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MiniDOGE Is Now Listed on Bitmart

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Jul 23, 2021
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With so much success among crypto holders, MiniDOGE finally got listed on Bitmart – one of the top 10 exchanges in the world. 

Even though MiniDOGE is a very young token, it already hit four milestones, making it the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency. Just look at these numbers:

  • Over 80,000 holders in just 20 days after its official launch;
  • $1,500,000 worth of tokens sold in less than 15 minutes in the presale;
  • $300,000,000 Market Cap after just three days;

And if it wasn’t enough, this week, MiniDOGE found its way to the Billboard in New York Times Square. Why are people so hyped over it? Let’s find out! 

MiniDOGE Summary

MiniDOGE is a fresh new token developed with an integrated AutoBoost – the sales are automatically followed with a buy to prevent large auctions.

The project is so well seen because of its initiative to change the lives of shelter animals for the better. A part of each token investment will be distributed to animal shelters around the world. 

And to successfully convey the right message, the token comes with its own personified story. MiniDOGE is a small puppy that had to find the courage to get back to her family who lost her. After she was safe again, she started helping other animals find their family too.

MiniPETS Become NFTs

The MiniDOGE team is committed to making people aware of the challenges of shelter animals.  Thus, they launched a lovely mobile game, which allows you to raise orphaned MiniPETS and find them a proper home.

The MiniPETS take the form of NFTs so that they can be bought, built, and sold via the IOS platform. You can also get MiniDOGE tokens by accomplishing your daily activities and use them to make your pet look the best. Give him fresh clothes, snacks, toys and teach him spectacular tricks.

As your pet is happier, healthier, and stronger, the more value it has as an NFT.

You Can Buy MiniDOGE in Just Four Steps

  1. Get your own trustwallet;
  2. Get BNB/BSC and fund your trustwallet;
  3. Use PancakeSwap to enable the trust browser;
  4. Exchange your cryptocurrencies for MiniDOGE.

Get to Know More

To always be up to date with MiniDOGE future tech and perks, follow the team on Social Media, and join the movement:

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