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Prime XBT: Helping You Build Cryptocurrency Wealth with 100X Leverage

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Jan 8, 2019
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Trading with leverage gives traders the ability to control a large amount of assets which they usually wouldn’t have been able to do under normal circumstances. Leverage simply means holding trading positions using borrowed funds from a broker. In this instance, Prime XBT is acting as a broker for cryptocurrency traders worldwide. With traders in control of extra funds, they are well placed to profit during market bears and bulls.

Trading platforms are unique, and each has its pros and cons. Thus, there are varying opinions about what makes a cryptocurrency trading platform good and safe to use. Nonetheless, cryptocurrency users agree on certain things that are important for a trading platform to have before it can be considered the best around. These include features like high liquidity, reliability, low transaction fees and the number of cryptocurrency pairs available to trade.

Prime XBT is different:

Prime XBT primarily allows cryptocurrency traders buy and sell a wide selection of cryptocurrency pairs at high volumes with 100x leverage. The platform, unlike exchanges, is the next generation of scalable cryptocurrency trading and offers solutions for: drawn out account registrations and approvals, no or little leverage, the inability to earn in bear markets, high transaction fees, poor user interface (UI), bad customer support and low liquidity.


100 X Leverage with Prime XBT:

In traditional markets, professional traders with a knack for trading have been using borrowed funds to invest and build wealth for many years. Thus, Prime XBT is simply importing a tried and tested solution from proven markets into cryptocurrency trading. This gives cryptocurrency traders more options for creating long-lasting wealth.


  • Depositing 1 BTC ($3,740) into your Prime XBT account will enable you open short or long positions, for a total of 100 BTC ($374,000) against other cryptocurrency pairs.
  • If Bitcoin (BTC) gains 5% over the currency you’re trading with, you will profit 5% of 100 BTC = 5 BTC ($18,700) at the current rate.
  • Likewise, if Bitcoin (BTC) loses 5% against the currency pair you are trading, you will lose 5% of 100 BTC = 5 BTC ($18,700) at the current rate.

Traders are advised to use margin trading wisely, with patience and not to go gung-ho in pursuit of profits. Whether you make profits or not using your Prime XBT account, is largely dependent on how astutely you manage your assets. If you’re a winning trader without leverage, the chances are you will be a winning trader using leverage and this means more profit for you. Prime XBT margin trading is more or less an opportunity for users to build profits up quickly albeit responsibly.

Managing trading risks: Managing your exposure is essential when trading any type of market, even more so when trading cryptocurrencies due to their volatile nature. Good traders know to buy in dips and to sell when prices increase. So knowing your entry and exit points is crucial to your success. Holding cryptocurrency indefinitely, while hoping prices would increase forever is naïve and ill-advised. Trading keeps the cryptocurrency market vibrant and increases its potential for growth.

Making profits with the help of your Prime XBT margin account, using 100x leverage is a no brainer. However, as pointed out earlier, you have be both patient and prudent to be successful in these type of trades. The same rules that you’ve successfully applied when trading without leverage should still apply. To avert losses, you should do things like:

  • Diversify your portfolio: This is probably one of the best ways to safeguard your cryptocurrency trading balance. Prime XBT is built in a way that enables you to easily diversify your portfolio among different popular cryptocurrencies. As there are a lot of popular cryptocurrency pairs to choose from. The chances are, if one or two coins aren’t doing so great, the others will do well and act cover. So instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, spread them out a bit.
  • Trade assets with high liquidity: This makes Prime XBT even more attractive for cryptocurrency traders. This is because it is one of the best exchanges for high liquidity across different cryptocurrencies. Prime XBT uses an advanced matching engine that aggregates liquidity from 12 different providers. Thus, ensuring the best prices for traders and the ability to fill large orders instantly.
  • Avoid high fees: High transaction fees are a problem in the cryptocurrency industry and PrimeXBT is here to ease the burden. Existing trading platforms seem to be getting rich by charging traders high fees, but Prime XBT understands that it won’t survive without its loyal customers, hence, traders are offered the opportunity to enjoy the benefits from one of lowest transaction fees in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Ethical customer support: Cryptocurrency trading platforms must be available to their customers at all times. Trading never sleeps, and there are all sorts of issues that pop up while trading. What you don’t want is a trading platform that practices unethical customer support, as it is extremely risky to leave your assets on such a platform.

Bad customer support can lead to big losses. This is worth keeping in mind when using leveraged funds, as Prime XBTarguablye has the best customer support in the cryptocurrency industry. The customer support is open 24 hours, seven days a week. All support tickets with trading issues are are given priority and dealt with in a timely manner.

Prime XBT is your partner for cryptocurrency trading success. Even though there is nothing wrong with making high profits, Prime XBT considers its customers partners and put them first accordingly.

Sign up now with Prime XBT, and take advantage of its enabling environment to make profit regardless of whether the market is rising or falling. Don’t waste any more time dithering about as time is money.

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