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Let's Go Brandon

Let’s Go Brandon – New NFT Project on Opensea Playing with Political Satire

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Mar 28, 2022
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Speculative crypto assets, such as NFTs, were increasingly popular in 2021, bringing billions of dollars. NFTs depicting simple cartoons are being sold for millions of dollars by auction houses, a new milestone in modern art.

The entire Let’s Go Brandon (LGB) collection was assembled in the wee hours of the morning by a band of self-labeled “renegades.”

When the creation session ended, 10,000 lighthouses had been collected as a tribute to “‘merica,” as described by the project’s organizers. As with Bitcoin, the project relies on the support of its users to succeed.

Members of the new NFT project will be able to join the project’s Discord channel to get their usernames whitelisted.

The First-Ever LGB NFT Collection Is Ready

With Let’s Go Brandon, the series’ first totally original piece of pixel-art is available on OpenSea for the first time. This is a watershed point in the franchise’s history and a tremendous stride forward for the series.

The team claims that this collection is the only resource of its kind ever compiled in one place due to its comprehensiveness.

All Brandons’ names will become available for the public shortly, as is currently planned. The most exciting aspect is that we will know the launch date for the new Brandon model about five days after the previous Brandon’s public sale. The creators will enhance the hype on the collection by using this simple yet effective mechanism.

You can only receive a Brandon’s by showing up early and making a well-considered purchase; otherwise, you run the risk of missing out.

Recurring Earnings

The blockchain sector’s ability to produce profits without the need for human intervention is a significant selling point. Over time, investors who were afraid of losing money have shown an interest in creating a steady stream of passive income by returning to this market.

As soon as Blockchain discovered the potential of passive income schemes, it was able to address this seemingly insurmountable problem in record time.

Let’s Go Brandon can look to you as an example of how to stay on top of the newest trends while still adding your personal touch. Owners of more than four Brandons will be eligible for a 10% share of the money made on each trade.

Investors in Brandon will be in for a real treat. When you have a greater number of Brandon’s, your chances of winning a fantastic reward increase.

The Biggest Benefits of Holding

At some events, rare NFTs, such as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, will begin to appear in the collection. Two Bidens may also be employed in the future, resulting in even more useful NFTs. The crew also organizes other types of events, such as VIP get-togethers.

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