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free Bitcoin – Win Free Bitcoin Every Hour Up to $300

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Dec 17, 2020
5 min reading time pays you free Bitcoin every hour. It costs nothing to participate, and in fact, you could earn this free Bitcoin several times in less than an hour, and this article would explain to you how it all works.

In order to get started you need to sign up with an email and a password, no other information is required. Once you’ve registered simply login and start rolling the numbers. The screen of the rolls should be like this:

When you click a roll you would generate a result between 0 and 10,000. That result would determine how much free bitcoin you get. The likely result is the first one which produces the lowest amount of Bitcoin to you.

Please note the value of Bitcoin is fixed to the dollar values in the middle of the table. So for instance if hypothetically Bitcoin is worth $30,000 then hitting 10,000 would generate 0.01 BTC and if Bitcoin is worth $15,000 then hitting 10,000 would generate 0.02 BTC.

Free Rolls

Instead of waiting 1 hour until your next roll is available, you can use the Free Rolls section. Basically in this section, you can visit short links that will show you some ads and your goal is to find the “Next” or “Continue” button and use it to move on until you get to the end. Once you do that the clock will expire immediately and you would be able to roll again and get additional free bitcoin.

Please note you must participate in the free rolls after you rolled – what the free roll does is basically killing the clock – making it expire.

Once you visited on free roll link then roll again, get your free bitcoin, then you can move on to the next free roll link and get additional free bitcoin in the very same way.

There are dozens of links available so if you use them all you can easily get lots of Satoshi in less than 5-10 minutes per day!

Please also note the freeroll links are available once a day – so once you used them you can wait for tomorrow to roll again several times in a row – or move on to our other sites, we have over 10 sites available – such as and and more. All these sites can be found at the bottom of the page of

50% Referral Commission

You would earn 50% of what your referrals earn with the site. For example, if 100 friends earn altogether 0.02 BTC then you would get 0.01 BTC from it. The referral commissions are being paid instantly, there is no need to wait for these to be paid out.

In addition, we do use Twitter to retweet some unique posts of those who are calling others to sign up under them. Just make sure to include @cryptosfaucets in your tweets so we could see it.

The best way to spread your own referral link is on social network channels, Telegram groups and other similar groups of people who wish to make free money. The 50% is quite lucrative as many other sites offer much less in return for your hard work getting referrals, so take advantage of it and get as much free bitcoin as you can.

Promo Codes

We constantly, on a daily basis, provide promo codes on our Twitter Channel. These promo codes do what the freerolls basically do – they allow you to roll again without having to wait for the clock to expire. These promo codes can be used in all the sites that we manage, and as we mentioned above – we have 10+ sites available for you to earn not only Free Bitcoin, but also Free Ripple, Free Ethereum, Free Dash, Free Tron, and more.

Make sure you follow our Twitter channel not only for promo codes but also for many other promotions and giveaways provided not only by ourselves but also by similar sites. Our goal is to help you earn more, so our channel is full of tips and advice about that.

Other sites is not the only website we have. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you would be able to see all the other sites we manage. As of early 2021 these are the websites available:


As you can see, we have sites such as,,,, and more. They all work on the very same concept that was explained in this article.

Make sure to visit the blog on our site as well as our Gambling Freebies blog that provides you with tools and other ideas on how to earn more Free Cryptocurrency on other sites as well.

On behalf of our entire team, we would like to wish you good luck with your rolls and good luck winning as much as you can!

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