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Global Citizen Club Launches Innovative New Website

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May 17, 2022
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Global Citizen Club is always looking at ways to elevate the experience for our members, starting with our website. After spending months working on this, Global Citizen Club is extremely delighted to announce that our website just received a makeover, and it’s much better than before! Check it out:

Global Citizen Club wants to make sure that everyone has the best experience when visiting the website, and this new design will do just that.

Global Citizen Club is a launchpad for premium brands to access Web3, bridging the gap between the real world and the NFT space. Global Citizen Club is confident that our well-integrated platform will ease the Web3 journey for many businesses, helping them to also make easy alliances with other brands in the future. With the endless opportunities in Web3, we’re partnering with more luxury brands to increase their exposure within the NFT space and simultaneously elevate the experience for our holders. Global Citizen Club provides strategic advisory, technical development and go-to-market services for companies who want to bring their products, services or concepts into the Web3 ecosystem. We’re excited to continue working with some of the biggest names in luxury and help them navigate this new world.

When you step beyond the interface of Global Citizen Club’s revamped website, you’ll find a wealth of exciting new features and enhancements. This major revamp is all about providing our users with a smooth, intuitive experience that enhances their journey on our site and gives them access to exclusive rewards and benefits as GCC members.

One key addition is the members portal, which allows GCC holders to view their $MILE balance, check their transaction history, and redeem rewards in our webstore. In addition, we have added numerous new features that will help you to manage your membership more easily and explore all the benefits of being a Global Citizen Club member. Whether it’s getting insight into global trends or gaining exclusive access to top-tier events, there’s always something new for dedicated Global Citizens like you! So join us today and discover what lies beyond the interface – let’s go global together!


GCC has been working hard to give our website a fresh, clean look. Our minimalist and sophisticated style is perfect for luxury brands like ours.

Member Portal

If you’re a holder of a GCC Citizen (NFT), this is the place for you. Here, you can manage your Citizens, $MILE and activities with ease. Check your membership tier, earn weekly $MILE per Citizen, update your profile and view your transactions – all in one place.

Web Store

The GCC Webstore is your one-stop shop for all things related to GCC. You can use it to browse and redeem the latest rewards, using GCC $MILE. We’ll be updating it regularly with new partners and more ongoing rewards and benefits for our holders.

Membership Tiers

The GCC $MILE earning system is a new and revolutionary way to earn money. You’ll automatically be getting paid each week based on your membership tier and the number of Citizens you have.


Global Citizen Club is excited to introduce the official GCC gallery, which currently houses all 8,888 of our genesis Gentlemen Edition NFTs. Toggle the filters on the left menu to search for a particular piece, or simply key in the serial number in the search bar for easy navigation. You’ll also be able to check the rarity of an NFT.

Brand Partnerships

Global Citizen Club has been at the forefront of connecting luxury brands with one another for years. Our platform provides a unique space where businesses can build connections and forge valuable partnerships, helping them to thrive in a rapidly changing market landscape.

In addition to our brand partnerships program, GCC is excited to announce that we are currently developing a new niche feature that will allow even more elite brands to connect and collaborate on our platform. With this new integration, Global Citizen Club aims to provide top-tier brands with an easy way to transition into the world of Web3.0, allowing them to connect with an even wider range of businesses around the globe and strengthen their position in the marketplace.

So if you’re looking for a way to grow your business, look no further than GCC! Our innovative platform has everything you need to reach your full potential as a global brand. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey towards success!

For more information on GCC, check out our Discord and social profiles:





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