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Bitcoin for online gaming

How To Use Bitcoin For Online Gaming?

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Oct 30, 2023
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Gaming has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and through its history, it’s often been the driving factor behind innovation. Implementing popular trends into the core mechanics of any game was always a popular way to become famous in the market. Using cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin as the most famous one, in their gameplay allows for some new interactions and gameplay. Players are the ones who get the most out of it, as any new gaming tech can only benefit them.

1. CryptoCountries

World domination, country trading, and ruthless competition are some key factors describing CryptoCountries. The gameplay is deceptively simple. The game uses blockchain technology to allow you to use crypto to buy virtual countries. In the game, countries like the USA, France, China, and all others are subject to buying and selling from players.

Players who manage to buy a country using crypto become owners, and their country becomes more valuable. What makes the game interesting is when other players try to buy your country from you. The game has a fail-safe mechanism, where even if you lose a country, you still get double the initial amount back, allowing you to get back on your horse and continue your world purchases!

2. Crypto Slots

Crypto casinos work more or less like other online casinos, only they take payments in cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currencies with bank cards or e-wallets. We’ve singled out slots in this example, but you can find plenty of online games in bitcoin casinos, like poker, blackjack, roulette, and other popular casino games. To get started with playing using crypto, you’ll first need to have or open an account for crypto exchange.

Then, you can purchase Bitcoins, but you can ignore these steps if you already have some. After which, you will need a Bitcoin wallet, and once you’ve transferred your Bitcoins there, you’re good to go. One more step is to refresh your memory about the rules of any game you wish to play, but they are mostly known and pretty intuitive to play. Slots are a great option for beginners because there aren’t really any rules to understand – just deposit your funds and start spinning!

3. CropBytes

Farming Bitcoin in real life relies on “farms” but in CropBytes, you can get Bitcoin via virtual farms and farming activities. In the game, you must manage your farm, perform daily farm-related activities, and then you can trade with other players. Farm products, virtual cattle, land, machinery, and accessories can all be traded with other players. What makes the game interesting is that you have an in-game weather effect, which can benefit or harm your crop yield.

The shift in supply and demand with other market fluctuations can make or break your yield and earnings, which requires potential farmers to plan. The game also includes various non-fungible tokens, which can enhance your farm and offer a better yield. With the option to trade boosts, crops, animals, land, equipment, and CropBytes being free to play for starters, potential farmers have plenty to look forward to.

4. League of Kingdoms

In a similar fashion to CryptoCountries, players in League of Kingdoms must protect their virtual medieval fantasy land from other players, but with more tools at their disposal. League of Kingdoms is one of the first MMO games entirely player-driven. Kingdoms, alliances, and conflicts are player-driven, and earning money is possible due to land and resource trading.

By performing various in-game actions like training troops and upgrading your kingdom, its economy, defense, and offense, you can then conquer more land and get passive income. You can also trade land parcels with other players for income, or you can opt to be a resource farmer and trader. The trick for players is to balance all the aspects of the game while maintaining a steady relationship in the alliance with other players.

Because League of Kingdoms is free-to-play, it is one of those games with a low barrier of entry but with addictive gameplay, allowing more players to enter. With 80,000 daily players, there will be plenty of opportunities to trade and interact.

4. Ninneko

Cats, ninjas, villages and battles! Ninneko is the combination of it all and some more. Ninneko is also free-to-play, but the game shines and fully unlocks after only one initial purchase of any Ninnekos. Then, you can start earning Mata, which is the essence of the game. Mata can be traded for in-game items, Ninnekos, and money.

The gameplay revolves around leveling up your ninja cat Ninnekos, upgrading your village, and going out on quests. The game’s combat system features an automatic combat system, or the AFK system, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as your cats do all the hard work for you. The biggest amount of Mata is earned by battling other players and winning.

Because your ninja cats can use items, level up, and enhance attributes and gear, the more you play the game, the stronger they’ll become. Ninnekos can also breed with one another, giving you a chance to get a rare and more powerful one in the process.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay. They’ve merged with many aspects of our lives, and gaming is no different. Embracing the switch and playing to your advantage is what will separate the early adopters and great gamers from the rest. Crypto games will only grow in size following the expansion of cryptocurrencies, and we can only expect new and exciting games to appear on our radar!

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