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Real Estate Data Storage and Identification on the Blockchain

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Feb 17, 2021
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Create or acquire a Land Identification Token of your favorite place in the World and pioneer the Real Estate and Blockchain revolution.

As we enter the Digitalization Era, no sectors will be left apart. Though real estate remains at the center of all services, the current inefficiency in property transactions, lack of visibility, and unreliable storage of information greatly inhibits its evolution and raises concerns. To ease access and control over data while ensuring reliability, Etherland platform is integrating different technological solutions within a decentralized data-storage network.

It enables people to create, own and maintain digital LAND ID Tokens representing any place or real estate in the World. Owning a piece of the World’s Metaverse will empower people with control over the information scattered over the internet and will let them become digital owners!

In the near future, places registered on the Etherland platform will see all their real estate records such as ownership changes, leases, mortgages, land quality, environmental ratings, and production, tracked on-chain and stored on the IPFS network (InterPlanetary File System). This will allow the real estate market to work more efficiently while providing a transparent record of all activity in a secure, immutable, and decentralized environment. Upon registering a new land property on the Etherland platform, all the land-related information on IPFS will be stored while stamping the hash on the Ethereum blockchain. It makes it easy for users, corporations, and administrations to retrieve the information they need while staying confident that it was not altered, and will always remain accessible.

real estate

This way, it will be the first time an ERC721 Non-Fungible Token is connected to a social media, wiki website where your real estate data is displayed and can be modified using Web3. This Estatepedia combines a rating system, a unique text telling the history of the place, high quality images, high definition aerial video footage, every real estate-related information, an interactive map highlighting the borders of the land plot, and an access to all decentralized data.

You will love this true hub of information, where users will certainly end up spending a lot of time!

The launch of the Etherland ecosystem sounds like history-making for both blockchain and real estate, as it will disrupt the way we see, promote, hold and trade real estate while opening an entirely new field of blockchain applications.

Etherland’s first objective is to digitalize as many real estates as possible, and this can be achieved by acquiring ELAND tokens to cover the tokenization process’s costs and Ethereum gas fees. Real Estate owners will get a verified status and will use this powerful tool to increase their Real Estate’s visibility on the Metaverse. Get some ELAND on Uniswap and Claim your LAND ID today!

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