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Mane City Guide

Loaded Lions Mane City Guide – How to Play Crypto.com’s Game

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Sep 14, 2023
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In the thrilling world of crypto gaming, enter Loaded Lions Mane City – Crypto.com’s bold foray into GameFi. This isn’t your average tycoon game; it’s a competitive showdown where players race to build businesses and amass wealth, all thanks to the groundbreaking Cronos technology. Hold tight for a riveting journey into the future of gaming, where crypto meets strategy like never before.

What is Loaded Lions Mane City?

One of the most awaited games of 2023 in the crypto world was Loaded Lions Mane City. The game is the first one developed by Crypto.com, and from a gamer’s perspective, it’s pretty addictive.

The game combines Sims and Adventure Capitalist, where the main point is to increase your wealth and reach a top position on the Leaderboard.

Not only 10 days since the game was launched, more than 5,000 players are actively building.

One of the things that the community liked was that the Loaded Lions NFT collection was given some utility by creating the game around it.

You don’t need many things to start playing the game itself. The game is Free to play for everyone, but it’s also pay-to-win in a way.

The game itself was created to improve the Loaded Lions NFT collection, give it some utility, and make some profit for Crypto.com.

To play Loaded Lions Mane City – you’d preferably need one of the following:

  • A Loaded Lions NFT or a Cyber Cub NFT
  • At least 1-2 pieces of Crypto.com Land
  • A few backpacks from the Crypto.com Expedition Gear

These are not 100% necessary if you just want to play it chill, but if you’re a competitive gamer, you will need it.

  • The Loaded Lions NFT – Will give you a 10% boost in gold. It is very useful if you’re aiming for the top 500-1000 positions, but its utility is minimal.
  • Crypto.com Land NFT – The game has 2 main resources: gold, which is produced by businesses, and diamonds – produced by the Land NFT. Overall, the Land NFTs are needed long term if you want to succeed.
  • Backpacks – to produce gold even when you’re sleeping. Backpacks are a part of Crypto Expedition Gear NFT collection.

So, let’s dive into how to play the game.

Note: We have a code that might give you some rewards early in the game. Feel free to use it -> br5snpmrgy3dnc3s

Playing Mane City – Understanding Lands, Businesses, Diamonds and Levels

At first, if you don’t have any of the following from above – you’ll be given a non-NFT free land, which will look like this:

Playing Mane City - Understanding Lands, Businesses, Diamonds and Levels

At first, you’ll have some Gold & Diamonds to be able to upgrade your first business and generate more gold.

You’ll also receive a blueprint – blueprints will give you randomly a business that you can place on the land.

That’s how you start the adventure – by placing your first business. First, click on a lion square, unlock it, and place the business.

Note: A business might take 2, 3, or 4 squares on a land. In our example, we’ll use one which takes 2 squares.

Playing Mane City - Understanding Lands, Businesses, Diamonds and Levels

Ta-Daam! Now, you can start building your empire.

A business like the one above is called Panthera Power Station. Businesses generate gold, which you can use to upgrade them and gain more gold, as in the print screen below:

Panthera Power Station generates 18 gold per second at first – and you need 170 gold to level it up. For each 10 levels, you will also need some diamonds to level it up.

While the amount of Diamonds is not big initially, it will grow as the level grows. Note: Using the right side button, you can grow 100 levels at a time. Almost no one knew that at first.

Another thing you probably won’t know is that you can buy Arid Lands with gold & diamonds. Just press on the + button from the bottom middle side and aa message like this will pop:

Understanding Lands

Land is the part where Loaded Lions Mane City becomes a bit pay-to-win. Diamonds are generated by land. If you have more than 1 land of the same type, the second one will offer a smaller reward.

A Crimson Dunes land offers 173,000 Diamonds per hour. The second Crimson Dunes land will offer 162,000, the 3rd 152,000, and so on. Also, your income is affected by the land.

If you place your business on your main land – you will have a +10% bonus on gold production. If you place it on the last land you own, you will have -98.15% – as in the print screen above.

To play the game and reach the top, having at least 4-5 good lands is crucial – which generates diamonds. At the same time, diamonds can be used to buy Boosts and double or triple the amount of cash your business generates for a limited time.

The Arid Lands that can be purchased in game, but it’s hard to buy them as you need a lot of gold & diamonds. You can probably buy one every one or two weeks – but the diamonds that they generate are lower with every new Arid Land created inn your city.

The first Arid land will offer you 110k diamonds an hour, the second one 100k and so on.

Another option, besides the land NFTs, is to purchase diamonds directly. 100 million diamonds costs around 2000 CRO – which might not be a lot, but it will add.

However, this is not exactly worth it as the land NFT will generate diamonds hourly while buying diamonds is just a one-time thing.

The cheapest land is around $95, making around 172,000 diamonds an hour. That’s 4,128,000 diamonds per day or 123,840,000 diamonds a month.

