Top 8 Best Ripple (XRP) Wallets - How to Create a Ripple Paper Wallet
How to Create a Ripple Paper Wallet

Top 8 Best Ripple (XRP) Wallets – How to Create a Ripple Paper Wallet

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Jul 5, 2023
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As the cryptocurrency market is starting to gain attention once again after Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed $60,000, users are trying to search for new ways to store their virtual currencies.

In this article, we will be talking about how to create a Ripple wallet to store your coins. This will include two cold wallets (Ledger and paper wallets) and hot wallets. 

Basic Knowledge About Ripple (XRP)

Ripple, the company behind the XRP virtual currency, has been working in the last years in order to offer new solutions to financial companies around the world to move funds across borders. If a company wants to send or receive money, it can easily use the XRP ledger services to do that cheaper.

Ripple is among the most trusted digital currency in the space, due to the company behind it. It’s also listed on any major crypto platform or major cryptocurrency wallet.

What was the value of Ripple (XRP) at its All time high?

In the past, XRP has reached a $3.2 value and specifically a $1.56 even after dumping to $0.20 levels. Individuals, enthusiasts, and investors consider that XRP prices could increase in the future.

However, we don’t recommend buying XRP – we’re here to explain how to create an online ripple wallet or a ripple paper wallet.

The aforementioned process would take just a few seconds to be completed, and it would cost just a fraction of the price of a traditional fiat-to-fiat transaction. Currently, each XRP coin can be purchased for $0.48, and it has a market capitalization of $25 Billion USD. This makes XRP the sixth-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance Coin (BNB), and USD Coin (USDC). 

If you’ve bought Ripple (XRP) – you’re probably wondering what’s the right type of wallet for it.

Picking the Right Type of Wallet

There are many types of XRP wallets that you can use. Let’s see what are the most known crypto wallets and how they stand from the security point of view:

A crypto exchange or a normal crypto wallet that doesn’t offer you private keys access

This is not an ideal type of wallet. But for a beginner that just purchased some XRP, that’s a decent option. For a bigger amount of XRP, you’d need a more secure wallet.

Mobile XRP Wallets

A mobile wallet can be hacked by simply losing your mobile for a few hours. This type of wallet is not the safest XRP wallet out there.

Web Wallets

Some types of web wallets can offer a private key that can help you import your wallet. However, it’s not 100% safe to use a web wallet with your private keys, as your network might get compromised and your private keys might be stolen. This type of wallet is one of the least used right now.

Ledger Hardware Wallet

As you may know, Ledger recently had a scandal regarding the security of private keys. I’ve had a bad experience with Ledger, but overall the company seems solid so far. Many users prefer this type of wallet, as you have your private key + a PIN and master key protection.

Decentralized Wallets

Decentralized wallets are a great way to store Ripple safely, using private keys to access it. They are usually available on both desktop and mobile devices, they offer multiple wallets and most of them accept XRP cryptocurrency.

Paper Wallets

One of the best ripple wallets with two main advantages: It’s a free ripple wallet and paper wallets have a high grade of security – if you store the private key in a safe place.

Hardware wallets – Is it worth storing XRP on hardware wallets?

Hardware wallets - Is it worth to store XRP on hardware wallets?

If you have already acquired your first XRP coins at an exchange, you may want to know how to store these funds. Leaving virtual currencies in a crypto platform turned out to have a lot of downsides. This is why the best thing to do is to use wallets to which you have access to the private keys.

This would be very useful to protect your coins and your funds. You should be the only person with access to the private keys of your wallet. 

There are two companies that are manufacturing a hardware wallet and that are still in the industry for more than 8 years:

Ledger and Trezor

These two hardware wallets are recognized as the best units on the market due to their security features and functionalities.

The best Ripple wallet would be the one that allows you to safely store your funds, and that would protect them in the long-term if you are an investor.  If you want to start using a Ledger wallet, you will have to acquire it through their official site. The Ledger Nano S has a price of €59 and comes in a wide range of colors.

Meanwhile, the Nano X can be acquired for a price of €119. If you want to be even more protected, you can easily purchase both wallets and have the best Ripple wallet configuration in the market. Users who purchase Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S together would pay a price of €149. 

To set up this wallet, you can simply follow the instructions provided by the company on their official site or through the instruction manual that you will find in the box of your recently purchased Ripple wallet. To send your first XRP to the Ledger Nano you bought, you will have to download the XRP application to the wallet.

Then, start using the Ledger Live app that would guide you throughout the process of handling your coins.

It is very user-friendly, meaning that it is highly unlikely you will have a problem receiving your XRP coins. 

Another good option is the Trezor hardware wallet. Since 2014, Trezor made a name for itself as one of the best hardware wallet manufacturers out there.

Trezor Model T – Probably the best crypto wallet

The latest Trezor Model T costs 219 EUR and you may store more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies on it. Trezor is also one of the safest XRP wallets that you can use – as you have access to your XRP tokens anytime by importing your private keys in another place.

Both Ledger and Trezor can be used with a laptop. They’re not desktop wallets, but for a good experience, you must use a computer.

Trezor Model T is one of the best hardware wallets ever created for crypto assets. A cheaper version is the Trezor Model One, one of the budget hardware wallets.

You can store more than 1000 crypto assets on it, and you also have access to private and public keys. Both models are pretty similar, but the Trezor Model T has a touchscreen which makes it easier to store XRP for beginners. Remember: Keep your private keys safe.

Be careful, if you chose a hardware wallet to store XRP – your private keys are the ones that can recover your XRP if you lose the hardware wallet.

Creating Your Paper XRP Wallet

The aforementioned option is very useful for long-term users that hold a large amount of XRP on their devices.

However, it would be somehow difficult for newcomers to start using a wallet that must be purchased and set up. 

