to tag $0.4039, where $2 could be the way to go in a five-year timeframe. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

In-depth forecast an 80% pop once REQ crypto price hits rock bottom. As such, traders will have to wait a little longer for the token to collect liquidity resting below the current foothold, a point where REQ would explode. The REQ price prediction is underpinned at $2. 

UnknownUnicorn sees REQ consolidating on mixed sentiments before the bullish momentum morphs into a barrier piercing machine to stop the downturn and woe sidelined buyers into the market. As investors look to capitalize on REQ crypto price prediction, they could anchor their strategy on a test of $9.5. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning REQ

The team behind REQ crypto recently broke ground on a new exchange listing in the first quarter of 2022 by listing on WhiteBIT in April and BitPanda in the same month. This development now brings more investors on board to hedge REQ tokens against major currencies like BTC and USDT. 

Already, the impact of these listings also includes Coinbase, Binance,, and more, with April seeing an increase of 65% in transaction volumes. In addition, the number of REQ wallet registrations also saw an impressive increase from the previous month, bringing the cumulative payment on the network to $200 million. 

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REQ Price Prediction: Verdict

Upside in 2022 does not appear to be included in the REQ price prediction, but that may not last long. Request token has a long streak of staging massive gains and is well-established in ramping up the performance of its business model and fortress-like fundamentals. As a result, it is positioned to deliver another year of growth. 

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