As you can see, it’s better in the long term to purchase a land NFT rather than buying diamonds directly, but in the long term.  

Note: Love the idea so far? Please use our code when signing up if you loved our tutorial. Feel free to use it -> br5snpmrgy3dnc3s.

Understanding Businesses & Prestige

We’ve learned before that the businesses create gold, and the bigger their level, the bigger the rewards.

However, every business has a maximum level, which depends on the business type: common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary.

The common businesses have a 590-600 maximum level, while a legendary one can have a 540 maximum level. Once the maximum level is reached, your business can be upgraded to Prestige 1.

Understanding Businesses & Prestige

As you may see, in Loaded Lions Mane City, upgrading to a higher prestige level only costs diamonds – and the amount is the same for all prestige levels.

Even if your business is Prestige 1 or 27, you’ll still pay the same number of Diamonds. However, the Epic or Legendary businesses need way more diamonds.

We cannot say the same about gold, which costs more per prestige level – but also generates more.

Understanding Businesses & Prestige

For example, An Apex tower business needs over 10 million diamonds to be upgraded from level 401 to 501. With the same amount, you could upgrade a common business 5 times.

But how do you create more businesses?

Understanding Levels

In Loaded Lions Mane City, Levels are used to obtain resources or, more exactly, blueprints. To level up, click on the icon in the right corner and enter the Mane mansion.

The Mane mansion has multiple rooms, which you can unlock with diamonds. You can visit the first one by clicking on the room in the Mane mansion.

Understanding Levels

Here, you can place different furniture in your room – and you’ll gain experience points whenever you place something.

This is pretty fun, to be honest, and it reminds us of Sims. The furniture used cannot be sold, but you may remove it from your inventory – so you can place multiple furniture types in your room. To return to the Mane City location, click on the bottom right button twice.

The Land NFT is also helpful for leveling up, as after level 15-20, you really need access to the second room. The furniture costs different amounts of gold and offers different amounts of XP.

Due to the game being abused to obtain blueprints, you will now receive a blueprint for each level ending in 0,1,2,3,4,5. A legendary blueprint is offered on levels ending in 0, with bigger odds of getting a better rarity business.

A better rarity business produces more gold but is way more costly to level up. But it’s worth having one or two in your collection.

The advantage of a legendary comes in the late game, and only if you have enough land NFTs to grow its prestige points.

Legendary blueprints give you a random business of rare, epic, or legendary. So, there are small odds of receiving a legendary one at first.

To learn more about Mane City game, you can check the Mane City Discord and the Mane City Learning tutorial.

How to make money with Loaded Lions Mane City – The In game marketplace

There’s also a code that you might use if you want to test out the game -> br5snpmrgy3dnc3s. Thank you for using it.

We hope it’s a bit clearer how to get started with Loaded Lions Mane City. One thing that is fun as well is selling buildings.

Buildings, or businesses, can be sold after you reach level 25 or have more than 200M diamonds purchased. The rules might be a bit harsh, but with a few lands and a Loaded Lion NFT – that might take only a few days.

You can start building from the base level or purchase a higher-prestige business to give you a boost. Building your city is not easy; the businesses generate gold, but you need as much gold as possible to level up fast and reach the top 1000 players.

Right now, a Prestige 10 business, which took the early players a week or two to make, is sold for 200ish CRO. A new business with no prestige points is being sold for less than 10 CRO. And a Prestige 20+ business is 1k+ CRO.

To boost your city, the best strategy is to buy a Prestige 20+ business as soon as you make level 25. But note that you need at least 4-5 businesses on the same level to increase the prestige level.

So, if you buy a prestige 25 business and you have only prestige 1 or 2 businesses – you’d need to make those level 25 as well to increase the prestige level to 26th. These details might seem complicated, but you’ll learn as you start building your city.

Plenty of users stay tuned for Mane City Competitive mode, where each user will start from 0, and there will be a prize pool for the first 1000 players. 15% of the funds spent by users there will be added to the prize pool, and 15% will be added to the second.

It’s worth mentioning that the competitive mode will have a separate in-game marketplace, so people who buy businesses won’t have a big leverage on it. Land will have a crucial role, however, as a land NFT produces diamonds used to grow your city.

There are not so many details shared about the Loaded Lions Mane City’s competitive mode, but it’s a nice initiative that will incentivize players to spend CRO, grow the prize pool, and invite their friends to join (possibly guilds? We don’t know).

The access will be free for everyone; however, keep in mind that it’s going to be mostly pay-to-win. But hey – as long as it’s profitable, users might play it.

Long story short: the best way to make money with Loaded Lions Mane City is to start building your city, invest a bit in land NFTs to have an advantage, and make as much gold as possible.

Selling your businesses in normal mode or competitive part might be a gold mine, depending on the number of players that will be active within that period.