If you want to store your coins and be the real owner of your funds, the best thing you can do if you do not have a hardware wallet is to use a paper wallet.

A paper wallet is very useful because it would provide you with the peace of mind you need to store your funds, knowing that they would not be accessed by hackers or attackers. In order to create your paper Ripple wallet, you will have to go to this website and follow the instructions provided there.

Ripple Paper Wallet Generator

It’s going to be very easy to set this wallet up. You just need to generate your wallet, print it, or download the application on your phone. 

How does this wallet work?

This wallet will have similar functionalities as a hardware wallet, but it would simply be a piece of paper. This is why you need to be very careful in the way you handle this wallet. It can be lost or destroyed in an easy way if you are not careful enough. 

Once you have the wallet paper created, you will be able to send some funds to it. You will be able to do so from another wallet or an exchange if you have recently purchased some XRP coins.

The address that you will have printed is the address where you will be able to send the coins. This Ripple wallet will have the possibility to receive as many XRP as desired. However, it is generally useful and recommended to have different wallets where to store your funds in case something happens to the first one.

Although this is a very good solution to store your XRP coins, this has a disadvantage: it is not comfortable to use on a daily basis. You will find it extremely useful to store XRP if you would not use them for a long period of time. 

Creating a Ripple Hot Crypto Wallet

If you want to create a hot XRP wallet, this may be easier and faster than with other solutions. However, this is a less secure option than hardware or paper wallets, which are considered to be cold storage wallets – they are not connected to the internet. 

Hot wallets can be the solutions provided by exchanges, smartphone applications, or online services. There are many Ripple wallets in the market that can be accessed through the internet and that are very user-friendly. 

In general, if you use to spend your XRP virtual currencies, you will definitely want to use these wallets not to store all your coins but to have some small amount of XRP that would be used at any time you desire to do so.

If you have the wallet on your smartphone, you will take the XRP funds with you everywhere you take your device. 

Nonetheless, if you want to be sure that your funds are in a safe place, you should use a desktop wallet on a computer that is clean and has not been affected by viruses in the past.

Many attackers tend to install malware on computers through a wide range of files. 

In order to create a hot wallet in an exchange, you will only have to open an account on their platform and purchase some XRP. If you previously had some XRP coins, you could also send them to this wallet. 

XRP Wallets List – Which ones to pick?

RipplePaperWallet is ideal for hodling Ripple. Otherwise, it’s not the best option as it’s hard to send funds from it. The security of this wallet depends on how safe you keep your private key.

Trust Wallet

One of the best noncustodial wallets for digital assets. More than 1,000 cryptocurrencies can be stored in the Trust Wallet. It’s also a mobile wallet, as you can easily use it from your smartphone. Be sure to set up your 2-factor authentication for maximum protection.

Guarda Wallet

Guarda is a secure multi-currency wallet. You have a wallet for a desktop, a mobile wallet, and even a web wallet. As an XRP wallet, it’s a good option with a 4.6 score on TrustPilot. With 2 factor authentication available, it’s a good software wallet.

Trezor wallet

Our pick when it comes to hardware wallets. Trezor has a beautiful interface (For Model T) and top-notch security. It’s expensive, but it’s one of the best XRP wallets out there. Of course, this cold wallet can be used for more than storing XRP. There are over 1400 assets that can be stored on Trezor. Trezor could be one of the best XRP wallets, and not only.


A platform that can act as a software wallet, where you can hold and even trade XRP. It’s one of the oldest ripple wallets. Recently, they added an option to insure your XRP wallet for up to $100,000 – for a yearly fee of $288.

It’s mostly a crypto wallet app but also one of the best XRP wallets. Because you don’t have access to your seed phrase, your account can get hacked if you’re not careful. But with 2FA, Address whitelist protection, and even face recognition, it’s a good XRP wallet to hold small amounts or to send to friends. You can also deposit fiat currencies on it and buy XRP easily.


As a digital currency exchange, you can easily buy XRP and store it on Binance. Same as, they have multiple layers of protection such as 2-factor authentication, wallet address whitelist, etc. Moreover, Binance offers an option to purchase different digital assets with fiat currencies, at the lowest fee in the industry.

Edge Wallet

Edge is one of the best mobile wallets available on both iOS and Android. Even if it’s a mobile crypto wallet, it’s a good option to keep your XRP wallet safe. With Edge wallet, you have access to your private and public keys, 2FA, a password to enter the wallet, and a function for an automatic backup. Among the mobile wallets, Edge is a must-try option.

Other software wallets

We cannot recommend other software wallets, such as Atomic Wallet, due to the incident that happen recently where Atomic Wallet users got hacked or had their balances drained. Exodus wallet is again an option that we’ve seen many users complain about it.

While both options could be good, we prefer not to list them as there are existing hardware solutions to keep your XRP safe. We believe it’s not worth trying those above as there are better options for iOS and Android.

Our Best Wallet pick for Ripple (XRP)

For hodling long-term, you can create a few ripple paper wallets. These are not online wallets so the risk of getting hacked is low.

If you’re going for a cold wallet – Trezor Model T would be the best pick.

For software wallets, Edge or Guarda would work the best.

If you don’t want a software wallet, noncustodial ones, or desktop wallets – and you have a small amount: Binance of can serve as a good option to keep your XRP if you set up all of the security measures.


In this article, we have shared with you how to create a Ripple wallet and how easy it is to start receiving or storing your funds.

In sum, the best option to store your XRP is to use a hardware Ripple wallet. This would protect your funds from attacks and hackers that are targetting exchanges and other crypto wallets and platforms in the market. 

If you prefer portability, the best thing you can do is use a hot wallet. This is going to be more insecure for your funds if you are a long-term investor considering your computer or mobile devices can be infected by a virus.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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