How to Write An Excellent Resume for Blockchain Developer Position
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How to Write An Excellent Resume for Blockchain Developer Position

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Dec 12, 2019
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Blockchain developers are known to have a mix of skills in the areas of cryptography, algorithms, data structure, and computer networking. They also need to have sufficient experience before landing their dream jobs.

If you are a blockchain developer, then your resume can help you get a job quickly. Every blockchain developer needs to specialize in a specific field or area, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is also important to gain more and more knowledge of existing open-source technologies. How to write a resume? If you are ready to start your professional life, we have put together a list of exciting tips on how to write excellent resumes.

What is an excellent resume?

An excellent resume should contain all the elements or information about your qualifications, experience, skills, and certifications. You can check any LinkedIn profile writing service to have the idea that they provide the best and most affordable resume writing services to everybody.

Your resume should be formatted or structured nicely and must contain personal details like your photo, email ID, phone number and residential or postal address. In case the hiring manager wants to call you to their office for further discussion, they will contact you through this phone number or email ID.

Which format do you need?

A chronological format is usually used to create resumes for blockchain developers. Here, you first have to insert information about your experience and begin with the most recent jobs you have done. You can also mention why you left the previous employer and what are your expectations with the new job. All other things need to be written in reverse chronological order.

You can also try a combination of different formats. In that case, you will have to highlight every section in your resume rather than highlighting only the work experience section. It is easy to set up any resume format using online resume builders. With these builders, you can access different templates and can customize your resume according to your desires.

Improve your writing skills

As a Blockchain developer, you might not be able to create an impressive and professional resume. If it is so, then you can ask for help from write my essay for me UK best writing service. Resume writing companies and writers provide the best and most reliable services.


If you still want to write the resume yourself, then you first have to improve your writing skills. If you are a native speaker, it won’t be difficult for you to write flawless English. But if you are a non-native, you might have to join English classes.

Requirement sections in the resume

There are eight main sections in a resume:

  • Name and Contact Information – Here, you have to insert your correct name and contact details.
  • Career Summary – In this section, you’ve to write a few lines about your career.
  • Professional History – Here, you need to write about your work history or experience.
  • Core Competencies/Skills – In this section, you need to talk about your competencies or skills.
  • Education – Here, you need to talk about your education or qualifications.
  • Technical Skills – This is an optional section. Here, you have to talk about your technical skills like computer knowledge or others.
  • Certifications – If you have some certifications, you can mention their names in this section.

Resume should be Unique

If you are not sure how to create a unique resume, you can ask for help from Everybody needs to have a unique resume, meaning your resume should not be copied from any online or offline source. This might leave a bad impression on the hiring manager and they might reject your application right away.

Usual resume length

The usual length of a blockchain developer resumes is two pages. You must ensure that your resume is neither too long nor too short. You can skip sections like certifications and technical skills, but need to insert correct details in all other sections.

List your achievements

You can give your resume a better look by listing your achievements. In this section, you have to mention any award or recognition you have gotten in the past. If you have finished some challenging tasks, you can also add their information in this section.


One of the most important stages is proofreading and editing. You must check the resume from the start till its end and make sure it does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors. If you don’t want to proofread it yourself, you can get help from a friend or your parents.


We know that it will take you a lot of time to write a great resume, but you don’t have to worry since this will determine your fate and success level. If the resume is impressive and professional-looking, your chances of getting hired will be high. We suggest you spare enough hours every day so that you can check online templates and know more about the formats of resumes.

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