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Reach Metaverse Platform Launched to Boost User Inter-Connectivity

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Feb 11, 2022
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February 11, 2022 – Reach Metaverse has finally opened and is already creating a buzz in the virtual world. It is a platform that allows for easy creation and hosting of VR metaspaces accessible from multiple platforms allowing users and creators to build an interconnected functional metaverse. 

The Reach Metaverse can be reached from your computer or phone, allowing you to share the same world with all the other users. In Reach, you can shop in stores to purchase real goods, play games and socialize with your friends, or own and develop digital property without connecting a crypto wallet.  

If users wish to link a wallet, they can add any NFTs they own to their profile, which they can access and display as the engine is continually improved. Users can soon purchase and develop the surrounding land on the first of four continents in the Genesis realm.

Reach Metaverse

The ability to display Cardano NFTs in users’ condos will be introduced by late-February and potential support for NFTs from other blockchains soon after. 

Reach currently features official CNFT Style User Wallet Authentication, is platform-agnostic, offers full VR support + Oculus Quest 2 Hand Tracking, a multiplayer cross-platform play and Ready Player Me Avatars.

It also has driving systems and vehicles similar to GTA 5, a highway system, weapons systems, a shooting game, NFT ownership, proximity chat, and shops.

Future plans include the first city being built and you can explore much that has already been constructed. NFT property in unique districts is on sale on the marketplace and verified on CNFT as the ReachMetaverseGenesis project.

The principal architect of the Reach engine is Soloman, who has built some of the most popular GTA 5 mods such as Simple Zombies, Quicksilver, and Spider-Man V. His expertise makes the Reach experience unlike any other metaverse.

Future iterations he is working on include meta prefabs to make building and updating metaspaces more efficient than on any other platform. 

Crypto and NFT lead, Showri, has worked as one of the developers and contributors for the testnet ETH network. Additionally, he has tested Dapps and smart contracts and worked with errors for the official launch on the mainnet.

He did similar work on the testnet for Cardano and is now developing ways to connect multiple wallets to a profile to allow NFTs from blockchains to be tied to Reach users.

Reach Metaverse Platform


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