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best crypto youtube channels

Best Crypto Youtube Channels

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Mar 14, 2020
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Cryptocurrency is one of the most notorious topics discussed in this era. Information about it is everywhere on the internet, thanks to technology. YouTube is one of the best platforms to find information about cryptocurrency, among many additional education and entertainment topics.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency covers many areas and hence people need to be educated on what is trending out there. This piece discusses and keeps you on the know zone about the most popular crypto YouTube channels in 2023.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech Channel

This is one of the most well-known YouTube channels dealing with cryptocurrency. Ivan on Tech has more than 216000 subscribers with a view count coming to 18,076,038, which is unbelievable. This channel has been on air since July 2013. Ivan Liljeqvist is a software developer, and he focuses mainly on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that impact the crypto market.

Besides, he is an international speaker on blockchain technology; his channel is educative on matters concerning crypto and blockchain. He also features in interviews with the who-is-who in the crypto world, such as Bitfinex CTO, Pablo Ardoino and Roger Ver. If you don’t want to miss anything important in crypto space and enjoy live presentations, subscribe to his channel and stay updated.

Doug Polk Crypto

Doug Polk Crypto

Doug runs a crypto YouTube channel that has gained 185000 subscribers. He is known for running a poker channel, and now he leads a cryptocurrency channel, which became very popular.

The channel covers both crypto news and entertainment insights. He also includes the latest content on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and many projects related to crypto.

He mainly focuses on crypto scams; one can never be too sure how this works, but he explains every bit about it. As such, he gives information on traps that befall new investors and advise how to avoid them. Not only is he a fun entertainer in poker matters, but he also cares to give trading advice. You have to be patient and authenticate yourself so that you understand his ideas.

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily

The channel has been active since 2014. It offers honest news on cryptocurrencies daily. Crypto Daily is a funny guy who makes news about crypto interesting and chilled-out manner.

He explains these topics using terms that you can easily understand and still crack you up. His videos are time-stamped so you can allow skipping to the content that interests you hence saving your time.

His YouTube channel also has top selections of the best crypto music videos. It has gained 146000 followers to date and still counting. The views are coming to nine million, making it one of the best channels for cryptocurrencies.



Nicholas Merten is like the crypto king. His fame doesn’t come easy, according to the views on his channel, you wouldn’t debate. He is also a data analyst and a trader in cryptocurrencies. Thus, he is very knowledgeable on matters of data analysis and does a great job educating people on the latest trends related to cryptocurrency.

He explains every trend in the market with a flow chart illustrated so that one can make informed decisions. In a week, he makes around five videos that have different content on both interviews and data live streams. Many love him for his transparency in monetary policies; he pushes for a decentralized economy, without all these policies, while offering interesting ideas as well.

The Crypto Lark

The Crypto Lark

Lark Davis is the face behind this channel. He comes from New Zealand and has one of the most popular Bitcoin channels in the country. He entertains crypto lovers with blockchain solutions and his sarcasm in discussing technology disruption. The channel also offers information on reviews, analysis, and interviews about cryptocurrencies.

For those ready to learn about how to trade cryptocurrencies, this is one of the best channels, especially for newbie traders. He will show you how to get paid in Bitcoins and, as if that’s not enough, he will give insights on the latest market trends.

Importantly, Lark educates you and updates you on events like Bitcoin halving. He has racked more than nine million views on his weekly videos.



The channel posts cryptocurrency latest news. This includes all altcoins and every bit of information about the crypto market. It educates you on how to make it in the business and how to trade carefully. The crypto market has a lot to offer only if you do your research well before you decide to invest.

The crypto news channel posts weekly videos about marketing trends on cryptocurrencies. It has garnered more than six million views in the type of content it offers. It’s also famous because it discusses new technologies and how people are making it in the blockchain revolution. The channel sometimes has infrequent videos, but once they are uploaded, you won’t be disappointed.

Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie Youtube Channel

This channel is for crypto enthusiasts; it cuts across many topics, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. The channel also includes updates that evolve around the blockchain technology. The presentation is quite intensive to help you understand the ideas better. This covers ICOs and reviews about cryptocurrencies.

There are more discussions on trending topics that surround the cryptocurrency world. These insights also relate to other digital assets. Crypto zombie will give you all the latest analysis of Bitcoin on the market, making it one of the most famous YouTube channels for crypto information. As a viewer of this channel, you should understand the trading of Bitcoins and the financial charts effortlessly. The channel has over 100K subscribers, with gained 11 million views and still counting.

Final Thoughts

YouTube has provided an excellent platform for people to share and learn. If you want more knowledge on cryptocurrency trading and mostly the latest news in the Bitcoin market, the channels above will be of great help.

The market continues to grow, which means there will be more YouTube channels on cryptocurrency information in the future. Most of them discuss what goes on in the blockchain world. Scammers are going to come in different forms, especially in this business, so it’s also important to learn how to handle them.

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