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Recently Launched DApp Development Platform Bunzz Hits 1,000 Users

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Apr 12, 2022
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Recently launched DApp development platform Bunzz has taken over app development platform by a storm with over 1,000 registered users, barely two months after it was launched on Product Hunt.

According to the company’s report, approximately 30-40 new developers have been registering on the platform each day, with over 10,000 users expected by the end of 2022.

Already, over 500 DApp projects have been deployed, making it one of the largest DApp development platforms in the Asian region.

In terms of user distributions by region, India has the largest number of users, followed by Nigeria, Japan and the United States, confirming reaching a global market.

The company is now competing with Silicon Valley services such as Thirdweb and Hyperverse, which have been leading the way in overseas DApp development platforms.

Among other aspects that have given the company an upper hand in the app development platforms is the fact that it does not only have all the major sought-after smart contracts needed for DApp development, but they are also already audited, so there is no extra cost involved to ensure their security.

Besides, users can upload their own smart contracts as modules and manually connect them to the modules provided by Bunzz. They can also edit and deploy it.

They can also be compiled and deployed to the blockchain, and include all of the features that software engineers require and are looking for in order to develop Web3-related services.

Currently, the company is in the process of designing a tokenomics where Bunzz’s proprietary tokens will be paid to module developers and to verified developers who perform security audits on the user modules.

Also, the company seeks to implement a marketplace for smart contract modules and provide a composable environment where modules developed by other users can also be used.

Notably, DApp development platforms and development infrastructure services, such as Bunzz, Thirdweb, and Hyperverse, are anchored in one of three technology layers.

Each layer has significant opportunities, with Bunzz focusing specifically on the “smart contract” layer.

In the second quarter of 2022, a monitoring function will be availed to facilitate not only the creation but also the management of DApps.

Further the company will present a solution to reduce the gas cost for deployment, which will be used to support Layer 2 for this purpose.


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