Inviting players to Mane City won’t give you CRO or something similar, but you’ll get diamonds if the player you bring chose to buy in game items.

This might be another option to make some money in the game, as you can use the diamonds to level up your businesses and sell them on the market.

Cryptor’s Tutorial on Loaded Lions – Tips from an experienced player

Cryptor (Cryptonreis) offered us his perspective over the game. You can find more details below:

NFTs :

– Lands

○ At least 1 was needed, before they recently released the referrals which actually give an Arid Plain for free. So basically there is no need to have any NFT to play.

– Expedition Gear (Backpacks)

○ Allow extending the time you continue getting the rewards (Gold and Diamonds) when offline. Base is 360 minutes (6 hours) and dependig on your backpacks you can get from 30 minutes (Commuter) to 960 minutes (Moonwalker) additional minutes (And now you can equip multiple Backpacks at once)

– Loaded Lions & Cyber Cubes (it is really not a huge advantage…)

○ Loaded Lions give a 10% bonus on global Gold Production

○ Cyber Cubs give a 5% bonus on global Gold Production

Basic strategy :

– Each Prestige Level incresese drastically the Gold production, like 100x more for each prestige Level. There is no way to compete with people having high Prestige Business levels except buying those Businesses on the marketplace in-game.

– I still don’t understand how people could level up those businesses that fast… Businesses need Gold and Diamonds to level up and they requires quite a lot. Also when you have a Prestige level 30 and want to upgrade to Prestige Level 31, you need 18 other businesses on Level 30. 

– Another strategy when you have a top business is to Boost this high Prestige Business to double his Gold production (This costs : 1.6M Diamonds for 6 hours, 3M Diamonds for 12h and 5.4M Diamonds for 24h). It is not worth boosting low level businesses as they generate a very small fraction of the Gold.

– Besides the Mane City there is the Mansion which actually helps leveling up the account when purchasing furniture and rooms. At each level a Blueprint (unreveiled Business) is given (common) and every 20 levels gives a Gold Blueprint (rarer Business)

– Continue to grow own Businesses with own Diamonds production (Lands).

What I loved about Loaded Lions Mane City

Loaded Lions Mane City is a competitive game where the skill of managing your resources is a vital part of the game. We had a small hope that the game would be less pay to win, but the community is also pretty happy with this.

The developers are making changes to balance the game and ensure the players are happy.

Recently, some Loaded Lions Mane City businesses had an increased number of resources needed to level up, while others decreased. On the other hand, Land NFTs had an increased amount of diamonds per hour produced, a good initiative of the developers.

The rewards that come by playing the game might be limited for now, but as your city evolves- so will the possibility of selling businesses. Mane City is not perfect, but the game itself was well-designed.

The prestige details, the luck factor in leveling up the businesses, and the skill of managing your resources make Loaded Lions Mane City a great game for a math geek.

What I don’t really love about Mane City

Well, one thing’s clear here: The game feels a bit too costly for a normal user who doesn’t have Crypto.com NFTs. The cheapest land NFT costs $98. A good land NFT costs $300+.

Given the fact that the in-game marketplace is already full of 20 prestige businesses – a beginner might take weeks or months to sell a good business at a decent price.

The Loaded Lions NFTs don’t have as much utility as they should. A Loaded Lion NFT costs over $1000, giving you a 10% in gold production. The Loaded Lions should at least improve the diamonds amount as well if not even produce a smaller amount (100,000-150,000 per hour).

That’s a bit low, as a land NFT offers far better rewards than that price. With $1000, you could buy 10x land NFTs and generate around 30 million diamonds daily.

The rarity of businesses is a great idea, but the Legendary businesses are not producing as much gold as they should. These details might change in a later version of Mane City.

As mostly an idle game, the Mane City world should’ve had a system where you could get gold overnight without the backpacks equipped.

I feel that the backpacks are making the game a bit harder for people busy with daily tasks – but the low cost of the backpacks is a good idea for the Mane City game.

Frequently asked questions about Mane City

Is Loaded Lions Mane City free to play?

Yes. You don’t need to spend a cent if you don’t want to. But people who use funds to buy things in the game will always have an advantage, no matter how good you are. 

How can I play Loaded Lions Mane City?

Long story short: the best way to make money with Loaded Lions Mane City is to start building your city, invest a bit in land NFTs to have an advantage, and make as much gold as possible. 

Do I need a Loaded Lions NFT to play Mane City?

Even if Loaded Lions were supposed to be a big part of the Mane City, you don’t need an NFT to play the game. A Loaded Lions NFT will help, but it’s not mandatory to have to play Loaded Lions Mane City.

Is there a code needed to play Loaded Lions Mane City?

We do have a code that might offer some small rewards when you join (br5snpmrgy3dnc3s), but you don’t need one to play it for now.

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